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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 93 : Visitation!

Riddhima is shocked to see Ragini alive & breathing. She is delighted that her belief in Vansh passed with distinction. However Vansh’s action of maintaining a stoic silence over Ragini issue & he spreading it about that she is dead sorely puzzles Riddhima. She resolves to dig further before handing over the chip to Kabir.

Meanwhile in his lair, Kabir is foaming. The excited guy is eagerly waiting for Riddhima’s arrival so that he can bring in Vansh’s downfall. Riddhima is playing party pooper which makes him all antsy. He spends few pleasurable moments thinking of how he is going to bring Riddhima to heel.

Vansh after making sure that Ragini is comfortable leaves the room, securing it after him. Riddhima who had been his unwitting passenger follows in his wake after seeing that the room is locked. Where the rest of the world travels in a car by sitting on the seat, Our unique heroine who loves to travel tucked in suitcases opts to reach VR Mansion through Car’s Dickki.

A series of hit & miss between her and Vansh. She finally reaches VR Mansion via Dickki. A short confrontation between Riddhima & Aryanchal leaves them deflated.

Riddhima prepares for the evening festival. A still miffed husband struggling with his kurta draws her attention. A brief tussle later, as usual Vansh yields to Riddhima’s superior strength & allows himself some pampering & eye locks to tide him over until the next moment!

** Looks like we are boiling down to Haq !

Past has come calling to Vansh who responds promptly to the summons, so much so that he even over rides his Dadi’s wishes. That this phase in Vansh’s life is of tremendous influence over his life is of no doubt, that he still is reeling under its aftermath is no surprise, that this phase will drive a wedge or attempt to drive a wedge between Riddhima & Vansh is certain. Ragini is not someone who will give up on Vansh so easily, she has seen Vansh at his most vulnerable & knows the keys to press to get Vansh running to her. 

Riddhima has sought her haq on Vansh today & he accepted her right over him but the test will come when past will try to lay its/her haq over him. Dadi’s fears of something untoward happening is slowly beginning to come true. 

Meanwhile what should have been the highlight of the episode does not even make an impact due to misfit casting. The fate of Riddhima is being decided by Kabir. In chilling tones he elaborates on what he is going to do with Riddhima. Throughout this monologue, Kabir calls up Anupriya & keeps her informed of his decision. What is interesting is Anupriya telling Kabir not to hurt himself in any way over Riddhima. That was quite an interesting glimpse of Kabir! 

The winds that were favoring Riddhima has begun to change. Riddhima who had been traveling in two boats simultaneously now will be forced to make a choice. Either of the choice will not come easy. One of the choice will give her momentary reprieve & another of the choice will see her battling for her life, for her happiness, for her future. The battle is not Riddhima’s alone, even Vansh has headed into the eye of storm without his armor. He has allowed himself to be defenseless. His battle is going to be insidious, intangible & in darkness. He will need the strength of Riddhima to ride it over. 

The shadows are gathering in strength. 


  1. Vansh opens the door & sees a floor that is disturbed . Hope Vansh is not dumbed down for story’s convenience & he starts connecting the dots.
  2. Riddhima has dropped her phone in the car. Again I hope it is part of the track & not continuity glitch.

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