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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 109 : The Eye of Storm !

It is quite ironical isn’t it that before a storm hits, the whole area just gets unnervingly calm, giving an illusion of tranquility, of serenity lulling us into false security and then Mayhem unleashes..

We have reached that point at the moment where things are “looking up”, creating the false sense of security before pulling the rug under our feet.

Anupriya & Kabir are at the moment holding all the aces or appear to be the winning horses. Their meticulous planning has paid rich dividends. The spy they had carefully infiltrated into Vansh’s life has given them the winning stakes. Life at the moment looks perfectly splendid for the duo.

But as Ragini pertinently pointed out, time does not stand still, along with time, the fate and lives of players are set to change. Anupriya who has had a golden run with her crime spree is soon going to get her comeuppance , sure things may appear to go her way for a while but Karma though taking scenic route and lagging behind catches up & makes them pay when they least expect it.

Riddhima is having a splendid run too. So far she has been quite lucky with her near escapes, almost exposures. However, with evidences against her piling up everywhere, from CCTV of Angre to Sia’s audio confession.. From Kabir’s venom laced innuendo’s to Aryan/Ishani’s toxic tripe, the stacks are loaded against her! But the most damaging of all is her own guilty conscience that’s eating her up from inside.. Sure, she did try to confess to Vansh and was stopped BUT her choice of words when she tried to dredge up her past implied of a love affair gone kaput, nowhere did she hint about her involvement in a conspiracy to bring about his destruction – That fine distinction will play a crucial role later on..

So where does that leave Riddhima & Vansh?

A pious girl who believes in the signs & symbols finds her Mangalsutr broken by her own husband. A symbol that signifies her union with her partner and her soulmate in the presence of holy fire & blessed by the gods above. Distraught she scrambles to secure the beads that have fallen and are scattered. She is terrified that her relationship has come undone, that she will lose her husband from her life. Her mounting panic is slightly alleviated when her husband whom she dearly loves strings together few scattered beads into a bracelet & ties it around her wrist.

In a way, I choose to see the breaking of the original mangal sutr as a good sign.. True, her exposure and her links with Kabir is going to rock the very foundation of their marriage, true that Vansh will not take it quietly.. Riddhima who is prepared for his wrath will absorb his rage, his pain & hurt quietly but she will never cease to build the bridge that connected them initially..A bridge that is shorn of any pretense, any lingering ghosts of past or lies and falsehoods. Darkness is surrounding them now, darkness which will soon engulf them, engulf him.. It is here Riddhima’s love is going to be tested, severely but she has decided to change her Taqdeer , hasn’t she?

A Mangal sutr that was worn with a single purpose in mind ! Riddhima wore it with the aim of bringing Vansh down, that purpose has been served when she successfully broke him by stealing Ragini from right under his protection. Vansh has been brought down !! That Mangal sutr has served its purpose.. The chain that she wore on the behest of Kabir to chain Vansh has completed its task.. Now is the time to break that alliance…

“Time hamesha ek jaisa nahi hota… Aaj Vansh ke saath Riddhima hai..She is not weak nor is she a coward..She will be your death” 

What an illuminating remark!! Times have changed.. Riddhima who despite being Vansh’s wife was working for Kabir, was being the able partner of Kabir is soon going to change sides.. Kabir had Riddhima then.. but with the bracelet adorned by Vansh’s hands.. Riddhima has chosen !! She will align with her husband now, be his shadow when needed or his shield when necessary but hindrance, she will not be..not anymore..

Interesting too, is the fact that Ragini says that “she will be your death”. Because come what may, Vansh is not going to allow law to interfere in his quest for justice. Riddhima who firmly believes in law will have to make a decision! Ragini’s hint suggests what her choice will be, doesn’t it? ..A girl who firmly believes  in saving the life of others sometimes even at the cost of her own will soon of her own volition or because of the circumstances will and would embrace Vansh, in all his shades and will render justice when necessary.

But before that… the storm !!!

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