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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 64 : Kal Ho Na Ho !

Riddhima opens her eyes to feel something heavy lying across her chest. The murmurs of concerned words drifting to her ears assures her that it is Vansh on top of her. Her hands drift towards him, half holding on to him, drawing comfort from his nearness, his closeness, eyes close on its own volition as she holds on to the warmth in Vansh’s embrace! Awareness of the surroundings sets in, Vansh hurriedly carries her to their room.

A curious & mildly suspicious Vansh enquires what made Riddhima opt for ‘suitcase travel’ mode?. A guileless Riddhima narrates her journey which amuses Vansh no end! His slight teasing rouses the doused fires in Riddhima. The spitfire wifey demands to know as to why he is concerned for her if he thinks she is a ‘trouble magnet’ & stalks off to fulminate in peace & thinkabout husbands & how to roast them or chop them in pieces.

Vansh who had momentarily turned mute chooses to open his speaker and voice out his thoughts. Unfortunately, instead of  Riddhima who actually ought to have heard him out, it is Dadi who becomes the recipient of his inner most feelings. Dadi, the evergreen romantic does not lose this opportunity to give ‘Love lecture 101’ to her favorite grandson.

** A minute but a momentous event for RiAnsh fans. While Vansh fighting or rejecting his own emotions were obvious, the fact that Riddhima too was having an inner batter with her growing attraction towards Vansh was not made obvious! Yes !! She reacted to his physical presence but did he touch her heart or leave it cold was the big question? A glimmer of an answer began to appear when she threw down the kerchief in a huff, which became strong when she reciprocated his hug and became stronger when she walked out on Vansh after his mild teasing.

While lust or physical needs are momentary strengtheners, it is emotions that are strong binders in a relationship. Riddhima’s petulance, her expectations that Vansh should drop everything and attend to her personally because she wanted it so & getting angry when he walks away after giving her tools to help herself , her instinctive need to reassure him of her well by hugging him, by drawing him closer to her instead of pushing him off or even trying to shove him off or the anger again when hubby teases her.. this comes out of expectations ! Expectations arises when there is a foundation of relationship. Relationship occurs when emotions get involved.

Emotions are involved but have they understood yet. Both being stubborn idiots, both are resisting and fighting it. While Vansh has his Dadi to nudge him, Riddhima has her own baggage in ‘Kabir’ that stops her. Nevertheless as Dadi says, theirs is a relationship blessed by the divine being himself. So howsoever they might fight each other, whatever the hurdles others might throw in their way, united they are going to be, their love like a wildfire destroying the darkness that seeks to envelop them. **

Even though it is marriage eve with loveria & hysteria spreading everywhere in VR mansions, the Vangre’s are going rock steady. Nothing comes in between their date night, noops, no Riddhima, No Ishani except DSR ! They decide to strong and deep background search on DSR.

** I’m glad that we also have Vansh Raisinghania in the mix. I was beginning to think we lost him. A man who suspects everybody, every second of the minute calmly accepts DSR’s credentials after one phone call was a big letdown for me. Thankfully, VR who had taken a step back, now assumes command. Vansh knows that the DSR they are playing host to is an imposter! He does not act on his immediate impulse. Instead he watches DSR coolly and gets Angre to do background check for he has realized that some brash, impetuous enemy would not dare take him headon. What he has is an implacable enemy with a cool head on his shoulders.Deceit requires deception to succeed & Vansh is a master of it! **

Where siblings of Vansh are doing their kindergarten school level planning to screw the marriage, Vansh is pursuing his own short term course on ‘How to confess & win the heart of your love?” . He miserably fails in the first UT when the love of his life wanders in and he forgets the answers!

However, he recoups himself after getting lost in her wide, limpid eyes ofcourse. Vansh gifts her the anklet worn by his mother. His stumbling efforts to bare his feelings comes to a grinding halt due to solid interruption from one of the servants. Riddhima flees using ‘Dadi summoning’ excuse while a modified & upgraded Vansh 2.0 does a quick internal scanning of his emotions & assures himself all is well!

** Words !! Words, they say carry the soul of your emotions but it is the action that gives the life to this soul. When words failed Vansh, he did not get dejected. He expressed his emotions through his action.

The gift of anklet was a moving gesture, in that one gesture we understand the importance of Riddhima in Vansh’s life. For he has not given her any expensive bauble or some unique gems, he has gifted part of himself, a family heirloom that belonged to his mother, a woman whom he loved, adored whose ‘betrayal’ & ‘abandonment’ left him shattered, bruised, even then his love for his mother burns bright! So will be his love for Riddhima.

By gifting that ankle, Vansh has given the same pedestal that he gave to his mother. And just as his mother grounded him, so will Riddhima. The past of Riddhima is salivating to wreck Vansh, the claws of betrayal waiting to shred him to pieces anew, the loss of trust to pound him to the ground but throughout it all his love for Riddhima will be the shining beacon that cleaves through the fog of despair, his love will be the fire that will illuminate the truth, the utter unshakable truth that ‘HIS’ Love was not betrayed!**

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