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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Pratishta Aur Anushasan!

The board is set! The pawns are in place and the battle begins again.

Ever since Charu’s drama began, it turned into test! A test of wills ; A test of trust ; A test of fate! . As I envision, I see two simultaneous events taking place. One is the repetition of history with new pawns in same place as the earlier players. The second event is the trial of Armaan’s trust on Ruhi.

Abhira has been a square peg in a round hole of Poddar’s. While every one, be it Poddar’s or outside members who entered Poddar house via matrimony or other relationship have submitted to the will of Kaveri. Be it Madhav, Armaan or the new entrant Ruhi – the exception has been Abhira.

Abhira has refused to fit the norm, fiercely protective of her independence and zealously guarding her mind. She has had the temerity to call a spade, A spade. She has flouted each and every rule of Kaveri Poddar, not out of malice but out of her belief which ran opposite to Kaveri’s expectation. Kaveri fumed, berated even going to the extremes of humiliation to point out the error of Abhira’s ways, yet Kaveri did not make the dictatorial decision of throwing Abhira out nor of cutting her off from the family . Kaveri had recognized the kindred spirit in Abhira & so far had overlooked her transgressions while striving to mentor in overcoming her (Abhira’s) rough edges but until the moment she realized that both Abhira & Armaan made a mockery of marriage.

This was the straw that broke the already overloaded back of the camel. Kaveri is all about image, status and prestige. She is the kind of woman who loves to show off her shiny, sleek Porsche while covering up all the broken, rust innards in glossy paint. Abhira – Armaan’s marriage was that rusty part that needs to be discarded because it was a blot on the pristine image of Poddar’s.

Kaveri took a ruthless executive decision to clean the stain & erase the stigma that will blight the shining Poddar reputation. However, Kaveri is also a fair woman!

Surprising, isn’t it? Yes, she is.. Every decision she has made she has given a choice to her opponent. When Abhira came to her seeking help to unite Madhav -Vidya, Kaveri gave her a choice. When she announced her acceptance of Ruhi -Armaan alliance, she offered an opportunity for Armaan to take a stand. Both the times Abhira & Armaan chose & chose wrongly. They tracked the same route that had happened years before with Armaan’s father. Madhav & Armaan’s mother too chose wrongly & Ruhi came into Madhav’s life as Vidya.

Time has come full circle, the games have begun again. While the fate of Armaan’s mother remains unclear – whether she was broken or were the situation were so manipulated that she was backed into choosing ONE route &/or had given up, we are not aware as yet. What we do know is same fate befell, Abhira. Abhira was cornered into making a choice & in her impulsivity, in her desperation she threw away her own marriage to save that of Armaan’s parents. She chose but chose unwisely, as a result she has to walk out of her relationship. A relationship that she was quite flippant about but realized the price of it after losing it.

The next person who made or will make a wrong choice is of course, Poddar’s golden boy, Armaan. Armaan is at the place where Madhav is at. Under pressure from his Maasa, Madhav caved in to Kaveri Poddar’s ultimatum & agreed to marry Vidya. Armaan is Madhav’s son and he too will give in to Kaveri’s diktat. Armaan too will agree to marry Ruhi. Not because he loves Ruhi, Not because he wants to fulfill every wish of his family but because he is HURTING.

Armaan “the blindly obedient” Poddar who considers his Dadisa’s words as gospel agreed for the divorce but made every subtle attempt to delay or sabotage the process. Armaan assumed that Abhira does not or would not want the divorce either, in fact their kitchen tete a tete did not give him anything to think the contrary.

Abhira’s testimony completely blindsided him, leaving him shaking in fury at the betrayal. Her insistence & passionate defense of her testimony has instilled the notion that Abhira hates him & does not want a relationship with him. It’s this unclaimed rage & pain that is driving his decision to marry Ruhi. Armaan is set on following in his father’s footsteps. However, there’s a crucial scene wherein Armaan is emphatic in his decision in NOT following Madhav’s footsteps & it’s that determination that will see Armaan changing the course of history.

As I said, so far Armaan’s almost apathetic acceptance of his “fate” has been due to his belief that Abhira wanted out of their relationship. Once he gets to know that even Abhira was forced to make a choice, once he understands the sacrifice Abhira made. He will checkmate Kaveri Poddar!

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