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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 68 : The Marriage Continuum !

If there was anything called picture of the episode, then this would be it :

picture of the episode

” Tumhe Pata haina, tumhara pati karz rakhne mein yakeen nahi karta”

“Mera Mohra kitne hi aage chala ho, laut ke aayegi mere paas” 

Heading back to the episode, this was for me one of the best episode for what it left unsaid while saying it quite plainly.

Dadi has often said that Riddhima is an important part of the family, a lynchpin even and she proved it today as well. Her mere presence preventing what would have been a humiliating experience for Vansh and a big disgrace for Raisinghania’s.

The family returns indoors after Aryan getting his duly earned slap from Dadi. The marriage ceremony begins. Riddhima stands apart, well in another room watching the ritual when in wanders Vansh holding a glass of juice. A surprised Riddhima is touched by Vansh’s caring attitude. A brief conversation makes the moment even more touching.

** For a man who is used to shouldering of a responsibility alone, who does not expect anyone to share the burden (nobody has offered to, anyway), Vansh is often taken by surprise by Riddhima’s unselfish and sometimes unintentional help towards his cause. He appreciates her actions and makes it a point of expressing his gratitude without any ego, a fact noted by Riddhima !

But that does not mean that vigilance or shrewdness of Vansh has gone into a sleeping mode. His suspicion of Riddhima remains, though the degree of it might have reduce. Neither has he let go of probing her to find the truth, where earlier it was confrontational and charm offensive, now it is subtle. However, the probing is laced by genuine concern. When Vansh observes the obvious discomfort of Riddhima but also notes that SHE herself had decided to speak up about her past to him, it eases him a bit but as a shrewd operator, he stays quiet observing her brief mental tussle before he puts her out of her misery. For a man who understood Ishani was hidden inside the teddy by a mere glance of Riddhima, her palpable discomfort, turmoil when thinking about her past would be a open book loudly yelling out what Riddhima is unable to say in words. 

Vansh understands the unsaid perfectly. His conjectures about her past gets a confirmation in her flustered face. A husband steps up to Riddhima, quietly and without any condescension tells her that THEIR life from now matters and not the skeletons buried in the past. A genuine smile of wonder, of admiration, of appreciation grows on Riddhima’s face.

Off to Marriage Hall :

A hiccup in the proceedings of marriage ceremony brings everything to a grinding halt until Vansh steps up to the task. He solves the issue, by applying the sindoor denoting the marriage status of Riddhima. Riddhima who had earlier refused to allow him the “right” has undergone a sea change, she quietly and with complete sincerity accepts Vansh as part of her life. 

Vansh who had earlier ‘INFORMED’ Riddhima about their marriage now seeks her opinion before tying the sacred Mangal sutr around her neck. Riddhima who had earlier met the Mangal sutr with defiance, head unbowed, rebellious now submits before it, bowing her head, submitting to the bond and accepting the relationship from heart. In that auspicious moment, Riddhima & Vansh became a team right under the benevolent gaze of the elders, envious eyes of relatives and malevolent glares of enemies.


Kabir & Anupriya standing high above everyone particularly over Vansh & Riddhima. While Riddhima & Vansh are uniting in a wedlock with complete approval of Riddhima. The momentum right now is with Kabir & Anupriya for the other’s are wholly oblivious of their evil designs. At the moment, they are the puppet masters, manipulating Vansh & Riddhima , controlling their moves, planting ideas and suggestions. So far things are proceeding as planned overall with slight setbacks here and there. But the puppets have developed life of their own, they are carving their own path much to the shock and chagrin of the puppet masters. For the puppet masters to bring the puppets under their control would mean exposing themselves which would be highly detrimental for them at this stage, so they watch quietly seething as the puppets decisively take control of their own destiny, forming a single team right under their noses. The tables will turn … 

YOUR husband believes in pay back | The Wedding | My Pawn has to come back to me

Taken individually, quite powerful statements but taken as a whole, a veritable nuclear explosion waiting to happen.

MOHRA or a pawn – This is what Riddhima has been to Kabir. She is a pawn to be played, to be sacrificed if required, a means to achieve his purpose. Kabir believes that HIS pawn will come back to him and he is damn right!! Riddhima will go back to him … 

The loop has to close… Kabir began the loop by playing on her emotions, by pretending to be her well wisher, her love..That loop has to be closed.. Riddhima will go back but this time, she will be the one who will be playing him, the puppet becomes the puppet master ! The pawn becomes the queen slaying the soldier in royal style.

Payback time : Whether Riddhima walks to Kabir of her own volition, giving the impression of breaking Vansh, his trust and his heart or whether this is the gameplan of Riddhima and Vansh is yet to be seen. Nonetheless, Vansh’s “Payback” motto and the wedding where they merge as one suggests that the game plan would be theirs.

Vansh will payback in Vansh style. Kabir dared to play not with Vansh’s life but with Vansh’s emotions. Vansh will now payback with due interest by toying with his dreams and aspirations and at the same time protecting Riddhima from Anupriya & Kabir. Where Riddhima will misguide, misrepresent the details, truth to Kabir, giving him enough to keep him trusting her while all the while leading him to his doom, Vansh counter attack will be bold, decisive and at the same time giving credence to Riddhima’s revelation, making her trustworthy in Kabir’s eyes (thus safeguarding her).. The duo will fight death, against death for their family, for their life, for their love!

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