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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 82 : Trigger

This would easily be one of the best episode of the series so far. Kudos to the direction and the actors particularly to Rrahul Sudhir because everything depended on him today, had he faltered the whole episode would have turned into a damp squib. It says for his calibre that he lead the episode from the front with elan & delivered what was needed.

Coming to the episode, Vansh discovers that there has been lots of unexplained incidents happening in the house lately and that he was ‘unaware’ of it. He also lets loose the bomb that Sejal is safe with him which relieves & terrifies Riddhima. Anupriya is no less worried as are the lovely mother son duo Aryan & Chanchal.

Further Vansh orders house arrest for everyone including the ‘in disguise’ Kabir. No one shall dare to leave the VR Manor until he rescinds his decree. The family leaves for their respective rooms, deeply worried on what exactly does Vansh know!

Riddhima is waylaid by Kabir who tries futilely to pin the blame of Sejal’s kidnapping on Vansh. Unsurprisingly Riddhima again defends Vansh staunchly. Kabir changes tack & aims for Riddhima’s fears. He hits bulls eye when he awakens Riddhima’s fears about getting discovered by Vansh. She reluctantly agrees to pass any info that Vansh might deign to shell out.

Meanwhile family members chew fear along with food as they continue to speculate about Vansh’s moves. Their fear numbed mind gets even more terrified when each get a individually designed invite informing them that ‘Secret will be exposed at 4 PM.

Meanwhile in their bedroom, a nervous Riddhima initiates conversation by blabbering the first thing that comes to mind only to be royally ignored by Vansh who immerses himself in his laptop. A weak attempt of Riddhima to extract information from him is masterfully stalled by the champ.

Once Vansh leaves the room, Riddhima quickly calls up Kabir, informs that Vansh has not said anything and urging him to flee VR Manor. Her heart stops dead for a second when Vansh’s booming voice echoes from behind calling her. A suspicious Vansh wants to know about Riddhima’s call and as usual she fibs her way out. A silent Vansh takes his phone from the table and leaves. His entry to hall preventing Kabir from escaping.

The 4 baje expose ends with Vansh catching Kabir hidden inside a coffee table.!

** In yesterday’s episode (E 81), quite towards the end of the episode, we briefly get to see the portrait of the Lord about to be worshiped. It was quite an interesting picture and gave rise to a lively discussion among fellow fans & friends. In reply to a friend, I had mentioned that Vishnu was not only a protector but also chief instigator and manipulator who would trigger Lakshmi for the slaying of monsters.

This episode showcased that aspect so brilliantly. Fear is the key !! Induce the fear & the cowardly rat will desert the hidey hole in fear. However, using the right element to induce fear is most important. Were you to throw a ant at the rat, it would merely shrug it off and go about its daily business but if you were to bring in a cat, the ball game changes altogether!

In my previous posts, I had written that even thought Kabir thinks he is playing a smart game by sending Riddhima as a spy, it will be Vansh who will maximize her potential. Today we saw how effectively Vansh used her as a Trojan.

Vansh knows !! Vansh knows not only about Riddhima but also about Anupriya. He also recognizes Kabir the moment he sees him & goes “TUM” & with complete change of voice makes it “Yeh Koun Hai?”. If he wanted to, Vansh could have exposed Kabir then and there but Vansh believes in long con nor is he interested in swift hunt. He believes in Justice and punishment in equal measures. Not for him the easy way of relieving the guilty from the fires of guilt. Vansh believes in trapping them in their own snare that which they had originally built to trap him and extricate their life, peace and happiness drop by drop! 

So the game begins……

When Riddhima is about to blurt out that Anupriya might have been behind the kidnapping of Sejal, Vansh quickly stops her and drops the bomb that Sejal is with him! A news that sets the cat among the pigeons. While each are pondering what this might mean to their continued existence. Vansh makes his move.

How do you trigger your enemy into making a mistake? 

By using his/her own trusted pawn against him without the pawn realizing the intention of his move ofc! Vansh has identified Kabir in the house, he has also supposedly got Sejal in his custody. 

A crook like Kabir’s first move would be to secure Sejal back in his custody, for not a long time has elapsed since he sent Sejal with Mishra. So chances of Sejal revealing everything is less. To get back Sejal, he needs a lead on her location.Who can get that information? Riddhima ..

Vansh is making some secretive moves, what is his motive? what does he hope to achieve? who can find out? Riddhima!

So, Riddhima is uniquely placed in a position of divulging information to Kabir and Kabir would blindly believe what she says. So when Riddhima tries to find the whereabouts of Sejal goaded by Kabir, Vansh who understands the game much better than Riddhima checkmates her without revealing Sejal’s location thus safeguarding Sejal from further harm. 

Instead the Pawn sent by Kabir is effectively used against him by Vansh, first by using silence as a weapon against Riddhima. A nervous Riddhima goes into a ‘talking loop’ gushing out information about herself, fruitless they might be now but which can be used later. Vansh triggers Riddhima into thinking something is afoot! 

A terrified Riddhima calls up Kabir to warn him. Her call gets DISCONNECTED right after she tells him to run. Whatsmore, she is prevented from calling back with the ‘timely’ arrival of Vansh. A Vansh who has his phone on the table (was it recording everything that Riddhima was speaking?). Now Kabir who was not ready to listen to his mother implicitly trusts Riddhima’s information. He decides to flee & Vansh has found his PAWN!!

Vansh, the master mind has initiated the sequence for the utter annihilation of Anu Priya & Kabir. Riddhima is that weapon, primed for the purpose. 

The duel of death has begun. Secrets long buried are going to resurrect. Justice shall by rendered by Vansh & Riddhima. **

P:S: It does not matter whether Kabir getting captured is for real or a figment of Anupriya’s or Riddhima’s imagination. What is of significance is, Vansh has found the Trojan horse to bring down his enemies.

For those interested in knowing the ‘lively discussion’ .. read the thread, please

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