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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 134 : Abhimanyu Must Die !

Like a loving family, all Raisinghania’s and a not Raisinghania assemble at the food junction. Where Riddhima casually drops the bomb of transferring the property in Vansh’s name. A plan heard in controlled rage by Kabir, muted agitation by Aryan & utter serenely by Vansh.

Kabir assures Aryan of stalling the plan and instructs Chachi on her role in the war. The confused Chachi agrees to do her part of using Ishani as a weapon.

meanwhile the whole family disperse to start preparation for Ishani’s godh bharai.

Riddhima talks about few moments she shared with Vansh as she prepares her gift for Ishani and ends up (as usual) falling in Vihaan’s arms. A few moments spent in examining his eyes before sense comes winging back & she scrambles on to her feet but not before having to listen to Vihaan’s sweet & sour talks about herself.

The busy bee Kabir is actively engaged in nefarious task of his own. His intent to harm Ishani & her unborn which will directly bring down Vihaan, getting him thrown out and leaving him a clear path to Swiss Banks!

** From the start of the current track, I have been greatly perturbed by one simple factor,” Why is Vihaan reacting instead of proactively trying to destroy Kabir?”. This has consumed me so much that I had even vented out my frustrations on social media. 

The frustration brought on primarily by the fact that it was hinted that the present track would be based on an classic novel and therein lay my mistake. While that hint did the job of misdirection very well, I had overlooked two very vital clues that was presented right there in the show. 

So let me re-scramble my pieces as I try to fit in the puzzle offered today.

So far in the show,we have almost always have been saying, Riddhima is the queen..however the simple fact that that I ceased to consider was that if Riddhima is a queen, Vansh is no less..He is a KING !! 

Now when is a king considered a king? when he has a kingdom!! Vansh’s business empire is his KINGDOM. A kingdom that several greedy relatives have an eye on and step brother wants to rule over despite knowing fully well that it belongs to VANSH!!

Reminds you of Mahabharat doesn’t it? Once I started perceiving it from this angle, then things began to make sense.

Remember two things that had been said in this show earlier. First one by Vansh Raisinghania himself,” Allow the enemy to delude himself into thinking he is winning, give him the illusion of victory before pulling off your biggest coup & victory”

Second by Riddhima, ” I’m ready for the war, send me an warrior, a Abhimanyu to fight on my behalf” 

Not relevant right now but will go on to play a greater role later,” I have come to set everything & every one right”..

Kabir whose greed for Vansh’s kingdom has blinded him to the point of obsession has begun his war.  His war is not against Riddhima but is for the kingdom. With Vansh down, he can usurp his ill-begotten gains. He has drawn a chakravyuh to trap, capture and kill Vansh. 

Kabir is pretty sure of his victory. He can practically see himself sitting on the crown. Kabir’s overweening confidence bordering on arrogance comes from several factors. One, he has threatened, bribed or terrified family members to switch over to his camp. Two, Kabir thinks that he has got Riddhima cornered so badly that any move made by her will only lead to her ouster. Third, Kabir’s BIGGEST error is in thinking that Vansh is DEAD! 

Kabir has forgotten or vastly underestimated Vansh’s manipulative skills. With Vansh gone, Kabir thinks he can easily take over Vansh’s kingdom. Imagine his chagrin, his rage when he finds himself checkmated with the entry of Vihaan!

Vihaan who has not come to FIGHT but to PROTECT the King & the kingdom. Yes, Vihaan the warrior sent by Bappa has not come to launch a war instead he will be the shield that defends and protects the King & his kingdom. He will not initiate an attack but will defend any attacks hurled at him, his king & his kingdom but at the same time, Vihaan will subtly prod Kabir into doing more attacks. His primary task is to prevent or halt Kabir from laying his hand on the kingdom until the King is prepared to emerge to claim his right!

How will that be possible? How will Vansh emerge?  For Vansh to come, Vihaan has to break the Chakravyuh set by Kabir ( for that Vansh though Vihaan will manipulate Kabir into setting trap or traps). For Vansh to come, Vihaan has to forge a road scything through the enemy lines. For Vansh to step forward, Vihaan, the Abhimanyu has to die! 

Vihaan paves the way for Vansh, who will embark on a war that will be unseen by his enemies  but felt by them. Because the war that he is going to launch will be fought by his trusted lieutenant, the one who he has been mentoring, taunting into submission, provoking into thinking. She, Riddhima will be the Arjun to his Krishna, the master illusionist, the emperor in manipulations.

Arjun who has still got soft underbelly and not enough steel to go into the war. Riddhima who still fears Kabir & is openly sharing her fears & thoughts to Vihaan as Vansh listens in. Vansh who is tabulating, calculating on how best to use her fears, how to rid her of her blind terror when it comes to Kabir, how to utilize her knowledge about Kabir in the upcoming war. Vansh is listening, learning and planning as Vihaan plays the perfect fiddle as he draws out Riddhima, provokes her into speaking more, delving into her mind, knowing her weakness, gauging her strengths. 

From a man who made unilateral decision and expected Riddhima to follow it, he now is building her confidence by letting her lead, by not interfering in her plans, by imbuing her with confidence and courage. From a quivering wreck, Riddhima is slowly moving to a place where she is beginning to anticipate the moves of Kabir on where he can hit next. From blindly accepting everything, she now has begun to see through the charades and get to the truth. 

But all these are not enough, Vansh not only needs his warrior strong but he also requires complete surrender of Riddhima to his will, for that Abhimanyu must die! 

As for Kabir, Vansh is going to give him an illusion of victory or perhaps he has already given him  before bringing Kabir to heel!. He will be brought to heel through his trusted lieutenant Riddhima!

Action her’s, Plan his, Victory theirs!

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