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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 53 : Dhoka !!

The beginning of today’s episode was a affirmation of things suspected by viewers. We hear through Kabir, that Riddhima was deliberately chosen by him to infiltrate into Vansh Raisinghania stronghold. We get to know his strategy, his motivation to do so above all his utter callousness and disregard of Riddhima’s emotions as he finely calibrated and manipulated every move to make Riddhima a willing puppet , a loyal and committed spy who if required would give up her life for him!

We also come to know that Riddhima was unaware of Kabir’s plan to shoot. Kabir via his radio mouth declares that Vansh was not the intended victim but he planned to Shoot Riddhima all along!! Because Kabir wanted Vansh to fully trust Riddhima!

On the other side, Vansh is baffled by Riddhima’s action. A Riddhima who is out cold to the world. He is wrecked but holding it well. Family Singhania’s arrive, each bringing in their baggage of suspicion, hope and worry. In the ensuing melee, we come to know that Ishani and Aryan did not join the family on thier road trip, each actually went on their own errand.

The Garden Glover is back in VR House and spying on unconscious Riddhima.

Vansh is full of questions. Riddhima unfortunately is not obliging him by waking up to answer his questions.

While the revelation of Kabir was on expected frequency and was no brainer. It did give an insight into Kabir’s mind. The meticulousness of his planning, his obsession to close his case with a victory, his willingness to go to any lengths to achieve this and his utter disregard of collateral damage in his pursuit of his goal is quite chilling.

Kabir has quite correctly understood the psyche of Riddhima, realized her hunger for a family and love. Accordingly, he plans to offer her that dream to achieve his goal..But little does he realize, there is a FAMILY already in Raisinghania ! Moreover, where some of the members are already treating Riddhima as part of family. Riddhima has got a family ! The promise of the carrot as dangled by Kabir, though strong now, is going to weaken when love and affection pours for Riddhima from Raisinghania’s.

Though she may get family love, the creation of OWN family and living within its embrace is something different altogether. This may drive and ought to drive Riddhima back to Kabir (if she is unaware of his true worth by now)

Kabir has proved himself to be a good psychological player. He exploited the weakness in Riddhima’s character for his own selfishness. Now he is using Riddhima to exploit Vansh’s weakness. Kabir believes that Riddhima taking the bullet ‘meant’ for Vansh will cause Vansh to lower his guard, give Kabir the break to nail Vansh !

Will it happen?

Vansh !! Vansh is in a rare state of vulnerability. He is baffled, he is astonished, he is angry and above all he is moved! . For years, He has bee the ‘WALL’ of Raisinghania house, as such, he expects and accepts threat and danger to his life as part of daily day activities. In fact, his family expects him to protect them and for years he has been doing just THAT !! Now comes a chit of a girl, a petite, 5 footie, slender girl, whom Vansh was slowly and steadily scaring to the point of absolute terror and what does the girl do !! She takes the bullet meant for HIM !! She becomes the SHIELD to the WALL !! How dare she? Why did she? Questions, questions are roiling in the mind of Vansh Raisinghania. 

For a man who has not received anything other than betrayal, danger or any softer emotions, Riddhima’s selfless act leaves him stumped. Here is a man who had not expected to receive any love or selfless acts from anyone, he has made peace with it and out of the blue, he becomes the recipient of a selfless act. 

While Vansh seems to be considerably softened towards Riddhima, as is expected for ‘Dhoka’ factor to kick in.. it would seem utterly stupid if the makers decide to show him having ‘short term amnesia’ and forgetting that Riddhima is actually a SPY !!

Expecting Vansh to continue the ‘terror charade’ is foolish but so would be Vansh going completely ‘Romeo’. Not for anything has Vansh been ‘Lord of Mumbai’ , I would expect vansh to play the changed game with his own counter moves but at the same time unknowingly getting emotionally dependent on Riddhima. So that when ‘Dhoka’ plays out, Riddhima feels the pain of Vansh’a heart break.

While ‘Dhoka’ is essential to RiAnsh to be together!! The ‘Dhoka’ does not mean that Riddhima HAS TO FOOL Vansh. Today, the makers went out of the way to establish that Riddhima was a gullible or a emotional fool. Kabir knows her well, her reactions and how to manipulate them. 

In future, Kabir may well use the self same psychological manipulations to generate the vibe of ‘Dhoka’. A manipulated scene was set today by Kabir to fool Vansh. For the moment, Vansh seems to have fallen into the trap. Perhaps, a scene will be set in future that will give the impression of  Riddhima betraying Vansh! A trap, an emotional Vansh might well fall into.. A trap that would break Riddhima and Vansh apart. A trap that would be the beginning of the end of Kabir.

For Kabir has made a crucial mistake!! Kabir has vastly underestimated Riddhima. He thinks of Riddhima as a emotional fool, a mere pawn to be used and disposed of! But Riddhima comes with a core belief of right and wrong. Once Riddhima understands the chess board, She will emerge as the queen, the game changer!!

P:S: Whether Vansh wills it or not, concedes it or not , Riddhima has begun to make a place in his room, in his life and in his heart. Riddhima for her part thinks she is in love with Kabir, is doing the spy job for Kabir nevertheless, unbeknownst to her, she is slowly turning into Mrs.Vansh Raisinghania. Be it the authoritative holding of his hand or seeking him out when she is in trouble or even doing such mundane tasks as managing Vansh’s accessories, she is slowly but surely assuming her wifely duties. The wheels of marriage has begun to turn, slow and sure !

P.P.S : What transpired when Riddhima went to the window? Did she see something and opted to stay back instead of jumping out to escape .. or is it merely a case of overactive imagination?

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