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Ishq Mein Marjawan Episode 169 : The Calling Card

The diminutive Sherlock Holmes or is it Enola Holmes gets on her merry investigation, followed closely behind by her ever faithful hubby, Vansh who seems to have taken “Parchai ki tarah” rather too literally.

Riddhima as happens gets some half baked clues that dance seductively luring her into false garden path or who knows the truth. But Riddhima for a change seems quite reluctant to go this much walked path & opts instead to venture into unknown territory of “trusting Vansh” .. whatta adventurous girl??

Meanwhile jobless Kabir who seems to have no other ambition other than being the noxious lizard on the walls of VR Mansions is tailing Riddhima, subtly nudging her against Vansh. Riddhima at the moment is putting up a brave fight & putting Kabir in his place..

The familia are bristling in their resolute determination to stop, put hurdles in Riddhima’s way.. completely ignoring the fact that the more obstacles you bring up, the more stubborn she gets.

An almost frantic Vansh tries to uproot a huge tree in the mistaken notion that he is Baahubali but is quickly brought to earth by ever faithful Angre who reminds him that he is a hoomun & he bleeds. Angre takes Vansh away from the backyard before he gets inspired by Tanhaji & decides to climb the tree ..

Riddhima loses the “Game of Bandages”.. She routs around in the magical dispensary and worriedly dresses Vansh wound which he had incurred during his Baahubali outing. Not wishing to reveal the truth, Vansh lies to Riddhima & not wanting to be left behind, Riddhima lies to Vansh about her outing. It’s goal 1 all!

As luck would have it, Riddhima gets the clue to her past and on the other side Vansh decides to eliminate all the evidences that would lead to the black days.

** You got to admire Kabir for his ‘Never say Never” spirit. Rousted, ousted but still keeps coming back for more. This time he has gone straight for something that is highly emotive to Riddhima, her orphan’s status. Kabir very well knows that a united Riddhima & Vansh are lethal to his plans. So it becomes imperative for him to split them apart thus weakening them. It also gives him the satisfaction of settling the scores. And he has come up with a master plan that he is damn sure is failure proof.

Riddhima & Vansh, both of whom suddenly seem to have pawned off their brains to the nearest pawn broker look completely clueless as to who their hidden enemy is. Is it a ploy to lure Kabir (I don’t think so although I sincerely hope so).

Now it appears Kabir has succeeded in triggering Riddhima’s obsessive streak of tenaciously digging to the bottom of the rotten pile. Her need to know the reason for her abandonment will override all and every instinct at the moment. Vansh understands this & he also fears the consequences of her finding the truth about it. Like a desperate man, he is futilely trying to staunch the incoming flood with a small water stopper. But neither he nor Kabir can stop Riddhima.

The reaction of the Raisinghania is more “pained, sorrowful” than scared which makes me wonder whether Sia was in anyway involved in the accident or whether it was the day his father died. Vansh fears losing Riddhima but he has not shown or is showing any signs of “guilt” at what happened. It is more “remorse” than guilt of his actions. Which makes me veer towards the part that Sia is the root of this issue. 

But the most interesting part as far as I was concerned was the fact that despite Kabir pushing Riddhima towards finding the truth & nudging her against Vansh..It was actually Vansh who fills the void uniting the pendent into one whole. 

How will Riddhima react? 

Suppose she does lash out at Vansh & his family for the mishap, she will also cool down significantly later to understand the intentions behind it. Let’s not forget there’s an ever alert Kabir who is trying to build a common bridge citing the loss of the family as the binding factor between them. So does Riddhima get manipulated into going against Vansh!!

Possibilities are there..

But not in the way we think. Let’s not forget that Kabir himself has acknowledged Riddhima as a master manipulator. Lets also remember that Vansh has tagged Kabir as Asur and commanded Riddhima to destroy him. Also the sudden abiding passion for Mata Rani instead of Bappa seems to hint that we are entering a intense stage.

This is Riddhima’s journey.. a journey where she may stumble but will not fall. A journey that will see her crossing the river of fire to emerge as a force to reckon with. It is her time to play, a play that may cost Vansh few tears, deep despair but his love will sustain her to achieve her goal. The goal of beating Kabir at his own game. 

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