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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 75-76 : En Garde !

Before Riddhima could even heave a sigh of relief at the close escape of Vansh from fatal death, Vansh sends her to almost death by toppling over like a fallen tree. A panic stricken Dadi brings Dadi, Mom & Doctor and Ishani (A kind of blooper considering that it is VANSH who is fallen, the whole family ought to have been there scared & terrified for their own future..Strange)

A face off between Riddhima & Anupriya in the still of night awakens the sleeping fighter in Riddhima. She fights for the life of Vansh and wins it. A new dawn breaks over the horizon.

Morning comes along with a Riddhima’s sharing her inputs about the alleged ‘food poisoning’ which sends Vansh on a warpath against her. Riddhima wisely stays quiet. The one sided tiff is made up by the original perp Vansh.

On the other side, Riddhima & Anupriya have discovered a new found love for ‘Hide & Seek’. Anupriya hides the box, Riddhima finds it. Now it is Anupriya’s turn to find the box!!

** The journey of Riddhima which commenced with blind trust, intense infatuation has reached a mid way point. From a girl who irrationally trusted everything her ‘lover’ said to a girl who has begun to evaluate the merits & demerits of a situation or a person, Riddhima has indeed come a long way.

But what about her emotions particularly the almost fanatical ‘love’ she had for Kabir? Like all emotions founded on shallow foundation of falsehood,manipulation of a need, hollow promises, it too is burning out.

“Whenever I have been in trouble or in danger, it IS Vansh’s hand that offered help/support” – an illuminating remark on the current status report of Riddhima. The girl is slowly, steadily & surely is falling more/already in love with Vansh.

Her feelings never lukewarm at any given moment has begun to turn intense for Vansh. From being unmoved about his injury. She now walks on shards of glass pieces to plead for his life,  willingly offers prayers to Bappa by lighting the Aarti fire on her hand! Riddhima is not ready to lose Vansh from her life at any cost …

In one of my earlier writing, I had said that right now Anupriya and Kabir are the puppet masters, expertly manipulating Riddhima & Vansh but a day will come when tables will turn. That moment has begun. It began the moment Riddhima started her walk towards Bappa clad in BLACK ! It began the moment Riddhima stopped Anupriya & calmly assured her of dire consequences if she were even to look at Vansh in a wrong way. It was reaffirmed by this pic wherein she stands between Anupriya & Vansh as his shield.

Riddhima Vansh Anupriya

No more can Anupriya manipulate Vansh as easily as before. No more can she cause any problems to Vansh. Riddhima is on guard. This brings us to Vansh!

What’s Vansh’s role in all this? Why is Vansh taking a backseat? Where are his famed intelligence, wit & ruthlessness?

This primarily is Riddhima’s journey, her journey from that of indifference to intensely fanatical love for Vansh. The emphasis is and will be on her, her thoughts, her emotions. However, she has reached a midway point which means Vansh has to enter now for his journey to begin.

“My family is my strength” said Vansh once. Yes, the same Vansh who has trust issues firmly believes that his family is his strength. That does not mean he trusts them blindly, the degree of trust in each of the family member varies but his trust on Dadi, Anupriya & Sia is complete BUT he does NOT trust Riddhima completely. Despite his growing affinity for her, there’s always a gentle probing, a subtle interrogation and a eye that observes her every emotions in minute detail. While his guard is completely down for Dadi & Anupriya. He has not let down his guard for Riddhima which Riddhima knows and understands for she has not let down HER guard either.

Does this mean that Vansh is being taken for a ride ? a big NO !.. “Whatever shape, disguises, form this enemy takes, I’ll find him” said Vansh. ” As long as my support is there, none can touch you” .. “No Angre, killing her is not the solution, she is a puppet, there’s someone behind her, we have to find him”

Vansh is a long term player unlike quick fix Riddhima. He has not forgotten that Riddhima came to spy, something prompted her return to the marriage mandap after the initial escape bid, He is also playing with the possibility of Riddhima taking the bullet to gain his trust. His moves are geared to flush out that hidden mastermind & at the same time protect Riddhima. He will do the very thing that the mastermind did, use Riddhima to flush him out but with one big difference.

Kabir used her as a pawn, a toiling soldier; Vansh will turn her into a dangerous queen, a ruthless warrior. Again refer the picture above. Riddhima who wore black during her prayer is now wearing pure white.. Who is in BLACK now? Vansh!! Where is he positioned? Behind Riddhima !!

Where Riddhima is the warrior princess who will shield vansh’s peripheral blindness as he goes for his hunt. Vansh will be that mentor, the puppet master who will subtly guide, teach and transform Riddhima as the ultimate warrior, The QUEEN !

Right now both are on individual paths but soon they will converge & together the duo will begin a dance!! The dance of death !!

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