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Ishq Mein Marjawan Episode 48 : Murder is a Game !

A girl who bravely entered a lion’s den, fueled by love discovers that she has not entered a lion’s den, rather she has fallen into a nest of vipers. The lion that she expected to hunt and trap is the only one protecting her from the venomous snakes, must be quite shocking for Riddhima !!

Things quickly and seamlessly fall apart for Riddhima, who was dreaming of doing a quick dig, find the evidence of Ragini’s death, call the police and handover Vansh to law. Instead, she finds herself becoming an accused in the murder of Sunny.

YES !! Sunny who was ‘helping’ Riddhima is DEAD ! but is he really dead or is it all a big game in the board of chess between Riddhima & Vansh? Rather than feeling outraged or murderous , Vansh is like a cat that got its cream and fish. The ‘death’ of Sunny has actually put Vansh in a good mood to the surprise and rising suspicion of Riddhima.

Is her suspicion unfounded? What is the actual game here? Is Sunny really dead?

While it was obvious that Sunny was a ‘plant’, the question was who planted him? was it Kabir or Vansh? While the chance of it being Kabir was rather minuscule, that Sunny being from Vansh’s camp seemed to hold a greater probability. So it seems after today’s episode. It also becomes clear that Aryan was manipulated in this game while giving him the feel of being in command. Who manipulated him? was it Vansh or the garden glover ?

The impression that Sunny might not be dead and/or might be Vansh’s man gains a little bit more traction when Vansh hurriedly and quickly pulls the phone out of his Chachaji’s hands. The call that was being dialed to local police station is terminated. Vansh confidently assures that Riddhima did not commit the crime. From where does this confidence spring from, unless he knows that actual truth and not the version of a truth.

But at the same time, vansh promises to his mother that he will find out SACH ! Punish the person who dared to wound his sister/family, which brings us back to Square 1 .. unless Vansh meant to find the hidden hand guiding Riddhima, the hand that is intent on breaking the raksha kavach of his family. The hand that is trying to hurt his family and its members. Then it makes sense for Vansh to say that ‘I will punish the person who is attempting to destroy my family’.

A video is sent to Aryan and Angre, showing Riddhima digging a ‘grave’. The murder weapon in her hand all but screaming that she murdered Sunny !! The ‘evidence’ is so clear and so strong against her . One probable chance of it being brought up to show Riddhima how a seemingly irrefutable evidence can be tampered with or manipulated to show a completely different truth when Vansh is likely to be arrested or going to look like a serial killer in a suit! (future scenario)

Another probability is, this can be used as a blackmail weapon against her ! (Highly unlikely) ..

For me, the crux of the episode was right towards the end when Riddhima and Vansh have their ‘conversation’ !

“Mrs.Raisinghania ko itni bhi Khaanon se khachcha ……………………..Aakhir Aise bhi Kya Dushmani Hai Humari” 

“Auron ke baat mein aankh band karke bharosa na karo.”

The first hint that might be suggesting that the tussle between Kabir & Vansh is not what it appears to be,it is not restricted merely to law andjustice, but has deeper reasons (of which probably even Vansh is unaware of at the moment).

Another hint that Riddhima ought to stop implicitly believing everything told to her and must use her own intelligence to distill the truth from the deceit that will be served to her..

Also an augury that she will REMAIN Mrs.Vansh Raisinghania and also will become an equal strength to Vansh as his partner.

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