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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 97 : The Rabbit in the Moon !

A clean, clinical breakup is what Riddhima gives as Karwachauth gift to Kabir. A kabir destitute at losing his pawn vows to get even!

Where Riddhima frees herself from the chains of duplicity, of manipulations ..Here Riddhima willingly allows herself to be bound  in the infinity circle binding her to Vansh!

It is quite an interesting position for the story to be in . Riddhima, the blindly in love Riddhima who believed everything that Kabir said, who unquestioningly did everything that Kabir asked is no more. She has ended her farce of a relationship with Kabir.

But on the other hand, Riddhima has dropped hints but has not outright claimed Vansh the way she staked her rights over Kabir. On Vansh’s part, though he thinks he has understood what Riddhima is hinting at, he has kept a Monalisa smile on his lips & has not deigned to drop any pearls on his relationship status. 

So we have our three principal characters all free from one another, but placed so that if need arises a strategic partnership can built to serve a purpose. There however, are minute variations If Riddhima wants to bring down Vansh, she will seek Kabir’s hand as a equal partner & not as a puppet that has ceded its control to its master.

Riddhima has moved on but the ghosts of the past are known to have long hands & deep memories. Her “moving on” does not actually take root until the past that she has so far hidden is brought to light. Her decision from that point on will decide whether she has moved on or will “move back” or “new beginning”.

The makers with one stroke has kept all options “Green” .

Riddhima who had so far studiously avoided any mementos of her marriage with Vansh, gently places a pic frame holding a pic of her and Vansh. Overcome with emotions, unasked for tears roll down her cheeks. Vansh who arrives at the moment is puzzled & humorously questions her about her tears. A brief banter later Vansh leaves the room deliberately ignoring Riddhima’s broad hints about her feelings.

**Quite an interesting scene for not what it said but for what it left unsaid. 

Living in VR Mansion, fibbing has become second nature to Riddhima. When Vansh asks her the reason for tears, an embarrassed Riddhima defensively blames the dust particles floating in from the windows. A smiling Vansh’s eyes quickly flicks towards the closed windows, the lie is noted but is not refuted. He continues to be the smiling solicitous husband who wants to take care of his hurting wife.

Nevertheless he cannot stop himself from offering a sage bit of advice. “Aankhein Saaf nahi hui toh chand kaise dekhogi! ” 

Quite a loaded statement this.. & an open ended too. Riddhima who judged Vansh simply on the say so of Kabir is still not sure of Vansh. She has faith in Vansh but it is not absolute. A person whose eyes are clouded to begin with, how will such a person see the clarity of the moon, for the dirt in the eyes of the beholder will stain the pristine white of the moon. Perhaps suggesting the way her damaged perception is going to create a storm in their lives.

On the other hand, it could be an indictment of her betrayal of their relationship. 

The restless eyes of Vansh has noted the new photo frame by their bedside. He has observed but has not said anything. 

The upheaval that is fast approaching Riddhima needs the clear headed perception of what is & not believe the display, her impulsive jump to conclusions will can prove to be a setback for with that one action she proves that her loyalty & her trust were weak at its best or superficial at its worst & Vansh is a man who demands total & absolute loyalty. He will not settle for half measures. But then as Riddhima said that she has “Hope” which is beyond anything & one of the most powerful talisman ever. A person who has HOPE on their side can never be defeated. They will rise again & again until they achieve their goal or in Riddhima’s case until she manages to win the heart of her soulmate.

Next comes the bangle scene & a quick peak into how Vansh operates. Vansh proves again & again that when it comes to strategies, planning & keeping his enemies in the dark, he is the master. One such small sample was given when Vansh entrapped Riddhima in his flirtatious banter while his fingers measured the size of her hands. Despite being bombarded by Riddhima’s suggestive hints, Vansh’s single minded ruthless focus was in attaining his goal which he does without Riddhima getting slightest inkling of his intentions.

That’s how his game will be, his moves will be.. He is going to play, cloud her perception, divert her attention from the actual master plan of his. Her CHOICE will determine how their life is going to be… Will she fall? Will she rise or Will she pass?

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