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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 88 : The Scales !

Riddhima’s attempt to clear Vansh’s name is thwarted by her Ishani who snatches Vansh’s laptop. A perturbed Riddhima attempts to stall Ishani from finding about the the chip and is successful with the inadvertent help of Dadi.

Heaving a sigh of relief and determined to prove Vansh innocent, Riddhima gets busy in rituals of the day. Her efforts comes undone thanks to the machination of Chachi. However, all is not lost as Dadi manages to retrieve the situation and at the same time justly punishing the culprit.

To further add salt to the injury of the two elder bahu’s, Dadi gifts the family heirloom to Riddhima causing severe heartburn to Riddhima. Chanchal vows to do anything to get rid of Riddhima & Anupriya is simply delighted by this Navaratri largesse.

The busy as a bee Dadi corrals Vansh for a heart to heart talk. Under the influence of Dadi’s marriage counselling, Vansh decides to bare his life to Riddhima & start a new life. On the other side, Riddhima launches into her favorite game of  ” Top to Bottom search” for clues, in this case the chip which has lost during the melee. her wandering steps takes her to her room where she espies a beautiful ethnic attire. Chip forgotten, Riddhima begins to admire the dress.

Vansh who loves to spend his time in washroom, steps out  formally informing her that it was his mother’s. He further adds that he was presenting it because of his Dadi. A gentle probe from Riddhima earns the rebuke of Vansh. Vansh begins to move and is stopped by Riddhima once again. A visibly irked Vansh is moved when Riddhima thanks him for the gift and tells him that she will cherish it as her own mom’s.

** An episode with quite a contradictory signs. On one hand we see Riddhima firmly getting entrenched as the daughter in law of Raisinghania’s  on the other hand we see signs of imminent departure or a fall from grace. 

The signs are ominous yet filled with promise. Riddhima’s impetuosity and her propensity to jump to conclusions, usually to wrong conclusions are going to land her into a big trouble. She will have to undergo her own share of tribulations but at the end of the day, the sour kheer will turn to sweet under the watchful eyes of Dadi.

A storm is coming her way, a storm of her own making  but she will cross it battered and bruised she will cross it!

** Coming to my favorite moments of the day.

The first moment belongs to Dadi and Vansh’s scene:

Nothing has escaped the wise and ancient eyes that has seen the ups and downs of life. She has noted the growing distance between Riddhima & Vansh.She gave them the time to work it out however when she realizes that both young lives are floundering in a sea of confusion, mired in the fog of distrust. The old warrior takes the matter into her own hands.

She sits down her favorite grandson, Vansh. A restless Vansh tries to wiggle his way out of her snare but is beaten by the old pro. Driven by his own compulsion to set things right, frustrated by mulish transience of Riddhima, a vulnerable Vansh finally owns up to his thoughts. He listens with keen ears as Dadi unravels to plan to stitch together the ripped seams of their marital life. The vulnerability and the raw honesty of Vansh as brought out by Rrahul Sudhir was quite moving!

The next moment belongs to Riddhima and Vansh:

As Riddhima admires the richly decorated Lehenga, out steps Vansh from the washroom, nose in the air he haughtily tells Riddhima that the attire belonged to his mother. When no further gems pops out of his mouth, Riddhima questions whether the lehenga was for her. In his driest voice, Vansh retorts he does not do role playing thus indirectly telling Riddhima that the Lehenga is for her.

Now bear in mind that Vansh is brimming with good intentions to kickstart his life with Riddhima, nonetheless the moment he sees her, all the old rancor does rear its head and his repartee’s are quite acidic. He simply cannot prevent the justified anger that springs the moment he sees her. 

As usual the jumping queen Riddhima jumps into another conclusion causing vexation in Vansh. Short of biting her head off, an annoyed Vansh quickly sets her right about her judgment. Instead of feeling angry or hurt, Riddhima is actually pleased by his comeback. While a highly irate Vansh seeks to move away from him. Riddhima holds his hand thus stopping him. A emphatic “Leave my hand” is shrugged off like a cotton drifting in the wind.

Then Riddhima takes the wind out of his sails by opening about her feelings about the gift. Vansh visibly softens as he hears her out. However, Riddhima wants another gift from him (greedy girl, no? :P). she requests him to join her in garba. Vansh leaves quietly without replying but Riddhima is smiling.

A moment of subdued emotions intensely felt. A man wants to leave after supposedly doing what his Dadi wanted him to but with all the new found authority of being his wife. Riddhima steps in front of him, cutting his march onwards. A lovely moment of right, acquiescence right there.

Another micro moment is when Riddhima seeks a favor. Instead of turning fully towards her, Vansh gently tilts his head towards her thus indicating that he is listening but yes, he is still pissed off but hey, I am still in the relationship!!  A quiet communication spoken quite loudly! 


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