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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 57 : The Changing Colors of Riddhima !

An episode that ratcheted up the simmering ‘hotness’ quotient between Riddhima & Vansh. Though neither of them seem intent on heating up or melting down!!

Anyways, Lets come to the episode and the person under hot discussion is RIDDHIMA or should one say, her reactions to two different albeit important male’s in her life.

Riddhima, an orphan who fell deeply in love with Kabir, so much so that she broke traditional conventions and went down on her knees to propose to him. Riddhima, a young naive girl dreaming of building a life and having a world of her own filled with love, laughter and happiness. Riddhima, the passionate girl who gave all of herself to love. Riddhima, who willingly crossed all limits and norms set by society for her love, finds herself at a cross roads.

The brave & intelligent Riddhima who stepped into VR Mansions on her lover’s behest. Riddhima whose eyes held the views of Kabir has begun to change. She is no more the starry eyed girl who blindly believes Kabir. Neither is she taken in anymore by Kabir’s sweet talks.

Even though she has not completely broken off with Kabir, nor is she completely taken in by him as before.

In his zeal to get Vansh, Kabir committed series of blunders which is going to change the game later. He rightly assumed that Riddhima being an orphan would crave for stability & security of a home, of relationship. While arrogantly assigning himself as the so called family of Riddhima’s. He forget the joint family of Vansh. For a girl starved for affection, this would be like gifting a Disney land. The unconditional affection of Dadi, the friendship extended by Riddhima even the occasional bickering with Aryan & Ishani would give an inclusive feeling to Riddhima, make her feel like part of family thus weakening Kabir as her support system.

The second and crucial mistake that Kabir did was painting Vansh all in black. Riddhima stepped into VR mansions, convinced that Vansh was a demon who needs to be slaughtered if not imprisoned through all of eternity. Reality, however is so far from her preconceived notion.

While Vansh is ruthless, arrogant, intelligent  as expected, what Riddhima did not expect to see first hand was his utter loyalty to his family. Nor did reckon on his sensitivity. Riddhima did not presume on any ‘kindness” when she saved Vansh, naturally, she is taken aback when he expresses his gratitude and his caring attitude towards her confuses her very much.

While Riddhima thought of Vansh as a monster. She never imagined that the monster would be going through a personal hell of his own. An anguish and torment that burns him from inside, killing him from inside yet he never allows the pain to affect the family. To them he remains the ever dependable rock, Vansh Raisinghania!

These different facets of Vansh intrigues Riddhima. She is drawn to the enigmatic figure. Inspite of Kabir’s constant refrains, she senses the innate goodness of Vansh & responds to it. She still wants justice for the damned but she is not driven by the obsession of kabir. Nor will she look through the glasses of Kabir. The web that Kabir had cast is weakening, not broken but is getting weaker.

Riddhima, who was weakened by her fixation on Kabir is now strengthened by her relationship with Vansh. The intangible as yet unexplored connection that she has nourishes her instead of sapping her will as was happening with Kabir. She is no more a puppet but is growing into a strong woman who can make and keep her own counsel.

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