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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 85 : Harbinger of Hope!

Riddhima is absorbed in what is unarguably one of the toughest and most difficult job in the world, ‘The job of choosing WHAT TO WEAR’. Enter Dadi acting as an emissary of Mayura and what follows is one of the most  fakest bff conversation ever !! After we are done and dusted with the conversation.

The whole parivar enters the hall where pooja is about to commence. before that we get Angre N Ishani bravely venturing into the world of dark, angsty romance. Being noobs, they ofcourse make a hash of it, but hey!! full marks for the confidence and the attempt.

cue to hall where Navaratri activities begin. Riddhima as the new daughter in law begins the ritual. On Dadi’s order, Vansh  puts on the bangles onto Riddhima’s hands all the while gifting her with glowers. Pooja ends and everybody heaves a sigh of relief for surviving another vansh-o-calypse day ..Oooops!! they got relieved too early!!

The family get mass SMS , Vansh informing them that is ‘Raisinghania’s Assemble’ time. The family converge. All on tenterhooks wondering whose day is going to be the last. To the shock of many, Vansh wrath explodes on Anupriya!

The seasoned player that she is Anupriya deftly turns the bubbling lava onto Riddhima’s path. Riddhima who was least prepared for Anupriya’s fighting skills stands exposed but her survival instinct kicks in and she does fight back valiantly.. however she is at back foot..for the moment..

** I seriously have no idea from where to begin, there are so many threads in this episode that doing justice to each thread will become well nigh impossible in quite a few words.

The story begins not now but in the past.. the past that has shut its windows, locked the doors consigning the inhabitants of it to dwell everyday enveloped in the darkness of the past. For new life to begin, the darkness has to go, the skeletons have to be unearthed and given the proper burial that it deserves . For it to happen, you need to unearth the skeletons first !! The process of  digging is not easy, it will be tedious, dirty and painful and PATIENCE is a MUST!

Time that tireless worker has yet again given a chance to Riddhima, to change the fate..her fate, his fate, their fate !! Will she grab it?

The tide has begun to change, though not obvious at first sight… Until today, Until this moment.. the Raisinghania household was strictly under the dominance of Anupriya. She called the shots. Under her watch, the skeletons were thoroughly buried, never to be mentioned but always hovering like ghosts. Today, under the benevolent eyes of Mata rani, Dadi passed the baton from Anupriya to Riddhima. The moment Dadi stopped Anupriya & told Riddhima to put the Mata ki Chunri  around Durga ma.. The fates of VR Mansion changed !!

Now will begin the process of dumping the unwanted baggages, of ushering in a closure but slooowly!!

The process was initiated today, Vansh doing the shubh kaam. He found out the actual perpetrator who burnt his mother’s portrait. The fact that Anupriya has successfully deviated his attention might be glaringly obvious. But what would not be obvious at first sight is the fact, the he was willing to suspect and even investigate his ‘MOM’ over the issue.

The same MOM for whom he fought with Riddhima & rebuked her for even taking her name during the poison episode. The unshakable trust and faith that he had on her has weakened considerable, she is no more the untouchable!

Through the accusation, he has also found out that Anupriya had a son. A weapon has been lost to Anupriya, though she does not realize it at the moment. She however has clued in Riddhima who is listening attentively.

Her fate was sealed the moment she took the trident to punish herself. The irony simply seemed to escape her. The trident of Durga is the weapon that kills the evil plaguing the world in the form of a demon. By pretending to punish herself, she herself brings on the wrath of the demon fighter.

Riddhima & Vansh, Gosh !! These two..One is furiously angry and another one is fearfully terrified and neither one seem capable of staying away from one another. If he is away from the pooja area, She calls him with all the authority of a wife. He despite his obvious anger fulfills his Dadi’s wish and in the process accidentally wounding Riddhima’s hand.

Does he walk away indifferently? No, he immediately takes out his kerchief, wipes the blood .. even though he wants to hurt her, he can’t see her hurt.. instinct kicks in and he becomes her savior too. The pangs of love is too painful!

The words of betrayal he hurled looking at Riddhima and then later claimed that it was for Anupriya was not meant for Anupriya only. He meant every word to Riddhima as well. (Kudos to the makers for subtly clearing the air on the reason for changed behavior in Vansh wrt to Riddhima)

The most notable change in Vansh is when Riddhima pleads with him to believe her. There’s a visible hesitation on his part, the Vansh Raisinghania of yore would have thrown out Riddhima by the scruff of her neck within a nanosecond of coming to know she blackmailed Anupriya/accuses Anupriya of lying..But the Vansh of today is quiet, unwilling to take action because somewhere he knows !

Riddhima, the girl who now holds the future of Raisinghania’s in her hands..  the girl destined to bring happiness in VR Mansions, more particularly in Vansh’s life. Dadi during the engagement of Ishani to Sunny had said that Riddhima is the glue that will keep the family together..Truer words, sure but for that process to begin..She has to become the wife of Vansh Raisinghania!!

As Aryan rightly pointed out, a wife should be someone who knows her husband well, his pain, past, his happiness etc. Riddhima will begin her sojourn by going backwards, digging into the past, breaking the fetters of Vansh typing him to the painful yesterdays. At the same time, her actions will lead to the crucification of Anupriya. Her actions will lead Vansh to his mother. Her actions will give him the closure that he craves. Her actions will finally make her HIS wife..  but only after a pain riddled journey!!

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