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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 89 : The Page Turns !

Sshh!! Hisab barabar hogaya, Vansh..Sorry Thank You ka mauke baar baar aayenge, Aakhir hum dono ek jaisi hi hain!!!

Often, it is the most harmless sounding word or words that triggers a war. With these simple sounding words, the gates of paradise closes and we enter the turbulent waters of Ishq Mein Marjawan .

But more on this later ……..

A new bride stands on a crossroad, irresolute on the direction to take. A decision is finally made, a decision that’s still shaky however. On the other side stands the bride groom, a man of infinite patience, a hunter of unequaled prowess, a player who plays with humans.

He is a man more at ease with the shadows, with twilight. A man comfortable in a colorless world, intuitive, observant & lethal.

She is a girl of the light, her world lit by colors, impulsive, emotional. An orphan with an inborn instinct for survival. A chameleon who adapts to all situations and comes out on top.

He is a man who lives by a code, she is a girl who breaks the code. Still circumstances engineered by the boy forced the girl into tying nuptials with him. The two ushered in their new life on a bedrock of suspicion. A wall dividing them & quite blinding them to each other as they remained prey to their own misgivings. However through the chinks in the wall, each began to spy the other, the hunter his quarry, the chameleon looking to blend into her surroundings.

The more they saw of each other, the more they realized the error of their conclusions. With the wall weakening gradually, they drew closer to one another, the nearness giving them a rare moment of clarity. However they still lived on the bedrock of suspicion.

Now we come to Episode 89:

Isn’t it odd that for a woman who has “betrayed” her husband & kids, walked out or disappeared on them, to be held in high regards by entire family including the aggrieved son. There’s a tone of affection when members speak about her, a note of respect for who she was and no demeaning of her actions, at all!!  Yes, I am speaking about Uma Raisinghania, the powerful ghost who impacts the lives of Raisinghania’s especially that of Vansh Raisinghania!

What happened to her? We will find out in due course, her journey and how it intersects Riansh’s journey….

Today the mantle of Uma Raisinghania fell on Riddhima. She became the linchpin who has begun to sew the family together again. It began with the return of the prodigal son to the altar of worship. The altar which he had last attended when his mother was there. He comes now, breaking the smug confidence of Anupriya, the woman who raised him, the woman who shaped him or so she thinks.

Vansh comes back to begin anew!

Faith can move mountains ! Riddhima’s faith in Vansh was rewarded handsomely when Vansh broke the fetters binding him to his bitter memories. The moment also showed the growing alienation of Anupriya and gradual reconciliation of Vansh & Riddhima. Thus making Vansh a dangerous player for Anupriya because now she can no longer be sure on his moves especially after the debacle of burning Uma Raisinghania’s portrait.

Nonetheless Aryan makes a pertinent point when he says that “The  wind blows in Riddhima’s direction at the moment” True !! The wind is favoring Riddhima at the moment, the direction of the wind will soon change. The lamp of new beginning is going to be hit by a hurricane. A hurricane that both Riddhima and Vansh will battle together but the safeguarding and nurturing the light falls on the shoulders of Riddhima.

It is not going to be a cakewalk. Her path will be strewn with traps, lies, half truths. Her newly found faith is going to be severely tested though she may have the support of Vansh, the walk will be her’s alone. Mistakes she is bound to make as the path is new to her, the wind that has been blowing favorable towards her must and should change otherwise how will her “faith” be tested, strengthened? otherwise how will Vansh begin his journey. A journey that will erode the bedrock of suspicion. A journey that will build their relationship on roots of love & faith.

Sshh!! Hisab barabar hogaya, Vansh..Sorry Thank You ka mauke baar baar aayenge, Aakhir hum dono ek jaisi hi hain!!!

An augury if you will, an indication of the mistakes that will be committed by both, a sign that their transgression will be forgiven. A pointer that they are going to be together through thick and thin. BUT, there is a but , Riddhima at the tail end adds a line, “ Aakhir hum dono ek jaisi hi hain!!! ” 

What does she mean by that?

Does it mean that beneath the layers of innocence, sweetness there lies a shrewd manipulator, a ruthless killer. Someone who plays the game equally if not better than Vansh. A deceit dressed up as truth playing a double game. Is this the face of Riddhima, one which she possesses.

Or is Vansh not what he seems to be ? (Refer the Suraj & Diya comparison of Kabir vs Vansh confrontation episode) , that his truth lies elsewhere.. the layers are going to peel now exposing the raw truth, sometimes unpalatable, all times fascinating!

With this one line, Riddhima shows that she is going to be an equal partner in Vansh’s life. A shadow that will not leave his side. A woman who is going to fully immerse in his life, drenching herself in all his colors so much so that they become one!

With this one line, a ticking bomb has been activated !

With this one line, the first chapter closes and a new page opens..

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