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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 112 : The Price of Love!

The long cherished dream of Kabir fructifies into reality as he handcuffs Vansh. A brief micro second apathetic acting of mom leaves Vansh convinced of her pure heart.

Riddhima races against time towards Vansh.

Meanwhile Kabir & Vansh towards an isolated hill so that Kabir could forever eliminate the hurdle standing between him and his greed. While his ardent desire to see fear flickering in Vansh’s eyes remain unrealized.. He does get the satisfaction of seeing the pain of betrayal in Vansh’s eyes ..

A pain which soon transforms itself into anger & sorrow at his own gullibility.

Riddhima’s attempts to save Vansh proves futile as Vansh leaps from the hill to his death.

** A satisfying conclusions to first phase. Vansh who began the journey on his terms, exits on his terms. Yes, his objective has been thwarted but he has found the chinks in his fortress though not all of them.

Vansh is firmly convinced of Riddhima’s betrayal. The tender moments that he remembers as soon as he sees Riddhima gets fully swallowed by the bitter words she had hurled at him during the few months they spent together. The emotions that she had awakened within him has curdled so much so that he refuses to hold on to her hand when he is toppling back to his certain death. He prefers death than hold on to her hand and live!

But at the same time, her actions of saving him gives a brief impression of her pushing him to the bottom thus affirming her ‘guilt’ in his eyes.

Yes.. Vansh has died to all intents & purpose. The man who had pinned his hopes & trust on Riddhima has departed but ..

“It hurts to breathe. It hurts to live. I hate her, yet I do not think I can exist without her.”
― Charlotte Featherstone

Once he comes back & he will come back, be sure about that.. Vansh will be a man on a mission. If we saw a obsessed Riddhima going to extremes to get evidence against Vansh..The return of Vansh will see a coldly furious, fully focused Vansh who will want to extract his pound of flesh for the wrongs done against him.

His outrage & his grieving heart will demand that Riddhima be broken & shattered just the way he was but the love that has will fight against his will every inch. While he craves her tears, Vansh will loath himself for wanting to wipe it. While he wants her bruised, Vansh will hate himself for wanting to heal her wounds. This conflicting emotions will tear him apart but his cold resolve will hold him together. In his quest to torment Riddhima, he will be the one walking through the gates of hell.

The only one soul who can extinguish that raging flames of hell within his soul will be Riddhima. A woman who is deeply in love with him.. Her love unvarnished with any secrets or lies will be the nectar that resurrects the heart that has burnt to ashes with Riddhima’s betrayal.

Yes!! Once Riddhima realizes the depth of his agony cloaked as hate, She will surrender herself fully to Vansh thus robbing him of any weapons to hurt her further. A move that will be viewed with suspicion but a move that will force Vansh to reconsider his tactics. Her selfless love  & her unconditional acceptance of her fate at his hands will be the lifeline that will save Vansh from the poison of hate.

Where Vansh is determined, Riddhima is obstinate. Where Vansh is determined to hurt her, Riddhima will obstinately hold on to the relationship. Through his attempts at her destruction, Riddhima will give out her all to mend the fences, every blow taken with a smile, every bruises accepted with love. Her sheer obstinacy and her refusal to give up on her Vansh will be the succor that Vansh has been seeking all his life.. And in front of her love, he will have to surrender – there’s no other option.

Where Vansh was having a existential crisis, it has been coming of age (of sorts) for Riddhima. The girl who believed in law & justice just had a shocking revelation. The girl who thought that her bappa will correct everything has had a rude awakening. This will be her journey to shed her naivety, her gullibility..this will be her journey where she begins to see life in a spectrum of colors.

But on the plus side, she has finally begun to trust Vansh completely & absolutely.. Unfortunately trust came very late & love had to pay the price.

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