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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 128 : The Fly Trap !!

Somebody set the board, someone changed the board & the third one took over the board ..In a flash, the game went from somebody to the third one.. but emerging triumphant is another matter altogether..

An incensed Vansh literally throws a monumental tantrum by scattering the logs burning in the havan kund. The quick witted Kabir thinks super fast on his feet and plays the nobel peace winning Saint. Kabir with all humility (fake ofc) admits that all his kartoots was done out of the goodness of his heart.. He only did everything cuz he wanted to make everyone happy. He then slyly slips in the information that it was Riddhima who actually consented to the wedding n asked him to take care of business.

Riddhima stands there looking like a peaceful Monalisa portrait completely unconcerned by Kabir’s accusation. Kabir after coughing out his venom, plays his hand..tells Vansh that he will leave the house with the most priceless thing that he cherishes.. saying so he leaves with his mom Anupriya.

The mother & son duo are stopped by naram dil Dadi, who urgently requires M-Seal to harden her heart against such foolish kindness. Out of love for his Dadi, Vansh stops Kabir but not before promising him extra luxurious suit in hell.

Ishaani who seems overcome with joy cannot stop herself from blurting everything that has happened in the house during Vansh’s absence. Her ire seems particularly directed at the still quietly standing Mona lisa, Riddhima !

Riddhima seems to choose quite an inopportune moment to end her statue status and it backfires on her the way she least expected. Vansh uses her words against her and throws her out of the house to his outhouse!! A startled Riddhima begins to get slightly suspicious about Vansh & his intent. She vows to enter Sherlock Holmes mode soon & discover the motive of the doppelganger.

** The past two episodes have been a zinger in terms of pace & dialogues…

From the moment Vansh takes the onward stride towards the marriage pandal, Kabir goes into backfoot.. Not only does he scramble backwards. The onslaught has begun. The reversal has started, it began when Vansh thwarted Kabir from marrying Riddhima.

In a bid to recoup lost ground and to attain his goal, Kabir plays his mastercard. With fake humility, he seeks permission to take his mother along with him. Kabir is completely confident that Vansh will not allow Anupriya to leave. Here is his first miscalculation, Kabir thought that Anupriya is the queen whose exit would force Vansh’s hand. He supposed wrong, Anupriya was never a queen in Vansh’s life. If there was any queen, it was Uma followed by his Dadi and by Riddhima. Moreover Anupriya was under a cloud of suspicion over her various acts. Her exit would hardly make a dent in Vansh’s bubble. A costly miscalculation and a hint that Vansh is going to react quite unexpectedly & unpredictably further along easily scuttling Kabir’s moves. The puppet has become the puppet master shocking Kabir to the core.

But Vansh has also opened a front for Kabir to do his own investigating & find Vihaan. The only difference while Kabir may think he has hit a jackpot, he will never realize that his moves, his actions have been gently nudged by Vansh who has reasons to insinuate as Vihaan in his and Raisinghania’s life ( An assumption .. as of now).

Dadi’s simple act of stopping Kabir & Anupriya necessitates the removal of Riddhima. The removal of Riddhima is multi-tiered.

The first & simple reason is, Riddhima betrayed him, there’s no doubt about it. Not just betrayed him but continued to betray him until the last moment. A grievously injured Sia last gasping words were accusatory of Riddhima. She was the one who made the call to bring in Kabir. She was the one who was working with Kabir. She was the one who suggested that Kabir take over Vansh’s business. Most condemning of all, She was the one who “willingly” consented to marry Kabir within 40 days of Vansh’s death. As such she is a security threat to his family, to Sia. Her removal from the proximity of family members is imperative for the safety of his family. She not only played with him, but there’s a haze of accusation against her, her actions of collaborating with Kabir while at the same time she comes to him to double cross Kabir does not inspire confidence. At the moment she is in suspect list. 

But Vansh does not throw her out either, remember the flash back scene where Riddhima is telling about the ‘Bada dil” of Vansh & the quick, quizzical look Vansh gives her.. Somewhere there’s a missed link & Vansh has full intention of finding it before deciding the fate of Riddhima. So to the outhouse she goes until he figures out the truth or is handed the truth by a snooping Riddhima.

Yes, throughout the scene that played out yesterday, Vansh who is Vihaan to Riddhima has been throwing hints & contradictory signals left and right. Breadcrumbs for Riddhima to follow the trail. The trail of Vansh to Vihaan to Vansh. A trail that’s geared for Riddhima to show her aces, to expose the secrets that she is hiding and to find out whether she will turn to Kabir AGAIN for help. This simple move is a test to find out where Riddhima stands! It is also a move where Vansh has set the honey trap for Kabir, will he fall for it?

Yes, neutralizing Riddhima was of paramount importance after Dadi putting a halt to the departure of Kabir & Anupriya. Kabir knew and knows how Riddhima affected Vansh. The potential she has in playing him again. Vansh also knows that Kabir can manipulate Riddhima any time by playing on her fears, insecurities. He cannot afford to let Kabir have such a huge ace in his hand. So what does one do? Make it seem that Riddhima is ousted from his life, his heart. Make it seem that she has zero influence in his life and that he has zilch trust in her. Thus taking her out of play from Kabir’s side BUT at the same time making Riddhima a powerful ace from HIS (Vansh’s) side. Though Riddhima is unaware of it. 

Riddhima is not thrown out of VR Mansion. She has been moved to another location, a move made to attract the flies, to protect the queen & to watch the queen. Vansh has dropped hints enough for Riddhima to begin her enquiries, on the other side Kabir is highly suspicious of Vansh. Will the two turn to each other to bring down Vansh ( thus sealing their fate) or will Riddhima fight alongside Raisinghania’s against Kabir thus exonerating herself for her actions.

Vansh has spun a web with multi strands, each strand independent to withstand the pressure but still inherently linked to cause a dominoes effect on the victim. He waits & watches !!

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