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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Two States !

Both Monday’s & Tuesday’s episode related largely to Virat, his views, his fears and above all his desire.

The relationship of Sai & Virat are at an impasse mostly due to the fact that Virat is in such a place mentally and emotionally that it is entirely difficult for him to be receptive of Sai’s overtures much less contemplate giving a new life to their relationship.

However, I found his ” Mein iss rishte se mukht hona chahata hoon” oddly interesting. 

So to recap, Virat has grown coldly indifferent to emotions, he speaks, responds, helps out but with a detached air. The only person with whom he is almost his old self is Sunny. With others, he maintains a façade of normality without being emotionally attached to any of them, this is true especially in his interactions with Sai. Virat speaks to Sai, he responds to her nagging’s, is amenable to her demands, almost giving one a vibe of normality yet when you look at it, his reactions and responses have largely rested on him fulfilling his zimmedari.

Virat Promised Kamal Joshi that he will fulfill his desire of seeing his doctor becoming a doctor, so he bent, put up with every pranks of Sai. Virat was polite, communicative when both cooperated to help Shivani get the love of her life. BUT, whenever Sai tried to bring the equation to their own relationship, Virat withdraws, be it her spontaneous hug or her attempts to woo him, he immediately seeks to put a distance between him and her.

Does that mean, Virat has stopped loving Sai or that he wants out of this relationship?

Well, No & Yes !!

No, he has not fallen out out love. Yes! He wants an end to this relationship.

Before we move ahead, lets once again hearken back to what Virat admits to Sunny and the various memories that assail him constantly every time he softens towards Sai. He tells Sunny that he is aware of Sai’s efforts but at the same time he is terrified of once again lowering his guard, once again allowing his heart to be trampled all over.

He is afraid to stay on in a relationship where there is no depth or strength, where Sai has the tendency to end it/walk out whenever things get rough instead of staying back and fighting it out, where Sai tends to reject the relationship if things do not run to her satisfaction.

Virat does not want a relationship that Sai thinks of as a ‘compromise’ to fulfill his promise given to her father. He does not want to be in a relationship where his wife thinks poorly of his integrity, of his character. He does not want to stay in on a relationship that Sai thinks and has told him is a ‘DEAL’ that’s valid for a limited time or until the completion of Kamal Joshi’s wish.

There have been many a times when he has tried to normalize the deal relationship into regular spousal relationship, only to be stonewalled and rejected by Sai. Every time he has stepped back, ceding to her desires, her comfort and her wishes always hoping that there would be a day when Sai will understand his feelings & reciprocate or at least consider him as a friend. But then things took a turn, where not only was he cast away like yesterday’s garbage but every form of relationship be it that of wife, friend, guardian was snapped leaving him adrift.

Virat is a man who has walked through that nightmare & he has no desire to relive those darkest nights again. He cannot and does not want to live with uncertainty of his relationship with Sai again. He is a man who is running on empty fuel.. exhausted, emotionally out of it with no strength to carry on the burden of this relationship.

Now what relationship is “THIS” ?

I found Monday’s episode quite interesting for two things. 1. For Virat asking Kamal Joshi’s permission to end the relationship.

2. For what he should have done but failed to do singularly.

So, you are at the end of your tethers and are desperate enough to want to end your relationship. What does someone wanting to end a relationship do? They apply for divorce and send the papers to their soon to be ex formalizing the end of relationship. But what do we get here, Virat offering Sai his transfer orders as proof of him leaving her nevertheless at the same time telling her to stay on in Chavan Nivas for as long as she wants !

On one hand, he is showing her the transfer orders, making her aware of the limited time on hand. In a way, Virat is subtly informing Sai that she has to make a choice, her days of living in her own bubble is over. She has to choose, either to be his wife in all sense  or walk out and live her own life. He will not be an obstacle, he will always wish her the best and pray for her success but he will no more abide to live in a stagnant relationship. He has decided, now it is for Sai to choose . He will accept her choice even if it hurts him.

If he wishes to live with Sai as is subsequently hinted in Tuesday’s episode, what was with,” I want to be free” and sinking the lamp..

Again I loved it for the adroit way Vankar played it. This was a relationship that began to a dying man. This was a relationship that began as a compromise. This was a relationship that was built on duty, honor & a deal between two grieving people. This was a relationship formed for all wrong reasons. A relationship that was an business arrangement of sorts, a form of repayment. This was a relationship that did not have any form of emotional investment to begin with.

Sai & Virat’s relationship was a deal forged out of a sense of duty, honor & responsibility for a limited period of time. It was marriage of convenience which later on became their lifeline, their very reason to breathe. Nonetheless, to Sai it remained a transaction, she treated it as a transaction or so Virat firmly believes. Now that transaction has ended. Virat who fell in love during their time together can no more continue the ‘transactional wedding’. His emotions are too enmeshed for him to continue in a ‘deal’ marriage. When the deal is completed, Virat does not lose a minute to end it, in front of the man who very much triggered the beginning of deal. Virat frees himself from the deal but does not end his relationship with Sai. The fate of that relationship rests on Sai’s decision. Virat ends the relationship based on deal, responsibility & duty but he leaves the door wide open for their marriage to truly begin.

Virat is looking for that slightest spark of assurance that Sai believes in their marriage the way he does. That she willingly accepts their relationship. He is looking for her to fight for their relationship instead of taking the easy way out by walking. He longs to be with her but the fear of abandonment keeps him away from Sai. Virat knows Sai fights tooth and nail in a cause that she truly believes in, he yearns for their relationship to be that cause. He longs to be of importance in Sai’s life. He wants to be needed, to be loved. In short , he yearns to know whether he has any place in his wife’s life and is too afraid to find out. He hopes that she will fight.. Will she?

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