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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 77 : The Hall of Mirrors !

Cheers to a new beginning with the Damocles sword of past hanging over concerned parties. Cheers to the girl in love. Cheers to a man who believes in giving chances. Cheers to the murderous family which stands rock solid together when intruder tries to attack. Cheers to Dadi for the maturity and timely advice to “Ragini & now box” obsessed Riddhima & for “Spy” obsessed Vansh.

It would have been ‘Cheers’ all around if not for the ticking bomb dispassionately ticking towards the countdown.

Yesterday in my post ‘En Garde‘, I had mentioned that Riddhima’s journey’s has reached midway point and this is the moment for Vansh to step in, that his journey should commence now. How? was the question that was plaguing me in the back of my mind. Structurally commencement of Vansh’s journey SHOULD begin here but pragmatically speaking, with the absence of the actor, pray how would one initiate the process of journey? . Kudos to the writers for the unconventional yet emotionally enriching writing !!

A short exchange or should one say one sided volleys of Vansh who somehow manages to penetrate the foggy haze of Riddhima’s absorption & makes her realize that he is saying something of importance to him. A momentous moment too when Vansh extends olive branch by saying not EVERYONE are your enemies. As Usual, Riddhima’s brain has fixated on one agenda & all she hears is “Anupriya”.

Having said his piece, Vansh departs from the room. Riddhima does not waste any time. She quickly transfers the box to Dadi’s room, where she is subjected yet again to another lecture, this time it is Dadi. The reaction though is different , Riddhima is momentarily startled out of her foggy daze  for few precious seconds as she mulls over the facts thrown by Dadi but as usual her mulish stubbornness reasserts and she reverts back to form with her focus firmly fixed on Anupriya.

** The interesting bit about this scene was not Vansh telling her to let go of the past, forget the bitterness or even Riddhima’s furious attempt to hide the box. Rather it was her reaction when Dadi tells her that she is in love with VANSH !! Instead of violently & agitatedly refuting this charge (in her mind) she actually pauses and thinks it over. Not a momentary pang of guilt or shock of forgetting Kabir or their love crosses in her mind. She has moved on, far ahead on from those days. But her goal of achieving justice for Ragini burns bright.**

Morning sees her waking fresh and bright eyed, a quick check to the side & Riddhima realizes that Vansh has not come home. The entry of Aryan with a gift bag brings forth the information that Vansh is out of station and will be out of station for considerable time.

After Aryan exits, Riddhima reads the letter which is purportedly sent by Vansh. The letter apologizes for being rude and for leaving without informing her. Vansh through the letter also suggests that they start their relationship on the new footing of friendship. He intimates that the ‘gift’ is a peace offering from his side and a token for a new beginning.

Riddhima is overwhelmed by this gesture. It makes her happy that Vansh has begun to trust her.

** I have to confess I am a bit on the fence about the phone thing. Though the overall result will be the same, the variation will be quite different.

Assuming that it was really sent by Vansh, the dynamics between Riddhima & Vansh will further intensify. Riddhima who is already half in love will plunge headlong into the deeper depths without a worry. Vansh on his part will thaw a bit.

However, if it is a elaborate trap of Aryan to trap Riddhima, there can be two outcome:

1: This will begin the closure of the loop where Aryan vows to throw out Riddhima from the house. Aryan who has rigged the phone will eavesdrop on all the calls that Riddhima will make, hitting goldmine when he discovers ‘Kabir’.

Unlike Sunny incident, Aryan this time will have strong proof of Riddhima’s betrayal, ergo  unleashed Vansh!

This also ties in with Vansh’s earlier comment,” How can you as Mrs.Vansh Raisinghania trust whatever everyone says?” & Aryan’s ” Apne muh balle giregi” 

2. Aryan is the one pretending to be Vansh, sending messages instead of calls or using voice changer. This would be a trick of Aryan to get Vansh to think that Riddhima was having an affair behind his back. The bathing scene & bath robe scene dovetails neatly if this is the plan. When time comes Aryan will show the messages of Riddhima as proof, messages or calls that an innocent Riddhima made to ‘Vansh’ ..

a.)  The possessive jealousy in Vansh rears its ugly head. He loses his senses and goes on a destructive spree with Riddhima bearing the brunt of it. 

b.) Vansh thrashes Aryan for even suggesting such a thing. He stands strongly by Riddhima earning undying gratitude of Riddhima, increasing her ‘junoon’  and deepening her love for him.

c. ) Vansh uses this opportunity to set in motion his own counter move, Riddhima being the collateral damage but Vansh ending up as her shield thus protecting her from maximum damage.

d.) All my speculations are coming from an over rich imaginations and things will unravel in such a way that I had not thought of.

e.) Kabir realizes this was Aryan’s trick. Both he and Anupriya use this to bring about the end of Riddhima by using Aryan before they can get exposed!

This episode is like a hall of mirrors. The mirror shows everything crystal clear but change the angle and the things you see, you understand changes dramatically!!

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