Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Deal, Zimmedari Aur Pakhi !!

What an absolute beauty !! That was the first thought that came into my mind when I first watched the scene between Sai, Virat & Pakhi.

Zimmedari, deal marriage & Pakhi  – these three factors have long been intertwined in the lives of Sai & Virat. In fact, most often this has been the ruling factors. While Zimmedari has been the ruling lord in Virat’s horoscope, deal marriage & Pakhi lorded it over Sai.

Both Sai & Virat lived through this factors in an uneasy co-existence. But like a rope that has been stretched too taught, the threads began to fray leading to tumult, a rearrangement of their lives .. The deal marriage that was the living mantra of Sai, the issue that was fought hard by Virat who had sought to make their relationship ‘real’ has now been picked up by Virat. A man who was willing to live a life of ‘friend’ with his wife till death do them apart now is clearly thinking about the deal and the end of it, them. He has let go of his utopian dreams and is now accepting ‘reality’ whereas Sai who always was quite sure about the limited duration of their relationship, who was disinclined to be anything but a friend has had a change of heart.

She is now ready & willing to convert the deal in real however , Virat’s emotional distance, his decision to stay away and apart is chipping away at their “relationship”.

The second factor is Zimmedari. Though emotionally distant Virat has not shirked his sense of responsibilities. He has stuck to his words of being responsible in realizing Kamal Joshi’s dream of making his daughter into a doctor. His responsibilities ends with the last exam given by Sai.

The third and most important factor is, Pakhi. Pakhi has been that perennial shadow in the sun kissed kingdom of Sai-Virat’s, always casting a pall of insecurity, suspicion, mistrust in Sai’s mind through her actions and words. She has been the roadblock in their journey. Her jealous insinuation’s poisoning the trust between Sai & Virat, which has lead their relationship to the point of breakdown.

Today and in particular this scene began with addressing this veritable set of factors. Until now, it has been Virat who has been carrying the burden of the relationship on his shoulders but circumstances have lead to a point where he is no more willing to carry it nor is in a mindframe to believe that Sai is willing to share or be the partner in their relationship. He has emotionally checked out, made his peace and accepted the deal marriage and is prepared to end it.

Now it rests on Sai to begin the relationship anew, a relationship that has no taint of deal or reek of Pakhi’s jealousy. Today, they crossed a threshold only to be held up by Pakhi, their past, the ghost who never rests who spouted few ‘facts’ that would be a reality if the deal marriage persists but which stand redundant in front of a relationship based on love!

There’s Pakhi standing in the doorway, obstructing Sai & Virat, once again a hurdle in their journey as she recounts that Sai’s days ends in few days. What does Sai do? Instead of letting Pakhi play with her mind again.. She simply holds on to Virat’s hand.. His hand which he had let go previously, she tugs at him and together they swing their hands over Pakhi, crossing the shadows of past, putting her and their deal behind them and walking into new sunset as they await for a sunrise that will be all their own.

A sunrise that Sai will initiate, A relationship that will begin from the hearts and will be based on love & zimmedari from both sides

One scene, multiple birds slayed !

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