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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 83 : Stage Setter !

The family stands like statues in Madame Tussad’s wax museum, fear muting their reaction as they watch the tense stand off between Vansh & Kabir. After a bit of chat, Vansh pulls out the trigger so that he can make another statue for his garden. But Riddhima will not have it. She does not want any new statues marring the look of her garden, fuelled by this scary thought, she sprints towards the boys & plonks right in the midst of them thus spoiling the shooting practice of Vansh & bravely saving her garden.

Vansh being a wise man knows when to retreat. He quietly lowers the gun but hits his target by getting Kabir suspended from his job.

Not content with the good deed of the day, he further ‘delights’ his family by announcing the imminent arrival of Sejal as their important dinner guest. The family retire to their rooms to shiver in fear in the privacy of their rooms.

Meanwhile the overly hyper squirrel, I mean Riddhima finds that she is still feeling quite energetic and decides to take on her hubby in a game, a basketball game to be precise just in case your minds leaped to other things *winks*

Riddhima’s thrusts are met with counter thrusts of Vansh which leaves Riddhima gasping *Again no dirty thoughts, pleeez*

** Finally gloves are off. Kabir is no more constrained by the rules of his office. Vansh is not constrained by the thought of a police officer killed in active duty. The game gets down and dirty with all known decency thrown to the winds.

Why is Kabir so interested in Ragini and only Ragini? He is not even bothered about Neha or Mishra who has recently disappeared but is quite intent on Ragini. What is his connection to her? More than Vansh’s relationship with Ragini, I am more curious about Kabir’s relationship with Ragini.

Riddhima who had previously put herself in front of a speeding bullet to save Vansh now again rushes forward and puts herself in the line of fire. What spurred her to this action? Was it borne genuinely out of concern for Vansh as she claims or is there some other motive at work here? 

Where does that place Vansh? An enigmatic man who seems to have a bucketful of hidden secrets ? What secrets does he know and how much of it ? From where did he get this information? What will be his next step? 

“I’ll bring TABAHI ” swore Kabir ; ” I know how to take care of myself” said Aryan ; “Only an insider can betray the Raisinghania’s” thundered Vansh ! Who will be that Brutus? 

The masks that were worn are going to slowly tear away revealing the truth or another mask . The search for truth, the ugly, unvarnished truth has begun. Relationships that began on a note of lies, deception will dissipate but after taking its share of the toll. Journeys are going to begin devoid of deception, a journey fraught with dangers, with malice, with hate, with darkness has begun. A journey that hurtles through the pits of hell, denuding you of pretense, of delusions. A journey that tests you, breaks you and even kills you. A journey which can be concluded successfully only when your will is strong, your faith is deep and your belief is implicit. A journey which demands ABSOLUTE TRUST as its ticket!

Overall an episode of loaded dice, a cornucopia of questions that will yield you the answers that you least expect, turns that shocks you. 

An episode that sounds the bugle of war..

All bets are off !! **

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