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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 176 : Dead Calm !

Where Vansh keeps her locked & safe, a determined Riddhima who wants to play with the fire finds her playmate in Kabir, who obligingly uncuffs her and leads her on her path of delusions, dreams & hyper fear.

Riddhima quickly slips out of the room like an eel & heads to basement where the official in charge has been kept tied up. Kabir  begins the process of getting the officer to cough out the truth by hitting at the hapless officer. A stricken Riddhima tries to stop but her intent is more on finding out Vansh’s crime than in the pain of the officer.

The marriage function progresses, on the urging of Kabir, Riddhima leaves to get ready for her wedding day. Riddhima manages to sneak back into the room before Vansh can find out about her escapade.

Vansh enters the room & is actually surprised to see Riddhima sitting on the bed quite docilely oblivious that his wife has already done basement rounds .

Vansh begins the bridal makeover of sullen Riddhima into ‘sullenest’ Riddhima. Together they climb down the stairs as Kabir continues to pommel the terrified officer in the basement.

The wedding ritual progresses and in the midst of it Riddhima via Kabir comes to know that Vansh was incarcerated for killing a couple. A shocked Riddhima finds herself getting hitched and it dawns on her that she is now Mrs.Riddhima Vansh Raisinghania..

On the other side, a pleased Kabir is welding something as he gleefully pats himself on his back on the way things worked out.. He is sure that the truth will wreck the marriage of Riddhima & Vansh leaving them reeling & vulnerable..

** I must say I quite liked the episode today. Three things made me happy today,

Vansh has become calm, serene and collected..

Kabir who had been hovering in the background has finally come to the forefront..

The portrait of Uma Raisinghania is back in the hall.

A marriage, they say is union of two hearts on the bedrock of trust paving a road that leads to future. But in the case of Riddhima & Vansh, this marriage is a tool to distract each other while both covertly try to thwart each other’s moves while being upfront about their intentions. Neither trust the other completely, there’s always a ‘but, however’ clause attached to their trust.

Riddhima who knows & cherishes trust does not wholly trust Vansh. The minute she decides to base her trust on him, to believe him.. He says or does something that shakes up or breaks the fragile trust that Riddhima is building. She gets flummoxed by the wall he throws up. Not the one to sit quietly, she becomes determined to break that wall and to know the reason for the wall. For Riddhima, it is quite simple, when you have taken each other as soul mate, there should be no secrets so deep, no secrets so high that it becomes a barrier between them. When they have accepted each other, why to hide things from her, things that could gnaw at the foundation of your marriage, corroding it with uncertainty, doubts, weakening the trust & the relationship. Let it not be said that Riddhima does not love Vansh, she loves him very much but is very afraid that the lack of trust factor will break their relationship. 

At the same time she is also determined to find the truth about her past. This has her digging into Vansh’s closed chapter for in that chapter is her past written.

Then we have Vansh who pleads with Riddhima to trust him, says quite emphatically that HE did not kill her parents. But at the same time, he speaks about secret/s that Riddhima should never know. Here is the conundrum, Vansh wants Riddhima to trust him, his words yet he himself does not trust Riddhima enough to share the secrets buried within the mansion. Yes, his protective streak might hold him back but knowing how much Riddhima hates secrets, knowing how the cloak & dagger actions of his with regards to Ragini turned out.. Vansh should know that by turning secretive, by withholding his trust, he is leaving the door ajar for the predator to come & slaughter the inmates & play with his marriage.

Reverting to Riddhima, While Riddhima is intent on finding out the truth about her parents accident… there was a point where she had to choose her parents or Vansh. A subtle moment for sure but that was a wonderful moment where she chose Vansh. True, it was done under Kabir’s manipulation but the choice to go or stay was her’s and she chose to go to Vansh.

Yes, it is irksome to see Riddhima becoming a mindless puppet in Kabir’s hand but as long as secrets weigh down Riddhima & Vansh’s relationship, Kabir, people like Kabir can always exploit it. For Riddhima is quite amoral when it comes to her objective, she will try & use any means to secure her goal, even teaming up with her husband’s sworn enemy. Another reason is Vansh’s absolute need for Riddhima to provide the much needed stability.

Which is why the return of Uma Raisinghania is the need of the hour. I do hope she proves to be an equally strong positive counterpoint to Riddhima. Riddhima needs to learn a lesson, a lesson of never taking anyone or their forgiveness for granted. A lesson on not to take relationships for granted. A lesson where she realizes that she cannot escape the consequences of her actions. 

Speculating aloud, Vansh’s tranquil reactions and his assertions does suggest that Vansh has no connection with Riddhima’s parents death. But the officer confirmed the death of a couple and the subsequent jailing of Vansh for four years.

What I found interesting was the officer said “Couple” instead of family, which is what one would say if the dead couple were found with an infant or a little girl. So that raises the question, was the crime scene sanitized with Riddhima removed to the nearest orphanage or was it another accident?

Considering that Riddhima’s parents death is connected to VR Mansion, perhaps this accident was indeed that of Riddhima’s parents… then the question raises as to who killed them? Was it one of the Raisinghania siblings? or was it Uma?

If Uma, it makes sense for Vansh to take the blame on himself since he as a juvenile will not face the same severity of charges as his mother. While his mother might get booked under manslaughter, he might escape with rash driving charges. It would also make sense if it was Uma’s negligent driving that caused the accident paralyzing Sia. That could explain Vansh’s guilt since he could not protect two most important people in life..

What happened to Uma? Did she insist on surrendering? Did she lose her mind and spend her days in an asylum or is she being kept hidden somewhere safe by Vansh? Where has Uma disappeared? It’s going to be interesting to see how they are going to introduce her back into VR Mansion?

What kind of mother/person would she be? A principled, righteous, strong willed woman or a insecure, needy woman ? how has the years turned her?..  Not destiny, not Kabir, if anybody can break Riddhima & Vansh apart, it will be Uma !

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