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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 71 : A Bridge Crossed !

After saving Riddhima from a fire mishap, Vansh sits her down calming her hyper senses, assuring her of his support. The badly frightened Riddhima does calm down but not enough to sleep alone. so a compromise with Vansh lying along with her gives her a peaceful night.

The hard won peace is shattered next morning, of course ..

** Whether Riddhima is consciously aware or not (betting on NOT), Riddhima finally made her choice, closed the yawning chasm between her and Vansh and took a decisive step that is going to ring in utter chaos over all.

Kabir’s frenzied attempts to remind her of her purpose & reimpose the dreams of ‘their’ future has come to a naught. It has made Riddhima more aware of what stands to lose! Yes!! she is still determined to find the murderer of Ragini but she wants to find the real culprit. Her heart is sure that Vansh is not THE culprit.

A momentous occasion occurs when Riddhima of her own volition stops Vansh from leaving her side, asking him silently to stay. A bridge was crossed when Riddhima, the fiercely independent Riddhima who fought her battles alone living in a den of a lion now willingly seeks support, draws strength from his presence. Where earlier, he terrorized her, now his company soothes her.

But for a bridge to be crossed, there has to be a chasm or a divide. That chasm was quite explicitly said by Vansh, ” As long as I support you, nothing can touch you” .. So when is that support going to go? 

Despite Vansh’s studied silence, he is observing Riddhima’s actions, noticing her fear, her constantly changing attitude during the entirety of marriage event. This will play a role .. later .. **

Morning comes along with it comes Kabir’s another attempt to brainwash Riddhima into doing what she clearly is not interested in. For the first time in her life, she refutes Kabir’s allegations and is met with restrained physical violence. After fending Kabir off with unintentional help of Dadi, Riddhima takes morning sustenance to Vansh & gets a heart attack when she hears a supposedly secret conversation she had with Kabir blaring from their room.

Rushing into the room, a momentary relief assails her as she notices the vacant room. However, Riddhima’s relief is short lived as Vansh makes his appearance . Thankfully for Riddhima, she gets a brief reprieve from the explosion. A frantic Riddhima stalls, tries to delay Vansh from watching the video to its completion. Dadi, again becomes an unintended ally as she takes Vansh away from the explosive video footage.

But seems like Riddhima’s day has decided not to give her any breather. Ishani pops in warning her of dire consequences for touching the phone of Vansh. A brief scuffle ensues with a triumphant Ishani carrying aloft the sacrosanct phone to her Bhai & poisonous venom ready to drip against her bhabhi. Riddhima trails behind abjectly.

** Overall, an episode hinting at impending explosion and distance striking towards Riddhima & Vansh.

Nevertheless as we await the incoming detonation.. let’s take a look at Riddhima. Desperation, utter desperation drives her as she almost manically tries to stop Vansh from viewing the video. What makes this desperation interesting is the REASON behind it! Where earlier Riddhima would panic only about getting caught, now her worries, stress and tension is all about their relationship, ‘getting caught’ is least of her worries ! 

As Ishani prophesied, Vansh has zero tolerance for ‘betrayal’ and betray Riddhima DID. Not once, not twice but consistently, throughout her stay in VR mansion. First by lying that she had no ‘fiance’ as such and secondly by covering up her agitation when Kabir terrorized her and then by not revealing the identity of Kabir ensconced in VR Mansion as DSR. 

Among the three, the ‘no fiance’ statement is going to cause the eruption is my feeling.

This further gets fuel when Vansh talks of memories. memories are one thing that’s going to sustain them. One will be strengthened by it while another will be fueled by it. However, memories are dicey thing, while happily aiding your purpose, it can also trip you over by serving something unpalatable to your narrative. THAT unpalatable narrative is something that is going to trip Vansh when he goes ‘cruise’ mode on destruction.

On Riddhima’s part, she was a girl who was ready to let go of her life for what she thought she and Kabir had. The constant exposure to Vansh, his attitude and his treatment of her has given her a perspective. She is beginning to realize the shallowness of the bond between her and Kabir, the superficiality of the relationship. The infatuation or crush was like a sudden squall, came like a flood  strong & powerful but evaporated under the hot glare of the sun. The relationship with Vansh is like a steady patter of raindrops, never too strong to wipe you out, nor too weak dry out even before it can wet, like an incessant rain, Vansh’s care & concern has been steadily showering on Riddhima. Like a parched earth, she has been slowly drinking it in..

He has not attempted to dominate her nor impose his will.. He has given her something that a manipulative Kabir could not or would not give -SPACE-. Vansh gave her space to think and freedom to act upon her decision. Riddhima has begun to understand the difference. It is this understanding that will become her crutch when she fights for what she lost, when she fights to reclaim what belongs to her, when she fights love itself for her love!

P.S. : Eagerly waiting for Ishani to get her slice of cake from Vansh !!

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