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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 111 : Defeated But NOT Vanquished !!

The moment Sia came to know about Anupriya & also held the secret about Riddhima’s innocence, it became absolutely clear that Ragini’s death was ordained .. So after all that huffing & puffing to keep her alive, to shift, to abduct & then de-abduct , everything went in vain as she quietly left for heavenly abode without even managing to name the perpetrators.

On the other hand, Vansh took a decisive call which saw him saving his sisters life.

It appears game, set & match to Anupriya , Kabir as Vansh gets arrested for Ragini’s murder.

** Things are falling apart for Riddhima & Vansh. The man who was a protective shield for Riasinghania house is attacked from within & without. The girl who swore to be his shield is fighting a battle of her own. The forces of evil are holding the winning cards.. for the moment.

The idea of evil winning or the notion of a unwary hero who finds himself ambushed & is rendered helpless by the cunning of evil is anathema to people who have grown up on lore’s of dominant heroes who have subdued vile monsters with their heroic actions. 

But what we mainly forget is before the hero can go into ‘HERO’ mode, there are several moments where the monster goes on utter rampage while the hero remains oblivious to the destruction happening around him..until the Nth moment when the hero gets clued in but not before the monster has killed many/hurt a lot of innocents ..

Vansh Raisinghania, a intelligent man, suspicious man, principled man with a glaring blindness where his own family is concerned remained ignorant of the huge conspiracy that was being hatched and executed with almost flawless perfection by Anupriya & her son Kabir. He knew there were inimical elements in the house but he remained unaware about the origin of the threat. The invulnerable Vansh, The Vansh who is clearly superior to Kabir in all the ways was brought down because he reposed his trust on wrong person/s.

That is not to say, Anupriya & Kabir had cake walk  while marching towards their goal. They worked hard, planned meticulously and bided their time patiently. They faced numerous setbacks and were made to work hard to attain their goal. Like all cowards they dared not to take Vansh head on because they knew he will have them eating dust instead they destroyed him insidiously using emotions!

Does that make Vansh less of a man? less of a hero? NO !!

Remember among Kaurav’s & Pandav’s, the Pandavs were considered vastly superior in strength, skills & intelligence. Duryodhan hated them, he craved their powers & their status. He knew that he and his brothers were no match for the 5 Pandavs despite being stronger numerically. So he indulged in psychological and emotional warfare while at the same time covertly trying to kill them off. The Pandav’s though intelligent, though stronger suspected Duryodhan but had to be quiet , instead of taking bull by horns & slaying Kaurav’s they had to satisfy themselves by defending their lives. 

Ultimately, Duryodhan managed to lure them into a game & the Pandav’s walked in to the trap with their eyes open. They lost everything & were exiled. BUT They came back stronger, fought the evil axis & triumphed over them establishing justice. 

IF Pandav’s had paid back Kaurav’s in their own coin then and there, there never would have been Kurukshetra, we never would have known about their valor, their sacrifice, their courage and their victory. We would have never realized what a brave heroes they were.

Similarly if Vansh had won this battle, we would never know the scale & breadth of this warrior. He has to lose the battle and come back stronger, wiser to win the war. For that this man has to die, he has to go, observe, learn & grow. He has to understand that principles and ethics are fine as long as your opponent honors it but you have to be a snake to understand the trail of snake. Only then can he beat monsters who come out hunt the unwary. 

Vansh has been defeated but not vanquished. 


Kabir & Anupriya have managed to instill a seed of doubt within him against Riddhima. His passion and his unquenchable thirst for vengeance is going to wreck havoc over Riddhima’s head. However, the deep and bottomless love that he has for her is going to kill him from within. This tussle between his obsessive desire to get even and his intense love is going to initiate a journey of passion, angst, hate , desire & love between the two. 

Vansh’s insane hate will see him going all out to destroy everything but Riddhima’s patience and her love will prove to be a check for the lava flowing from his heart. His dilemma may get sorted out due to the intervention of Sia. 

So why will Riddhima continue to stay in VR Mansions? 

Has Vansh deeded all Raisinghania’s wealth in Riddhima’s name, making her the sole trustee . Is she the holder of Power of Attorney of Raisinghania estates? ..If so, in one move, Vansh has deprived Anupriya and Kabir of their victory! The dream of owning palatial VR Mansion and ruling the world goes kaput !

On the other hand If She gets thrown out based on Sia’s recording… How will she come back?

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