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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 118 : The Spider Web !!

Kabir continues his psychological warfare on Riddhima which almost succeeds in breaking her will, her resolve. But a timely intervention saves her from collapsing.

A dispirited Riddhima heads to the nearest temple, has a heart to heart talk with her family member. Having opened up her heart and feeling slightly settled, Riddhima heads back home only for her to be accosted by a band of ruffians.

The ruffians being honest to their profession, initiate the first stage and begin to eve tease her.. After completing stage 1 successfully, they upgrade to Stage 2 demanding gold & any useful junkets on the person of Riddhima. Riddhima being quite the pragmatic girl quickly and without any fuss hands the bangle to the ruffians.

The ruffian’s who had a smooth run so far against a placid Riddhima get more greedy when they spy a lone diamond twinkling on Riddhima’s wrist. One of the goon unsticks himself from the seat of his bike. He approaches Riddhima & tries to snatch the Mangalsutr bracelet. The Mangal sutr bracelet lights up the durga avatar within Riddhima who responds to the stimulus by giving a resounding slap to the greedy thief.

Things take a ugly turn when the ruffian pulls out a knife and comes at Riddhima, only for his hand to freeze in mid action as his hand is caught in the paws of another man.

A brisk energetic fight later, the savior of the day turns towards Riddhima expecting roses & kisses, instead he had to contend with a fainting maiden suffering vapors. Not one to miss the opportunity & with tremendous gallantry, the new guy Vihaan lightly, very lightly holds Riddhima up by wrapping his hand around her.

Voila !! Propelling his invisible cape, the new guy lands in front of VR Mansion , places the unconscious Riddhima by the gates & departs.. Thorough gentleman, you see !!

On the other side of the world, Vihaan disburses a bundle of notes to the very goons with whom he had a brief scuffle. He congratulates them and himself for the Jackie Chan action scenes.. bids adieu and appears raring to go for another high level game.

In the dark world, Riddhima wakes up to see herself surrounded by well wishers, crocs & alligators. Quickly allaying the fears of Dadi, categorically rejecting Angre’s offer of doctor.. Riddhima walks to her room, the private investigator in her waking up  as she decides to a quiet investigation on the mysterious benefactor.

** ROUND 2

How the tides have changed !!!

Round one began with an elaborate charade drawn by Kabir & enthusiastically participated by Riddhima to bring down Vansh. Kabir laid a trap through Riddhima for Vansh. The trap almost succeeded but stopped from being an utter & total success thanks to Vansh whose own quick thinking saved him from the gallows.

Round two begins with another charade, this time drawn by Vihaan.. Again Riddhima is the fulcrum of this plan. His plan, to get into VR Mansion… PERIOD !!  The web has been spun, invisible , innocuous but dangerous all the same. The bait for Riddhima has been laid & she has walked into the trap.

Kabir, the insolent & smug Kabir  has become intoxicated by the power trip he is having in Vansh’s absence. His carefully built mask is dissolving faster than a melting ice placed in front of a fire. Kabir who knows Riddhima well, hits unerringly at her weak spot – THE FAMILY !! He promises to kill each & every one of them if she were to hinder him or put obstacles in his path of dominating & erasing Vansh from every atom & particles. A shocked Riddhima weakens & shatters until she hears Vansh’s voice calling out to her!!

Beautiful scene, Kabir might think that he can tame Riddhima into submission but he is not aware of the power of love nor of relationship. One whispered call from Vansh, Riddhima easily & without any effort breaks the shackles placed on her by Kabir. Thus proving, Kabir can and will try various means to control her or manipulate her but his each & every tricks will be broken by Riddhima whose strength & wisdom will come from Vansh.

The next big scene if one might say so, was the temple scene. She enters the sanctum of the temple like a newly wedded daughter in law, bleeding feet marking her entry .. But where is she heading? Definitely not to a life of wedded bliss !!

Her bloodied feet is taking her to battlefield. Listen carefully to her words, she is not asking for rescue, she is not asking to be saved rather she is informing Bappa that SHE is READY for the WAR ! A war that Vansh has been assiduously preparing her for, a war that he knew was coming! 

Again, why was Vansh preparing her when he could have easily taken care of the issue on Riddhima’s behalf? BECAUSE THIS IS HER BATTLE!! The first battle will be Riddhima’s, she will lead the fight with Vansh/Vihan playing the able assistant. The fight is hers and hers alone. She has to defeat the monster that’s sapping her will, that’s weakening her thus indirectly posing a threat to HER family. To protect her family, she must become strong, to be strong she has to slay the monsters sent by Kabir and through this monsters, grievously impair Kabir from having any hold over her again. For until Riddhima is freed from the shackles of Kabir, Vansh will always be hampered,  Will always have to fight with one hand tied behind his back.. But with her free, he is unleashed!

It began today with Riddhima walking out of the circle & thus breaking the psychological prison of Kabir. It will progress with Kabir increasingly becoming an impotent figure in her eyes. 

Riddhima is ready for the war but being prepared for the war & to actually initiate the war are two different things. To play war games, you need to assemble your troops and amass weapons. One such weapon has deliberately come into her orbit, a deadly weapon who can and will turn the tides for her! All Riddhima has to do is take the first step!

The Game has begun !! 

P:S: If I remember rightly.. Round 1 began with ” Tu sukoon mera… etc” ..suggesting that it was for Vansh but round two is for Riddhima, ” Haq Hai mera” .. A round where she will submit herself completely and totally to Vansh! to her love, to her heart, to her soul…

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