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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: Childhood’s End !

This has been one of the most transformative week for almost everyone concerned in Ghumverse. The dynamics of various relationships altering, changing. The status of inter personal relationships getting fluid. Some relationship’s painfully limping back to normality, some shaken out of the deep slumber it had fallen into.

A sip of bhang & the world turns upside down when you regain your faculties. Something similar has happened to Pakhi & Samrat relationship. A drunken confession to wrong person & an hasty course correction has set Pakhi on a path where she will not have any other option other than to make a choice. For a relationship that was almost non-existent, it received an unexpected energy shot when Pakhi inadvertently made a move on Samrat. A move that has lead to a mistaken assumption by Samrat. He is not completely fooled, there are odd moments when he is suspicious of Pakhi’s intentions, he alternates between suspicion and hope, a ghost that will plague him right until the end..

As for Pakhi, a woman who moved her pawns carefully & after due deliberations. A woman who almost always seized every opportunity that came her way to drive a wedge between Sai & Virat, who grabbed any chance to get closer to Virat did a serious misstep. Driven by jealousy & a growing desperation, she took a chance and confessed her feelings to wrong man. She has managed to do damage control to an extent but the one time she opened up has proven to be costly for her. Samrat has taken her actions to mean a ‘go ahead’ and he has begun to take steps to cement their relationship and give it a form. He understands Pakhi’s dilemma, her conflicting emotions and willingly overlooks it, hoping that his persistence and the acceptance that Virat will never be hers will lead to an evolution of their relationship. His continued acts to move closer to Pakhi is going to push her from her zone, where she manipulated the situations in her favor before, the situations now will manipulate Pakhi, pushing her into corner, forcing her to make a choice – to stay on in past or to move on to future.

Sai & Virat’s relationship which was on a free fall now seems to have arrested its descent thanks largely to Sai’s persistent efforts. From a girl who imposed & forced her ways on to people, she has learned to give space. Guilt rips through her as does hurt, hurt brought on by her own thoughtless words and actions and subsequent consequences arising out of it . Sai understands the measure of hurt that her husband is going through, she yearns to quench that burning fire that seems to be incinerating him every living moments but Virat would prefer to be torched than be healed by Sai.

He is a man who is too broken to think or even feel. This did not happen overnight, it has been building up slowly and gradually and Sai’s final denunciation of their marriage, her final act of ending it broke him. As he firmly believed, Sai was his strength but when she chose not to trust him and believed what her eyes saw, it broke him. It reminds me of wounded animals caught in trap, their pain is so intense, so consuming that they will snap at the very fingers that seeks to save them. Their pain and fear of it does not allow them to see the intent behind the hand. They are too much in pain to trust, to believe somewhat similar is Virat’s case, he has been let down again and again, he is not in a mood to believe or trust any words of Sai or others.

He is so afraid to get again that he prefers the pain of living in isolation than live with the torment of knowing that here is his wife who will live him to his own tools when the going gets tough, here is his partner who will readily believe what the world shows than repose faith in him. Virat is a man who will not be soothed by words or actions. He will need raw honesty & complete submission of truth to allay his fears. Something that Sai has been unable to do.

It is not for want of trying, but for a girl who has long learned to suppress her raging emotions and live by putting on a painted face. It is not easy to dredge up her core emotions & bring it to the scrutiny of another’s gaze. Just like Virat, Sai lives in fear, fear of rejection, fear of being unloved. Her need for family, for love impels her to interfere in other people’s life, trying to usher in happiness that she eagerly seeks. She craves a family & tries to forge one but her insecurities turn into monsters leading to the destruction of the fragile world she builds.

However, this time around she has come with resolve, where earlier a Sai would not hesitate to pack her bags & walk out at even slightest hint of “crossing the line”. Now she stands firm, looking the demon in the eye & refusing to retreat back into her shell. Now she is developing the spine to confront the issue than sweep it under the rug , pretending things are fine and sunny. Where earlier she would force her views, her own expectations , now she willingly cedes space albeit a nominal amount. The relationship that was a ‘deal’ of limited duration now has become a bond of lifetime. For this bond to take root, to nurture, to flourish, Sai has chosen to become the sun, providing the light & strength to her soulmate, while the fires of love burning within fuels her to demolish every darkness that comes to swallow her and her now carefully crafted world.

Gone is the girl who gave precedence to outsiders over her own rights and emotions, gone is the girl who was too afraid to love, gone is the girl who preferred to flee than to resolve, gone is the girl who zealously, willfully remained oblivious of the creeping darkness.

Here comes the woman who is in love, a woman who has embraced her feelings with all her heart. A woman who knows the road ahead is rocky but she is prepared for the wound & the pains. A woman who has a smile on even when her heart cries. A woman who will not take a no for answer yet will respect the ‘no’. A woman who will not impose but prefer to earn the relationship, the bond, the love that she so carelessly let loose..

The childhood has ended..




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