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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 59 : The Dancing Doll !!

The layers are peeling off, revealing the secrets buried within. We are getting to know the stakes involved and strategies to snatch the forbidden rights. However, not all secrets are revealed, there still are many skeletons in the closet that will slowly erode and ultimately break the edifice of Raisinghania’s, the edifice that was built on tears, lies, deceit and betrayal of relationships, of Vansh, of Uma Raisinghania and of his father.

Kabir turns out to be the son of Anupriya. Both mother and son are intent on snatching the riches and wealth of Vansh Raisinghania. Kabir labors under the delusion that he ‘rightfully’ deserves everything of Vansh since he was deprived of Anupriya’s maternal love, care and nourishment (because of Vansh). Anupriya instead of correcting Kabir’s erroneous perception is actually fueling the fire. Their valuable asset is Riddhima! Will she give them what they crave?

** Looks to me like Anupriya is emerging as the main evil figure who is manipulating a psychotic Kabir. It would be intriguing if Kabir turns into a psycho or has a psychotic break where he thinks everything that belongs to Vansh is HIS including Riddhima!! The ensuing cat and mouse game between two determined, ruthless goal oriented people would be very interesting! Anyways, leaving that aside… Mother and son have crafted their moves with due diligent care. If Anupriya or anyone dared to double cross Vansh, a sharp and intelligent Vansh would have traced it back to the source, so a scapegoat in Riddhima ! 

As they expected, Vansh does not trust Riddhima, is suspicious of her.. and when time comes, she will be left holding the ball and will be the one facing Vansh’s wrath or vengeance or so they believe!

But expectations sometimes comes crashing down hard in the face of reality. In the case of Kabir & Anupriya, it is verily going to happen.

Riddhima is still miffed over Vansh’s dismissal of her fears over yellow gloved person. She continues to be distant, giving him the silent treatment, a fact noticed by Anupriya. On advice from Anupriya, Vansh gets a gift to Riddhima. A gift that sort of backfires on Vansh until he deftly manages the situation with some plain, honest talk! Riddhima is impressed and moves towards him, a smile tugging at her lips until the reason of her presence in VR mansion asserts pouring cold water on the unfurling warmth.

A puzzled Vansh tries to stop a retreating Riddhima. A slight tug from his hand leads to the untying of the ribbons of her blouse which leaves Vansh nonplussed and Riddhima crimson in embarrassment. An offer of help from Vansh is instantaneously rejected by a flustered Riddhima. Patient Vansh calmly assures Riddhima that he will not even take a peek and a reluctant Riddhima agrees.

As soon as Vansh’s finger touches her, frisson of desire shoots through her! lips slightly parted, eyes closed she feels his nimble fingers exploring every inch of her skin as Vansh blindly searches for the dori threads. sensations course through her body until a loud ‘ouch’ breaks the trance of Riddhima. Turning, Riddhima finds blood seeping from a finger of Vansh’s. Immediate concern propels her to hold his fingers & suck his finger to stop the bleeding.. A moment of concern interrupted by family this time, a family which brings a bombshell along with them.

** I found it interesting that at the beginning of this scene, Vansh & Riddhima were on the opposite sides facing each other and in due course both turn to sides and look in the same direction and finally completing the turn when both are together and facing the same side.An augury of things to come, perhaps.

Past few episodes, we are seeing the making of Vansh rather than Vansh Raisinghania. one factor that we are getting to know is that he has the capability to feel ‘gratitude’ and in turn this gratitude softens him, turns him loyal. It is this same gratitude that we saw working when Riddhima was shot or when he arranged the funeral of Mrs.Dsouza. It is this same gratitude at work in the case of Anupriya as well.

His own mother abandoned him without giving a reason nor an explanation. An unknown stranger came into his life, a stranger who ‘unselfishly’ gave herself to the 3 motherless kids, who raised them as her own, who never differentiated. He is filled with abundant gratitude for her selfless gesture. So far Anupriya has not given him cause for grief or doubts. Neither will he ever suspect her but Riddhima is another matter. She will suspect everyone for she has no connections with anyone here. It is here Riddhima is going to be a formidable ally to Vansh, for she will take care of his blindspot. Her search for truth is going to bring out numerous truth and one of them will be Uma Raisinghania !

“Trust me, Riddhima”, said Vansh, ” I will find out the murderer (yellow gloved person) whoever he is, whatever disguises he wears or whatever personalities he changes into” 

However, there are two murderers, while Riddhima who in her search to bring justice to Ragini will find out the real culprit in Anupriya and work to expose her.. Kabir who has so far hidden in plain sight will become the target of Vansh. Whatever moves Kabir makes, the red herring kabir puts Vansh will break it to reach the truth. There will be setbacks, scarred wounds scrubbed raw again but Vansh will not rest until he finds the truth nor will Riddhima stay quiet until she gives justice to the voiceless victims of this mother-son duo! 

The forces for justice are aligning. She who came to destroy Vansh will be his savior. Vansh, the villain who needed to be put down will be her hero!

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