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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 E 217 : 6 Hours !

6 hours & life can turn upside down, inside out in those mere 6 hours which is what happened to our fleeing love birds Riddhima & Vansh.

A disoriented Vansh wakes up, his pristine off white generously smeared in dirt and blood. His searching gaze beating the speed of light as he looks for his wife Riddhima. His sharp eyes detects a foreign presence and his focus narrows on it. But all he can see is a figure heading away dressed in red.

Pretty soon, his loyal right hand Angre rushes in to do florence Nightingale rolled into Super Man job. Angre informs Vansh about Riddhima’s safe arrival to VR Mansion which sends a 1000 volt jolt to Vansh.

The kitty party brigade are gathered around in the drawing room awaiting Vansh’s arrival, passing time peaceably bitching about their lot in life when Vansh steps in. Instead of treating his wound, he walks straight up to his room where Riddhima is seen packing and hiding the red riding hood costume that she was wearing while taking a pot shot at some unfortunate being.

A mysterious phone call alerts Vansh about a possible deception and he goes on guard. A warm up game of Cat & Mouse begins with Vansh & Riddhima playing the loving Mr & Mrs.Smith with quiet confidence.

On the other side of the universe, the garbage of the world has collected with a new entry Vyom, who has crowned himself as the king. Kabir who had more lives than a cat is finally bound in shackles n imprisoned in a room where he is practicing his singing skill by screaming aloud in different off key notes.

Vyom who seems to think he is Frenchie, manfully strives to live up to French standards by having cheese and wine..even very importantly, by going semi nude , paying ode to numerous art galleries of France. He appears to have “killed” Chang and has initiated a “deal” with Riddhima.

** Ironically, a man who had once said that ‘time runs only on his say so’ now finds that the self same time is running his life, not just running but also has turned his life into various pieces of puzzles. Puzzles that he must refit to take back the control over his life that he has lost because of lost “time”.

The king has fallen!! What a beautiful opening shot… Vansh, the man who never lost is brought down, left dead in an isolated spot. He awakens slowly, finding himself alone again, his wife and soulmate nowhere in sight. While worried for her, he keeps his wits about n dials Angre, his man Friday. With his help he rises again. 

“Aag abhi bhuji nahi hai” (The Fire has not been doused yet)

The danger is not over yet. It actually has become worse than before because the danger now resides in the house, wearing the face of your trusted family member. 

Six hours & the whole dynamics changed…

What happened in that six hours? Why is Riddhima playing a game? a game that could end dangerously for her and for Vansh? What forced her to adapt this route? She is going out of her way to arouse the suspicion of Vansh. A suspicion that would not come about by a mere anonymous phone call! A suspicion that would not be stoked were a doppelganger to be planted there.. but a suspicion arises, in Vansh’s brain when “Riddhima” goes out of her way to stir Vansh’s doubts, alerting him, making him wary…

Why?? because there’s a enemy in the house, watching every one, observing every one.. biding his/her time to make his move. An enemy that other’s are unaware of , Vansh is unaware of … It is imperative that Vansh is alerted to the new threat and the only way to do it is by subtly pinging on his alarm bell.

A bell that has picked up the vibration, Though Vansh has not fully fathomed the import of Riddhima’s actions. His instinct has unerringly picked on the cue sent by Riddhima. So goes the warning to Aryan couched in everyday insulting language. Aryan, at the moment, the only man Vansh trusts. 

But there’s another person who has understood the imminent threat heading their way. Who knows that the danger is far from over. Dadi, the matriarch of the family, who has seen more deaths than births knows something, knows more than she is letting on.. Is she in cahoots with Riddhima? Has Riddhima taken her into confidence or is she having her own source? Dadi seemed stoic, grim and ferocious when Vansh limped in. Her’s was not that of a granny watching her grandson in pain, her’s was that of a retired teacher watching a warrior coming back hurt, her’s was the attitude of a queen who knows the injured warrior will and shall have to return to the battlefield regardless of his aptitude. It was of a woman who has danced with death and now has no more fear of it.

The new threat calls itself Vyom! Vyom meaning a circle, a zero .. He calls himself a circle who encircles his enemy and makes his life a living hell, a hell from which there’s no escape. Up until now, Vansh almost always had to “punch down” on his enemies.. Kabir was not his equal, he was more prone to stab from behind and run away like a coward when Vansh went directly to him. Chang was more like a unsavory business partner who needed to be kept at his place now and then..some one on his level but not superior to Vansh. 

With one stroke of “decimating” Chang and by injecting his Trojan horse into Vansh’s territory.. Vyom has been introduced as the greater villain of all. Vansh who so far had ‘punched down’ will have to ‘punch up’ . He has to pit his wits and his skills against an enemy who seems vastly superior currently. 

Vyom, the circle believes that he has encircled Vansh in his iron grasp. A grasp from which there’s no escape. But where a circle cannot be broken, where a circle cannot be erased, it can be split up into several zeroes making them pretty useless. 

If Vyom has a trojan horse residing in VR Mansions, then Vansh has a more lethal anti-virus already working for him. He just has to hit the ‘Start’ .

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