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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: The ‘GALAT’ World of Armaan Poddar !

Todays episode was one of the best in a long time, more from the creative side. The way the team used ‘galat femi ki dunia’, ‘galat femi ke saath’ versus Abhira ke saath was done so so well and so brilliantly.
Ruhi confronts Armaan saying that he is living in a world that is full of misunderstood contexts and truths. Armaan obviously denies that since from his perspective he is living amongst his family whose flaws he is fully aware of.

But is it really so?

He is living under an illusion of love where he believes in fam kinship yet remains unaware of Charu’s deceit, of Rohit’s heart break and subsequent guilt. He remains unaware of Krish’s resolve or the fact that his fam is broken not just his parents but almost every members are fractured and all dynamics are splintered. so yes! he is living in galat femi ki dunia .

So is Armaan’s belief wrong? no.. there’s another galat femi ki dunia which exists parallelly with Poddar’s and that is Ruhi’s. Ruhi’s world has been created in the belief that she and Armaan are star-crossed lovers whose fates are intertwined. That they love each other and still do. Ruhi firmly believes that Armaan’s marriage to Abhira is just a dry ink on a paper with no residual emotions or feelings. It is this world Armaan is not living in. True! He may get nostalgic about missed chances, mourn the relationship that never took of but to him they are relics of past.. Memories! He is not Living in GALAT FEMI KI DUNIA! nor GALAT FEMI KE SAATH !!

GALAT FEMI KE SAATH NAHI ABHIRA KE SAATH !! What a lovely way to say that Armaan is not LIVING in the shadowy world of Ruhi! Ruhi’s whole universe seems to be revolving around “THEIR EVERLASTING LOVE”. Armaan’s every words & actions are construed to propel her delusions. His silences are taken as acquiescence’s. Innocent gestures are converted into romantic actions. Is Armaan Living GALAT FEMI KE SAATH aka Ruhi? Is he harboring the same delusions of Ruhi? Nope ! Armaan is well aware that it is a ship that has sailed. He is not living in the same dream world of Ruhi. Compulsions keep him quiet to her overtures but he has not bought in to her fantasies. Armaan may have weakened for a second sometimes back but he categorically rejected to live “GALAT FEMI KE SAATH”.

He is living with Abhira ke Saath.. Abhira the one who spills everything thus exposing her thoughts, feelings and emotions. Abhira who lets him know where he stands with her and what her expectations are regarding him. Abhira who speaks out, Abhira who shares, Abhira who gives clarity and meaning to her words and actions instead of leaving him in darkness. Even if she sometimes misdirects, Abhira does not leave him confused. Her transparency anchors him, Her words soothes him, her actions gives him a clear picture. In other words, in Abhira’s world and Abhira ke saath, Armaan knows his place which in turn gives him confidence and belief in their bond.

Where he is hesitant, almost meek and quick to apologize with Ruhi, he is confident, assertive and bares himself in front of Abhira. He does not shy away from being vulnerable in front of Abhira. Because Abhira is not an Illusion, Abhira is Reality !

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