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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 67 : Fragile !!

Not content with wedding planning, Kabir takes on planning to play spoilsport to Riddhima’s peace of mind. For a budding psychopath, he seriously  has not read the correct books or is completely unaware of how a girls mind workd… I mean, Kabir thinks frightening Riddhima almost to the point of turning her into petrified zombie will rekindle the lost ‘love’ for Kabir!! Like Howzz, zara hum bhi toh jaane? It is more likely to push her even more forcefully into waiting baahein of Vansh!! Silly Fellow.

Aur iss taraf, Ishani & Aryan are still intent on doing their own teleflick ‘The Runaway Bride’ . The only problem is, Ishani’s mode of escape is using a human sized bunny!! Just imagine, A human sized bunny walking towards VR mansion or out on the streets !! No, Sir & Mam..It is SO not going to draw attention to YOU !! It is the most stealthiest plan in the world !! Wah re !! James Bond ki bichde hue cousins !!

Where Kabir is bending backwards to get his pawn under his control, Vansh is all chilled out and lady love is smiling benevolently at him, giving him unexpected opportunities to get close to his 5 footy wifey. He does by making use of a stool.. Never say ever that Vansh does not use Mauka, by God !! He invents Mauka to make use of Mauka !!

Despite the inherent dilemma, Riddhima is getting clearer about her future. Despite the trials & tribulations heading her way, her presence of mind, her observation and her calmness will see her through this gale .. **Wrathfully!! Unless the writers decide to inflict her with temporary stupidity**

** The fledgling  emotions that is slowly growing in Vansh’s heart received a further boost today when Riddhima voluntarily comes forward to help him. It says much for the relationship that Riddhima who always seemed to be taking her last breath in the presence of Vansh now finds herself comfortable in his presence. The mind numbing terror, the rage and the defiance is gone. 

Vansh who loved to toy with Riddhima, who kept a minute scrutiny of her reactions, provoking, probing is now ‘trusting’ enough to not wonder at the motive behind her actions. 

The Vansh of yesterday would have grown instantly suspicious of her action but the Vansh of today is contemplative, thoughtful even, unbeknownst to him, he yearns for her companionship. His heart has opened the doors, he simply is unaware of it. Trust, which was nonexistent before is in its nascent stage. The threads binding them together is still fragile.

Riddhima who had come for a mission on behest of Kabir , finds herself caught on the horns of dilemma. Should she follow her heart or listen to her head? Interestingly, Kabir is farthest from her mind as ‘future’ in both scenarios. 

Kabir, the man who believes he own the winning card, the man who ultimately is going to end up losing all is hell bent on control!! Control is HIS thing. He is unable to digest the fact that Riddhima is slowly inching towards Vansh. His heart is not broken but his ego is definitely shattered to smithereens. He cannot and will not bear this. Accordingly, he plans, plots to bring Riddhima back under his thumb, in his orbit. In his calculations, he simply fails to consider or acknowledge that love cannot be ‘commanded’, it has to be ‘earned’. His manipulative actions is pushing Riddhima further away from him instead of bringing her closer to him. He does not ‘OWN’ her or her smile anymore and that is unacceptable to him. 

He forces his thoughts on Riddhima, rejoicing when she gets flustered, scared. Kabir thinks that these resurrection of long dead memories will wipe out the nascent emotions building within for Vansh. He thinks by crowding and bombarding Riddhima ceaselessly will force her to come back to him. He does not realize that a relationship needs space, mutual respect to grow, to sustain. 

Space is what Vansh is giving to Riddhima. An ever observant Vansh has noticed the odd behavior of Riddhima. He has shown his concern openly to her. However, he has not imposed himself on her.Vansh has given enough latitude for her to move freely, to breathe and Riddhima remembers that ! He is wrestling with his own ‘trust’ issues but has enough trust in Riddhima to let her be, has enough trust in her to quietly share his thoughts and emotions openly. This respect of space will what yield to a rich relationship. Vansh has sown the seed for a strong relationship, the nurturing and the fragility of this relationship will depend on other variables, notably TRUST! **

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