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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin E477 : The Pale Shadow !

An exquisite episode that to first appearance appears to be bland but as you sink in to it, you begin to not just like but also fall in love with its subtle layering’s.

Sai as is her won’t is out to fix things between broken people whilst ignoring her own broken relationship that’s in dire need of mending. Devi, Sai devoted right hand person sees a dressed up Sai, immediately twigs on to the fact that Sai is upto something. A whiny nagging later, Sai entrusts her ‘secret’ to Devi after Devi brings up how she is guarding Sai’s own heart matters assiduously. Here Devi brings up one pertinent question,”when will you confess your love to Viru, Sai”?.. Sai promises soon and moves to repair Shivani’s life.

The secret of Shivani does not remain a secret much longer when when Devi blurts out the truth on seeing a teary, dejected Shivani, all heard by Virat, who rightfully is put out by Sai once again meddling in other people’s life. Is this a suggestion that when things go south in Sai & Virat’s relationship.. Devi will have a part to play.. Hmmm, lets wait and see..

Now begins my most favorite part of the episode. Sai arriving at the cafe , to be greeted with flowers and banners. She meets Rajiv ! A man who jilted Shivani on the eve of her wedding. What an irony or a marked contrast that Rajiv in a way represents Sai! In a way, he is the Sai of the future.

Here is Sai telling off Rajiv for breaking Shivani’s heart, for breaking her without pausing or reflecting as how her own actions inevitably broke Virat. However, there’s a difference where Rajiv took years to learn, Sai realized the enormity of her actions quite early, she is attempting to remedy the situation but without actually understanding the depth of the wound. Perhaps, Rajiv will be the pointer that Sai needs.

Rajiv in a way seems to be elderly version of Sai, a person afraid of his feelings, prone to flight than confront their emotions head on. Someone who would rather procrastinate or delay acting or making a move on relationship front. Rajiv has already traversed the path that Sai was intent on treading, fortunately she has taken a breather. However, her confusion on way ahead remains, Rajiv is that presence that will guide her through the fog by offering pictures of his own journey. He has walked this path alone, stumbled, fallen, got hurt and has learned valuable lessons. Lessons that he is sharing with Sai, lessons that Sai is listening to, but will she heed them remains another issue.

The way this episode took the word, “Udhaas” N gave a positive spin!! Kudos!!. Any person who hears that he or she is the reason for ringing in despair and sadness in other person’s life would feel guilty or shocked or even devastated that they were the cause for the never ending pain. But Vankar had to be different, He uses ‘Udhaas’ as a word of hope that informs a man who is slightly optimistic but one who has resigned to his fate a ray of hope, hope that perhaps his absence does mean something to her yet, perhaps he still might hold a place in her heart and in her life.

Udhaas is what Virat is – how subtly has the tapestry been woven linking udhaas to a hope of love while at the same time making it aware that Virat has been largely udhaas too.


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