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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin E747 : 2 Mothers !

This perhaps is an episode that hopefully has laid to rest the simmering dilemma of “who is the mother of Vinu”? or what makes one eligible to be called mother?

This question was posed not just in this show but has been posed in our ancient scriptures in the form of Yashodha vs Devaki. This is a question that has been hotly debated, ferociously argued and never fully addressed.

Something on similar lines has been taken up here, What is the role of Sai & Pakhi in Vinu’s life? Who is the mother of Vinu? What entitles them to be called so?

Until a few days ago, there was a thin thread building Pakhi as Yashodha which made sense since till that moment Pakhi had not known that the child she is raising, the upbringing of whom she undertook diligently was the same child that she nursed in her womb, the child that tore through her womb as she endured immeasurably pain and agony during the process of birth. Legally & ethically Pakhi has zilch rights over the kid as a surrogate or as an incubator. She did not contribute any of her DNA or any part of herself apart from a disposable sack. But that perspective changes once we understand that it was not Sai but Pakhi who was there for Vinu at the same time it was Sai who treated Vinu & gave him a new lease of life.

Does that make Sai Vinu’s mother? No, the relationship or bond that existed was that of a doctor & patient later developing and deepening into that of an fun aunt of the child who was her daughter’s friend and also related to her ex husband.

Things stood here with every one knowing other’s position in respective lives. Then storm hits! To their utter shock & joy Virat, Sai & Pakhi discover that the adopted child was none other than their own flesh & blood!. The situation turned on its head overnight.

The aunt who is the mother is not an aunt anymore nor is she the mother. The mother who was the mother is not a mother anymore nor is she an outsider! So we come back to Devaki vs Yashodha!

There has been a reluctant acceptance or at least an acknowledgement that Pakhi is Yashodha to Sai’s Devaki! However, today the writer crushed that assumption & made it clear that Not Sai but PAKHI is both Devaki & Yashodha!

“Tumne na toh usse Janam diya hai ; na usse paal poskar bada kiya hai”

By virtue of giving birth to Vinu (somewhat similar to where Devaki becomes vessel for Vishnu to be born), Pakhi becomes a vessel for Vinu’s arrival. She is hence a Devaki under this circumstances.

However she also raised Vinu as her own without recourse to a nanny or governess or even a maid. She took charge of his well being & prioritized his well being when Virat & rest of the family were hell bent on avoiding Sai at the cost of Vinu’s health. Pakhi has disciplined Vinu, shown her anger or disappointment at Vinu, lavished her attention on him, gave him values & principles and fought for him when it mattered.

She has been a Yashodha by that assessment !

Yeh what happened to Devaki & Yashodha?  The moment Lord Krishna was born, he was taken away from her for his safety. Devaki lost her child for years and when he did come back, he came as the destined King (not as her son). Yashodha struggled to let go off the shackles of her affection, bounding Krishna to herself. Krishna & others had to coax & cajole Yashodha to cut the strings that imprisoned him. Once cut free, Krishna walked away from Yashodha. Yashodha too lost her son !

Both the ladies lost the child they loved & that is going to be Pakhi’s fate, be it Devaki or Yashodha..she is going to lose her child – That’s her destiny!

Coming to Sai, Yes she is the mother, she has rights over Vinu as clearly spelled out by the father of the child, Virat. Nevertheless, her love at the moment is tinged with guilt, with a tar of selfishness. Right now, she is blinded by her own needs, her own yearnings. She is focused on what she lost than comprehending what Vinu will lose. Sai is intent on healing herself without realizing that process will injure her son. But a mother’s love is unconditional isn’t it? A mothers love is one where you prioritize your child than yourself.. The moment she does that SAI will become THE MOTHER of Vinu !


  1. What the hell is this crap, stop comparing an embryo stealer and criminal with divine ladies like Devaki and Yashoda. Devaki was forced to give up her child to save life of Lord Krishna, Yashoda truly loved Lord Krishna thinking him of her son and kept loving him even after she got to know the truth. Neither Devaki stole an embryo nor Yashoda kept eyeing on her devar and using a child to get her devar.

  2. Stop spreading false allegation on Sai by saying her love is conditional and an egg stealer is devaki n Yashoda both. If you don’t see whole story and just on basis in one episode don’t guve such crap review and don’t conpare a criminal to holy deities. Pakhi called Vinu bhoj when she carrying her in womb. She doesn’t care for him, she only want Virat, even after adopting Vinu, she only want Virat attention. Vinu was never close to her till Sai explained him as askes him to accept her as her mom. Pakhi is a criminal who stole embryo. Can’t be called mother and you are calling her Devaki Yashoda both. Sai is Devaki n Yashoda both not that criminal. Stop giving false n fake explanations.

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