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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Episode 104: Shadows & Substance

A contrast intensive episode .. An episode that showed the diverse nature of the daughter in law’s of Chavan house. An episode that starkly highlighted the contrast between Sai & Pakhi. An episode that showed the contrasting attitudes of the family to their own sons.

Virat is at the hospital, concerned about the well being of a stranger. A stranger who bears the name of his missing brother. In his recovery, he tries to find the solace, of finding his missing brother .. The pain that he carries within himself, which he has not been able to share for the family needed him strong. In this stranger’s recovery, Virat hopes to find few kindling of hope.

If Virat is engrossed in hospital and in taking care of lilttle Viji. Sai is engrossed in berating Virat, complaining about his high handedness to her father clutching the pen that Virat gifted to her. A girl who was obsessively focused on her studies finds her attention drifting off towards a man whom she does not “care” about. Sai who had firmly wanted to be alone, not get attached to anyone, fulfill her studies and leave the house finds herself restless at the continued absence of Virat. A restlessness that fast becomes concern. The concern does not get allayed when her calls are cut repeatedly.

Her mumbling complaint about Virat not answering her repeated calls are overheard by Pakhi who misconstrues the whole situation and draws her own conclusions. The jealousy that has been barely suppressed bursts forth as Pakhis makes a pointed jab at Sai and Virat’s relationship.

Quite a illuminating scene.. Pakhi who probably has not had the dubious pleasure of being in a relationship does not understand the dynamics of marriage. As she leaps to the conclusion that Virat is avoiding Sai, she lets loose her delusions, her inner desire to overlap sensibility. Not for one second does she fathom that Virat could be caught up in work, it is the younger Sai who turns out to be the pragmatic & understanding of the two.

But “Pakhi’s dil behlane ke liye” does hit its target. Her words does shake the equanimity of Sai as she begins to wonder whether Virat is purposefully avoiding her, her calls. It’s not a surprise given that she knows, Virat considers her as mere responsibility. Her insecurity also stems from the fact that she is aware that Virat was in love with Pakhi. For a girl who has been made to understand that she is an unwanted package, a responsibility taken with greatest reluctance, such words can puncture her confidence. Until & unless Virat gives strong and unshakeable signs, Sai will forever be prey to “insecurities” .

Nevertheless saner counsel prevails & Sai Joshi Chavan turns to one person who can help her find her husband in the big bad city. She finds him and decides to take food to him.. On the other side, Pakhi’s fantasies have been let loose. She has imagined Sai & Virat in a fight, Virat vowing never to come back to the house or even taking an extreme step in anger. Panic stricken, Pakhi decides to inform the family members about “missing” Virat.

Again, the wonderful contrasts, Where Sai is grounded and sensible, does the next best thing of calling Virat’s superior to find out the whereabouts. Where she is thinking about her husband and his safety. Here is Pakhi, whose world seems to have shrunk to Virat & Sai. With nothing to go on, she has already built a scenario and lead it to an unhappy conclusion but her thought is all about HER, her feelings, her needs.. Not about Virat.

Sai lands in hospital to find a drowsing hubby & sleeping Viji. Virat roused from sleep is surprised to see Sai standing near him. At his most vulnerable, Virat finally speaks up about his brother. Unlike Pakhi who would have made it about herself, her pain, her loss..Sai does not share the pain of what she has lost sending him further into guilt trip rather, she offers him strength through her calm words, her words giving him some respite from the tormenting thoughts.

From a girl who never bothered to find out whether Virat had had his food, to asking whether she or Pakhi should get him food to quietly taking him food, concerned that her husband has not eaten the whole day. Sai is making a slow journey but her every step is sure footed unlike the flighty tread of Pakhi.

Where Pakhi will be a wonderful fantasy, a shadow that may follow you everywhere but remains insubstantial . Someone you cannot lean on at your weakest moment because a shadow is insubstantial without your strength. Sai is the truth, a substance who will be there with you at every step you take, offering you strength to face the impediments, to rev up your faith when your hope is wavering. She is the ray of light when darkness seems to be enveloping. And in that hospital, warded by their own emotions, the two souls spoke as they prepared for their journey together.

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