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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 90 : Foundation !

As Riddhima hovers in the landing like a kite buffeted by winds pondering on whether to fall or be a martyr. Vansh does a Usain Bolt & Flash combined, manages to reach Riddhima just as she finally reached the decision of falling. One hand encircling her slender waist, another hand holding on to the wobbling plate, Vansh manages to salvage both his girl and the family’s happiness.

using his uncanny skills of observation, the Sherlock Holmes quickly deduces something is fishy about the carpet. On lifting it, he finds evidence to support his observation. The carpet is hiding a bed of sharp, shiny nails. Controlling his anger, carefully placing the plate on the side table, he lifts his wife who seems more interested in the floral designs of the carpet than leaning on him & playing the part of distressed female.

The famed Sherlock Holmes has a Watson moment when he fails to spy the fallen locket and the accursed memory card which seems to be enjoying an all paid free vacation of Raisinghania House.. Vansh dumps, I mean gently lays down Riddhima who is deeply buried within that voluminous lehenga.

Unmindful of the oozing blood staining the bed cover, Riddhima attempts to get up and go after the elusive snitch. However, Vansh who sheds sweat & blood to earn enough money to buy bed covers will not have any of his decor destroyed again. he firmly but authoritatively tells off Riddhima, applies the bandage like a pro which he is by the way (having accumulated enough experience bandaging accident prone Riddhima’s various anatomies).

Then by way of entertainment, he goes and meets up with the 3 witches of Raisinghania’s. He quite clearly informs the ladies that days of witchery ends today and if by god, they dare to cross him or his words, their ration of toad legs, warts and other herbs will be withheld. Cowering under the direct threat, the three witches maintain a studied silence. After quelling them with a steely glance, Vansh departs.

In the bedroom, the energy bunny hops off the bed as soon as hubby crosses the thresh hold of the room. she resumes her retrieving activity sans any Labrador retriever. Her search is again interrupted when Aryan accosts her. With a few well chosen words & clearly proving that when it comes to verbal destruction she is a match for her hubby, Riddhima puts the fear of death into Aryan who promptly scuttles away with tail between his legs.

Riddhima’s Robin Dadi comes through with flying colors as she finds the kohinoor of Raisinghania house, the memory card. The sighting of the memory card is greeted with unparalleled joy by Riddhima. She hopes to find the evidence that will finally free from the prison of doubt.

** Trust is one rare commodity that’s precious than even love. Trust is that elusive ingredient that eludes the perfect recipe called ‘Happy Marriage’ in Riddhima & Vansh’s life. Both are raring to give their relationship a chance, willing to take that next step yet both are cloaked in uncertainty, the degree of their trust varies, while Vansh has begun to trust her a bit more than yesterday and a bit less than is required, Riddhima always circles back to Ragini  & what ifs? Neither are willing to trust each other with their secrets nor entrust them with their fears. 

Trust remains wafer thin at the moment. But commitment remains at an all time high. It is this commitment that will finally see them through the valley of fire.

As expected, Riddhima does falter but she is saved in nick of time by Vansh who manages his wife and the lamp that represent their life. But both forget the “hope” and leave it outside at the mercy of strangers. It is Dadi again who comes to the rescue and secures the lamp in Riddhima & Vansh’s room. The test is not over though, for the flame has to burn continuously for the next 9 days to keep the darkness at bay! 

The self contained Vansh today unbent a little and opened a chink in his past. A moment where his vulnerability peeked through and a moment when he finally acknowledged the white elephant in the room and opted to tackle it head on. Instead of side stepping or brushing everything under the carpet, today Vansh ruthlessly held a mirror over Riddhima’s hypocrisy. A charge she outright cannot deny yet her desperation to prove Vansh innocent stems not from the certainty that Vansh is guilty but from the unshakable belief that Vansh is INNOCENT! TO prove him innocent and exorcise him from the ghost of Ragini. He is haunted by the event is beyond any doubt, that the incidence of his past is playing a role in their married life is undeniable.  For the marriage to succeed, the truth has to be out, freeing the trapped couple from the grasping claws of past.

Which brings me to the moment in time when Aryan saunters into the living room where rest of the Raisinghania’s are gathered. Riddhima who has just entered VR Mansions as physio of Sia, stands accused. Aryan coolly tells the assembled audience that Riddhima was having a midnight tryst with HIM in the garden. The information rises the ire of Vansh Raisinghania, he can’t help himself from bitterly exclaiming that “He, Vansh thought that Riddhima was different” His anger is soothed only when Riddhima furiously slaps Aryan & denies Aryan’s insinuation.

Was that what happened in the case of Ragini? Was she two timing the brothers? Dadi called her “greedy”, Did the manipulative woman think that two rich boys are better than one and played them? Is that why Aryan was making moves against Riddhima thinking her to be another Ragini who will easily fall for him. 

Aryan is once again trying to crowd Riddhima, entering her private room when Vansh is not there or making conversations full of innuendo, is history going to repeat itself but with a twist ? Or does the matter lies elsewhere?

All said and done Ragini’s closure is vital for Riddhima!

We are finally moving towards the culmination of Riddhima’s journey… Vansh’s begins now.. A journey of trust & of love.. 

The foundation for a strong Riddhima & Vansh begins from here..


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