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Ishq Mein Marjawan Episode 50 : The Mouse Trap !

Despite the Damocles sword of death hanging over her head, Riddhima is determined to find something  that will be a ‘clincher’ against Vansh Raisinghania. Riddhima heads to the garden determined to dig the bones of Ragini but is disappointed to find nothing.. Well, one can’t say nothing..She does find something which makes her hope soar.

Riddhima, with a spring in her step enters the house only to stop dead seeing the entire Raisinghania’s assembled in the living room, staring at her. It would be an unnerving sight and Riddhima is unnerved indeed. On enquiry, she comes to know that the family is planning an impromptu vacation. Uh-oh, this would derail Riddhima’s plan to flee Raisinghania house. She quickly pleads ‘illness’ and asks to stay back. Vansh affably agrees with her and even says HE will stay with her to ‘take care ‘ of her .

So the family begin packing, leaving the newly wedded couple to enjoy their marital bliss!

This was a wholesome entertainer episode. It has almost everything. A dash of suspense, a drop of humor, a scoop of thrill and dollop of emotions.

The carefully constructed trap of Vansh has done its job. The mouse, in this case, Riddhima has been lured to her trap. Riddhima has been carefully lead to the ‘EVIDENCE’ and sure enough, she falls for it hook, line and sinker!

Riddhima thinks that Diary is her sureshot one way ticket out of Raisinghania’s house, but she does not realize her each and every move has been calibrated by Vansh. Before sending  the diary, Riddhima glances through the pages which faithfully shows the budding and changing relationship between Vansh and Ragini. The interesting aspect of the diary is, Vansh is painted as a intense, passionate and romantic lover who gradually turns into a fearful stranger.

Which brings up the interesting question (if the content in diary is true or even partially true) ? What wrought the change in Vansh? Who misguided or deceived Vansh? Because, then that person becomes the actual villain!! Was it Anupriya who is determined to keep all the secrets buried, Sia or someone who has not come into the limelight yet?

This was also an episode that showed the dynamics of Raisinghania family. There might be numerous infighting among members of the family, squabbles, and power struggles. Each trying to outwit another but when threat looms ahead, they stand and face the threat unitedly. Right now, Riddhima is that threat and whole family has ganged up to eliminate the threat and are fully behind Vansh.

Another interesting insight offered by Aryan was that the isolation of Vansh & Riddhima is not something new. Such precedent has been set before by Bade bhai. This observation gives rise to interesting question, whom did Vansh ‘do away with’ ? Was it Ragini or some other person whose story has not been revealed yet.

Even if Ragini had come to Raisinghania house, How can we be sure that she was done away with by Vansh? It could be, someone in the family could have eliminated her (if she is dead) thus creating a misunderstanding in Vansh, leading Vansh to think that even Ragini had abandoned him  **Perhaps, too much overthinking*

Although Riddhima thinks things are going to get better with her soon to be acquired ‘freedom’ from Vansh and Raisinghania house. Little does she seem to understand that things are going to go downhill soon, the mirage of happiness that she seems to think is her destiny will soon prove to be an illusion.

The warning shot has been given by Dadi today. Once again, Riddhima has heard the words but has not listened to it. Something she will come to regret later and something for which she will have to make great amends to set things right.

On the other side, Vansh thinks he will finally find out the puppet master. But what Vansh has not taken into account is that the puppet master has studied him, profiled him. He knows the inner workings of Vansh and will not prove to be a easy catch as Vansh assumes.

The hunt mode is initiated, the gong has sounded and the fight to death has just begun !

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