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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 66 : The Cat & The Mouse

A spiteful Kabir is not ready to accept that he has been replaced in Riddhima’s heart. Nor is he ready to abandon his plan to usurp Vansh’s property. The solution: Terrify Riddhima to such an extent that she herself involuntarily erects an unconquerable border between her and Vansh ! So the plan proceeds to terrify and alternatively to bring back the love she had for Kabir!

** Riddhima has been nothing but a puppet to Kabir but HIS puppet. He held the strings, he made her dance to his tunes, so it galls his ego when Riddhima cuts the strings, severing dependence on him. To add salt to the injured ego is, Riddhima prefers Vansh over Kabir – The man for whom she was willing to cross all conventional limits & even die for. From Kabir’s point of view, Vansh has snatched everything that rightfully belonged to him (Kabir), his mother’s love, affection, time, and now Vansh dares to snatch his puppet too!! He shall NOT stand for it! The puppet is HIS and he will make it HIS by hook or crook!

Fear !! Fear is the only thing Kabir knows, He exploited the fear of loneliness, of being alone in the world of Riddhima to get close to her. He now opts for fear of exposure & fear of loss of secure love to get Riddhima back into his orbit. Kabir makes his move..

On the other side, Riddhima is slowly drawn to Vansh. The open care that he does not hesitate to show, the selfless concern for other’s and for her well being, the innate honesty he brings into the relationship impresses her, wins over her heart. With him she feels safe,With him she comes alive, with him she truly belongs. But she is conflicted! **

Kabir’s detestable ploy of stamping his name on her hand and thus establishing his dominance and right over Riddhima & her destiny brings out quite an unexpected revelations.

The moment Riddhima sees Kabir’s name imprinted on her hand, she panics and rushes out of the living room. She runs to her room . Riddhima makes vigorous attempts to erase the ink printed on her hands. She washes, scours, rubs and does everything possible to remove the imprint and she succeeds!

**Riddhima is conflicted, Yes !! But her dilemma is not about betraying Kabir or his love. Her dilemma is between delivering justice for Ragini & her own growing feelings for Vansh. Not for one moment do we see guilt at betraying Kabir. Not for a second is there a regret that she has not thought about Kabir. The memories of the moments she shared with Kabir does not bring a smile to her face as it did before now it is more of a grimace !

Where before she proudly owned the gifts and mementos given by Kabir, now she cannot even bear the name of Kabir on her hand for a second. Her first impression is to erase his name from her hand. She does!! ERASE Kabir’s name from her hand and from her life !

However, some ink’s are not so easily removable, the mark they leave will take time to be completely gone…So will it be with Kabir. **

Kabir up’s his ante. He recreates moments that he previously shared with Riddhima sending her into virtual panic.

** kabir is making a serious error here but then he does not know ‘RIDDHIMA’. He thinks of her as a pawn, manipulates her weakness into doing what he wants, he has never CONFRONTED her strength. If Kabir thought that engaging in ‘scare’ tactics will get Riddhima scurrying back to him, he is in for a surprise. 

A frightened being when pushed into a corner will fight for its survival using all and every tricks known to it. Kabir by his tricks is steadily nudging Riddhima to that point where she will not have any other option but of surrender or to fight back. Riddhima for all her softness has a core of steel within her and she will NOT Surrender. The pushback when it comes is going to stun Kabir. 

Vansh who is progressively getting deeply connected to Riddhima is observing her demeanor, the fluctuations in her behavior, the changes in her attitude. He is observing and his observations will come into play later ( & I hope not to the devastating conclusion as I expect)**

P.S: Is Aryan an active participant in kabir’s plan or another ignorant puppet?

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