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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 92 : Pandora’s Box !

“He’s more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.”
― Emily Brontë

Vansh finally seems to be running out of patience, he blows his top & stalks off from the room leaving a mystified Riddhima to put the pieces of puzzle together.

Aryan & his mother fall back on the tried & tested “Kidnap & secure the hostage” mode, the unexpected arrival of Vansh forces them to improvise thus leading Riddhima directly to Ragini.

** So far the track is going on expected lines, Riddhima who had come in search of Ragini finds her alive..

What has virtually set the bells tolling today is a single post made by the producer/ makers of this show.

mamta patnaik post

While the initial & optimistic assumption was that MYP was talking about Wuthering Heights in spirit , the latter assumption is what if it is not in spirit & is a sign of how the path is going to be and then the supposition what if it restricted to current track only.

So here I am exploring the various avenues :

When you take the show for comparison, it generally pairs well with “The Beauty & the Beast” & “Jane Eyre”.

Jane, an young orphan is hired by Mr.Rochester to take care of his charges. Her inquisitive nature leads her to many adventures, revelation of secrets and the final revelation of the existence of ‘wife’ of the landlord. A wife whose existence has been hidden from the world. A wife who perishes in the fire which burns down the building & maims the landlord for life.

Jane who had retreated heartbroken, comes back and thus begins a new life for the landlord & Jane.

If we see the framework of the show, it is quite similar to Jane Eyre than to Wuthering Heights.. So my initial assumption was what if it is a blend of both classics. We get the story of Jane Eyre with the intensity of Wuthering Heights.

After all, Riddhima theme song boldly asserts her “HAQ” & only her haq/right on his love thus suggesting that she shall not brook any interference between them. The love story that is there or will happen will be between Vansh & Riddhima ONLY !!

Her love which has begun will deepen into a passion that sees no depth or width. A love that will be immeasurable by man or gods. A deep, abiding love that can quench the thirst the desert that is Vansh’s heart. For Vansh is a broken man, a man carrying a secret, a man shouldered with the responsibility of taking care of a woman who is either terminally ill or has lost her senses.

Release to Vansh will come from Ragini’s death but the crippled man will need a crutch and that crutch would be Riddhima!

Assumption 2

Catherine & Heathcliff are star crossed lovers with ego’s too big to do any good. A headstrong Heathcliff feeling slighted by Catherine’s brother Hindley leaves the house. A misunderstanding causes wilful Catherine to marry Edgar, their next door neighbor. After few years, Heathcliff returns &  in revenge elopes with Isabelle, sister of Edgar. Enraged Edgar cuts off all contacts with wealthy Heathcliff. In a fit of pique, Catherine starves herself to death despite being pregnant at that time.

A weary Heathcliff continues to live haunted by the ghost of Catherine!

So let’s apply this to Riddhima & Vansh. At the outset, the frame work is wrong since neither Riddhima is rich nor has any family. But when you look at the soul then you begin to see several resembling markers.

For instance,Just like Catherine, Riddhima too is obsessed and can go to any lengths to get her way. She is as stubborn as Catherine. Catherine firmly believed that Heathcliff belonged to her & she to him. Despite being married to Edgar, despite getting heartbroken by Heathcliff’s desertion, her single minded devotion was all for Heathcliff. In this we are slowly beginning to see Riddhima, the girl who can give up her life for the man she loves …She has begun to love Vansh now!

Whatever Vansh is going to be later, however he turns out to be later. Riddhima is going to be helplessly in love with him. She will hate him for it but will never be able to stop herself from loving him. Her love of one single day is so intense and so strong that his love of 80 years cannot be equal to it- such will be her passion, her emotions and her loyalty.

Here we have Vansh, a man of strong emotions, equally passionate as Riddhima. A man capable of strong emotions, emotions that are tempestuous, fierce and scary. He is a deeply scarred man who hides his fears, his insecurity under the guise of arrogance. Having burnt his fingers once, he is a man afraid to love yet when he sees Riddhima, his heart responds !

Unable to help himself he is drawn to Riddhima. Her passion igniting his dormant emotions. He wants her, craves her but will not near her nor will he let others come closer to her. he is afraid of losing her,  He is afraid of losing himself..

What if that fear comes true?

Throughout this series, there has always been a hint of an impending tragedy!

We have had Vansh saying that this relationship will cease only when one of them dies.

We have Riddhima saying that she is ready to give up her life for love (although love at that point was someone else)

We have Riddhima vowing to be a shield protecting vansh from all dangers.

We have Kabir warning Riddhima that her love will get her killed one day.

We have numerous warnings from Ishani.

If this omens are truly meant as the augury of the future then the latter half of the quote makes perfect sense. Vansh will be a man haunted by her demise, a man whose sukoon has been snatched away from him. A man whom love ultimately destroys! A man who finally finds his sukoon in death.

Will the maker take us to this final plunge or tip her hat at the viewers & halt it at “Happily ever after” as has been the norm ?

Pandora was gifted a jar by Zeus with strict instructions to never ever open the box. Pandora faithfully tried to follow Zeus’s instruction but curiosity constantly ate at her mind. One day when her family was out, she opened the jar and out came disease, evil & death to plague the world. The terrified woman afraid of what she had allowed slowly peeked into the jar, there in the deepest nook was a tiny glowing light HOPE.. Hope had stayed back in the jar !! & With that Hope, I hope that we get a story that will turn out to be an unforgettable love story! A show that will get to be spoken for a long time.

Here is hoping that we have the strength, the courage, the passion & the compassion to witness this journey of Riddhima & Vansh!!


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