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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 84 : Fall

Fall, when the warmth of life giving sun fades, when light recedes beneath the approaching tide of darkness. Fall when the leaves fall from the trees, lifeless while leaving the tree bare, stark & naked. Fall, when old dies as new prepares for a new lease of life. Fall, the womb where ‘New’ is planted & nurtured through the bleak winters awaiting the life giving rays of sun.

Fall is where Riddhima and Vansh are!

A bittersweet episode gently pinpointing the changing hues of the relationship between Vansh & Riddhima. A relationship that began on the foundation of betrayal is fast approaching its expiry date but that relationship will not go gracefully like fall leaves, it will extract its pound of flesh, forcing its owners to shed tears of blood before the coming of spring.

Riddhima who had come with the sole purpose of finding evidence against Vansh, giving him just punishment and happily returning to her Kabir & build a happy life has changed. Though her objective of finding truth about Ragini remains intact, she now has no interest in pursuing a life WITHOUT Vansh.

A girl who thought imprisoning Vansh will be her key to a golden life now is perturbed to even think of an alternative. A girl who could not wait to get out of VR Mansions now stands shocked when Vansh hints at her departure. It is inconceivable for her to leave what has become her home. She stands aghast at the thought of exiting from the life of Vansh, a man she has begun to care.

More startling are the changes within her. Yesterday Riddhima had mild regret at the thoughts of deceiving the family, her sense of righteousness offering a semblance of support. Nor was she bothered by the thought of Vansh rotting in prison. Today both the notions are anathema for her. The earlier insouciance has gone, replaced by deep regret and sense of wrongness in her actions and the acceptance of punishment for her perfidy.

Instead of punishing Vansh, Riddhima is now ready to embrace death for she has betrayed him & she knows. Riddhima does not even contemplate fighting back or find avenues to escape from the wrath of Vansh. There’s almost fatal acceptance of her fate, complete submission to the vow made .

The leaf with the name of Kabir has fallen, to wither into dust!  For Riddhima has met a better man in Vansh. A man who knows her better than she does. A man who will do anything for the family. A man who stood by her. A man who has a code of ethics that he adheres to and lives by. A man who shall not brook BETRAYAL!!

A betrayal is happening right under his nose, Vansh has the inklings of it but is unsure of the origins of the betrayal. He knows that Riddhima is a spy but not the brain wanting his downfall. His suspicion and affection for Riddhima has grown by leaps after Ishani’s marriage.

Now we come to the interesting part, what does Vansh mean by ‘Dhoka’ ? Does he mean the one by Riddhima? But he is already aware of her treachery, he even accuses her of playing a game! So is he speaking about another Dhoka? something unconnected to Riddhima but connected to his life. Or is Riddhima connected? So many leaves waiting to fall..

And along with Dadi, we too shall wait for the Daanav to be burnt, for the leaves to fall, for winter to come and for life to begin anew ! But the process will not be easy.. A new beginning is never easy, for it has to cleave through the hardened husk of the past, tearing the grasping tentacles apart, pushing strongly through the void of pain to emerge into light! But the leaves are falling .. falling…


  1. Awesome words..I like the title Fall…not sure whether it is positive or negative..but it eventually takes the relationship to a next level…after episode I wish to read this’s a great attempt..keep continuing and rocking…

    1. Thank You, Kokila !

      The title depends on how you see life !! If you think it ends ..then it has..but if you think..a new beginning can be made..then you most definitely can!!

      Fall is also a season when dead leaves fall allowing space for new leaves to come up in spring. so is our life..sometimes we have to let go of our past to move ahead ..

      Thank you for the comment.. Keep reading and keep giving feedbacks.. it helps writers a lot !! 🙂

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