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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 91: Contrast !

Vansh is all set to go out & conquer the world of business. His wife, Riddhima hobbles into the living room with a file that was vital for the file. The concerned hubby quickly lifts her thus stopping her from exacerbating her injured leg.

While leaving for his mission, he remembers a vital task- that of safeguarding his wife’s health. he quickly pulls out the medical kit that seems to stashed in every room of the mansion and whips out a syringe, a process watched in increasing alarm by his petite wife perched demurely on a huge couch that is all set to swallow her whole. To the utter horror of Riddhima, Vansh comes towards her with the syringe. A petrified Riddhima tries to get out the painful experience but masterful Vansh prevails.

Vansh again takes leave of his wife. Riddhima who was waiting for just such an opportunity pulls out the memory card to finally view it in its entirety. To her utter shock, she discovers the gun holding hand belongs to that of her solicitous hubby. Her shocked nerves receives further jolt when she spies her husband standing still with a gun in his left hand.

The concerned hubby is replaced by a suspicious one who demands to know what she was doing with his laptop. A quick check shows the blank screen of laptop, suspicion allayed for the moment, Vansh switches back into concerned hubby as he helps Riddhima back to their room.

Aryan on the other hand is having a terrible day and in his fear & desperation he rushes to murder Riddhima. He is stopped in time by his mom who calms the hyper Aryan. She assures him of cooking up something to stop Vansh’s wrath from descending on his head.

Next day dawns with Vansh popping out from washroom. His stride halts when he sees a note propped up on book case. Temper which is never far from the surface erupts, he calls out for Riddhima who is so mesmerized by her wet look hubby, his angry face escapes her notice. Vansh who briefly was diverted by his wife’s beauty recalls himself , hands out the offending note & demands answers!!

In the interim, Kabir comes with begging bowl, Riddhima refuses to give any alms which infuriates him.

** : “There’s nothing more important than you” says Vansh leaving Riddhima speechless yesterday. I could not help but reflect on the striking contrasts offered by two men who entered Riddhima’s life. 

Here was a girl who was willing to walk on coals for love, a girl who did not crave wealth, riches or status. All she wanted was a home to call her own and a man whom she could count on but what did she get. A manipulative man who identified her weakness & exploited it ruthlessly. Riddhima was so blinded that she could not see the brazen manipulation and call Kabir out. Every time Riddhima tried to offer an alternative way, Kabir would use the excuse of love to push her onto the path of danger. His obsessive desire to get Vansh was paramount to him so much so, the well being of Riddhima was never in his radar

Contrast this with Vansh, a supposedly cruel killer. When his distressed wife is determined to complete a task that would save him (obviously he is ignorant of it). He chides her for her carelessness, tells her that nothing is more important than her. A girl who has become used to being used is momentarily thunderstruck by someone putting her ahead of everything, not just putting everything but making sure she is taken care. Her search to find someone who would care for her, who would be there for her ends in Vansh’s arms.

Such obvious care and concern is bound to have an impact especially when there is no follow up demand for reciprocity. When Riddhima finds that the said video incriminates Vansh. She does not jump into conclusion as she would have been prone to do earlier instead she believes that the the video does not show the entire truth.

A girl who would almost quake in fear when she used to get caught by Vansh now watches him in concern sans any fear when he walks in holding a gun. There’s a deep belief in the goodness of him, a belief stemming from Vansh’s action than his reputations. 

Where earlier she would have rushed out to hand the memory card to Kabir , she now deliberately lies to him. Where earlier she would have judged Vansh, a murderer, she now gives benefit of doubt. 

Once again we have Vansh standing firmly behind Riddhima. The loaded gun about to be fired from Riddhima’s shoulders. He is fine tuning her, gently nudging her to a position where she will see what he wants her to see. The conclusion will be hers but the moment will be his. The subverting of a willing Riddhima has begun in quiet earnest.

As Vansh very quietly & subtly pointed out, she is Vansh Raisinghania’s wife & Vansh Raisinghania’s wife must be PREPARED !

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