IPKKND : Kash Mein Tumse …. | Arnav |Khushi | Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Barun Sobti | Sanaya Irani | in the show that began a magical world of ArShi

Neither loud nor obsequious, the promo began quietly, gently with a hint of intense passions smoldering beneath a tranquil surface, a hint of pain , of something lost, and a note of hope ..

But let us not get ahead of ourselves ..  let the story speak the way it should be .. with a beginning ..

The door of a lift opens, showing a petite girl surrounded by people yet alone in a protected space. Her hands clutching the file like a shield. Her eyes lights up when she notes a handsome young man getting into the lift. A slight smile curves her lips as her eyes are drawn to his forbidding face, a face that is turned away from her, a man who has not acknowledged her, yet her smile and her yearning eyes suggests there’s a story there..

The lift reaches its first port of stop, the young man steps out . Unconsciously, impulsively he turns back to look at the girl, the very same girl whose existence he had pretended not to be aware of . A brief look at her pregnant with unsaid, unstated emotions. A look that speaks of fires of betrayal, of pain, of anger yet of helpless love..

Who is he? A young man with a wealth of pain riding in his heart. Who is he? an attractive guy who has erected a formidable fence around himself effectively and ruthlessly cutting of people, a broody man with an unapproachable air around himself .. yet his yes, HIS EYES !! Oh!! they invisibly cry in pain, there is a deep sense of sadness, a sense of isolation of vulnerability, a touch of sensitivity carefully hidden under the garb of anger .. Who is this young man? and what is HIS story?

While this questions are churning out in the mind, the promo takes it a step further.. Not content with showing two beautiful, private people having a past that intrinsically binds them together whilst keeping them apart.

The promo continues .. offering a teasing glimpse into their collective past.. A past that shows them together, in harmony. The beautiful girl clutches a ripped off pic of her and the young man in good times, a pensive look , her eyes turning painful and sad as  she quietly acknowledges that she can not stop loving him.. The gorgeous young man on the other hand is outside, lost to the darkness, getting drenched in pouring rain.. In his hand, he holds a well kept picture of them together, his soft words affirming that he can only give ‘hate’ as a return gift.

What I loved about the promo was, in both the instances, the pretty young girl is placed within a protected enclosure, a lift  and her room (I guess) , it serves to keep her safe yet at the same time act as a prison. Whereas in the case of the young man, he steps from outside and is found outside at night .. Despite the seeming impression of freedom, the young guy carries the darkness with him ( be it his all black outfit or the dark nights), it envelopes him, keeps him in its womb cutting off any rays of light.. he claims to hate, yet he holds on to the picture, his only ray of light in his hate filled world. She who loves him deeply has ripped off the photo, partially separating them but still holds on to the photo despite the rip, for once the anger wore off, love asserted and she keeps him near her heart, not allowing complete and total separation.

What caused this rift? How deeply did they love? Why are they unable to move on with their lives? Will they be together or are they destined to be forever apart but deeply in LOVE … with each other ..


  1. I don’t know how you did it but your words were so powerful, You made a Beautiful show even more enticing …. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank You, Monica .. for someone who has not typed a word in a while, your appreciation serves as big motivator.

      To be truthful, I think the show has an honesty and an innocence within it, one absorbs the emotions and the subsequent outpouring is the reaction to that emotion 🙂

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