Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Full Circle !

Would it be proper to call it a full circle or would one call it fork? I do not yet know.

Having been away yet not completely away from the show, the odd bits & pieces of snippets & clips that I have been getting & watching suggests a surgical strike on the show. Though giving an appearance of similarity of continuity, there has been a tectonic shift in the proceedings while remaining the same.

The journey begins… yet again for Sai & Virat, two opposing but melded forces forged together by loss, pain, loneliness & love. The journey begins yet again, unironically Virat trapped inside the toxic circle of his family just like him closeted inside his vehicle, all doors seemingly shut and a man who is aware of the cage but so in it that he has no wish to step out of it . ( for he has no incentive or the will to break the shackles). The imprisoned man drives past, unmindful of the woman who is the bedrock of his existence. Here too, we once again find Sai, out in the wild, unfettered , free & independent , a spirit untamed – the key to his liberation walking by the wayside, both intent in their own thoughts , immersed in their own world.

But is it really so, In the case of Virat while he appears to be snared back into the same box , while it appears that he has his hands tied, it exactly is not so. He has the free will & choice to open the cage in which he voluntarily resides whereas despite being a free bird, Sai seems to trapped in the memories of past. Anger & a sense of betrayal holding her & not allowing her to move on.

Then comes the most interesting person of the lot, Pakhi, a woman who seemingly had lost everything now has everything falling into her lap. The fantasy she chased with immense dedication, almost to the point of fanaticism, a fantasy that almost destroyed her life, a dream that brought her down to her knees has been realized. She is now a full fledged bona fide wife of Virat Chavan, the scion of Chavan house. Not just that, She now seems to be Golden child of Chavan’s, loved, cherished by one and all, in a house that seems to be living its life in complete harmony, peace & happiness!

But is it really so? 

Here’s where Sonali utters the most pertinent line/dialogue of the day, “Nobody listens to anyone” ! & that hits the nail on the head of the true status of Chavan House. The members of the family have ceased listening to each other, to their own thoughts & are going through the accepted & expected norms while fully convinced this is what they want. There is no one to listen to what they are really saying or to comfort. Every person in that household is going through their life thinking they are doing what they really wanted without listening to what they want.. The one person who listened, who truly listened & who acted out on this information was Sai!

She listened to Devi & gave her life, she listened to Mohit & gave him spine, She heard Baba & ushered in happiness, she felt Ashwini’s loneliness & warded the fog that was blighting the sunshine in her life. Without anyone to listen, to understand , to comfort, the family has slipped back into old ways. While united, they are at their weakest . The threads of the joint family is fraying but no one is paying attention because there is no one to listen to the tearing sound.

Pakhi, the queen bee is playing miss congeniality, is her change a true change? Has the events of her past leave an indelible mark forcing her to turn a new leaf or is this because of absence of Sai? Mind you, Pakhi was sorted, collected, calm , caring person before the arrival of Sai. She remained a concerned, kind member for a period UNTIL Sai began to threaten her position, became a challenge, until Virat began to slowly began to fall in love with Ms.Gadchiroli.

The moment Pakhi sensed Virat slipping away from her grasp, the moment when she began to realize that Sai was making her own place in the family, Pakhi flipped! From a gentle, kind person she overnight became an insecure, manipulative harpy who became blind in her hate & obsessed in her ego.

Now the circle is beginning to complete again, fate is all set to throw Sai in her path once again. Will Pakhi cede gracefully or will her instinctive need for power, to be the numero uno, her insecurity reassert? This time it is not just her position & status in the family, this time it is not just Virat in the mix, this time it’s not about just about her haq, her dosti, her pyar but this time it is also about ‘her’ son. Will this be Pakhi’s making or breaking?

The dominoes are set to fall again as the circle completes!

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