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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 56 : Spellbound !!

RiAnsh’s relationship dynamics has always made for an absorbing viewing. They are not what one might consider as an ‘ideal’ couple but if one were to go looking for a couple who had passion & loyalty in spades and were each other’s strength, then I would unhesitatingly say it is Riddhima & Vansh.

Their relationship is not a smoothly flowing river rather it is a ocean of emotions, tumultuous, wild and ever changing. Though may look placid, has dangerous undercurrents swirling within. Though bound in a relationship, both have not accepted the bond completely which makes for some interesting dynamics.

There were 3 such instances today pitting them against each other, together and for each other and I loved every bit of it.


It continues from yesterday, Vansh gets Riddhima to their room. A brief and heated argument ensues between a shaken Riddhima and furious Vansh who tells her off in no uncertain terms. Both are in a temper when Riddhima pulls on her injured hand and winces in pain. Vansh notices that wince, immediately tells her to rest. Nonetheless, he does not forget to warn Riddhima again and forbids her to work against his family. Vansh stalks off saying he will find out the identity of the killer, leaving a frustrated and livid Riddhima who vows to find out the truth and present Vansh with the incontrovertible evidence indicting his family.

** In this instance, Vansh behaves as a brother, as a son and a patriarch of the family. He will not stand by when an outsider though she might be his wife will slander his family or one of the family members. His protective streak rises forth as does loyalty to his family. That does not mean he is uncaring of Riddhima’s trauma or her fears, he does care for her but his protective streak trumps the caring part. He will not brook any assertion that casts a slur on his family. Anybody who dared to cross the invisible line would be dealt with suitably.

On her part, Riddhima understands that it is not her husband who is speaking to her but is the brother of a woman she suspects of attacking her. Riddhima knows it is futile to talk sense to him when he is not willing to listen. But possession of understanding and being understanding are two different kettle of fish. She finds herself aggrieved, frustrated and almost petulant! Riddhima has vowed that SHE will get the clinching evidence and throw it at the feet of ‘The Great Vansh Raisinghania’ & make him eat humble pie!

Though united by a common purpose, both are virtually on opposite sides of the table, bristling and quivering in anger. They are two individuals connected via a relationship.


The day dawns bright and quiet. A somewhat lost Riddhima is trying to drape a gauzy sari around herself. The slinky sari slips like an eel and lies on the ground, it is at this interesting juncture Vansh enters and catches a lovely young lady in a state of undress!

Embarrassed, chagrined and being a thorough gentleman, he quickly turns around while a slightly blushing Riddhima holds on to the pile clueless on how to proceed with the draping using one hand. A brief hesitation later, Vansh half turns his head, eyes closed, he offers his help! A surprised Riddhima is not one to look gift horse in the mouth. she trundles towards Vansh. Slightly disconcerted & entreating him to keep his eyes closed. Riddhima gently offers one end of the cloth piece to Vansh. Still being a thorough gentle man, Vansh holds on the sari and proceeds to drape it around Riddhima. An intimate moment which seems to be stirring emotions within Riddhima.

She stands coy, breathe speeding up, painted lips parted, her every nerves aware of Vansh’s proximity. His slender fingers gently tuck in the fabric, his fingers brushing her bare skin. A minimal contact but igniting something within Riddhima. She can barely keep herself from glancing back as she reacts to his nearness. Vansh partially completes one section of the draping while Riddhima stands like a perfect doll, stealing a under eye glance at Vansh when he puts the fabric over her shoulders. Riddhima is affected.

With eyes yet to open, Vansh picks up the other end of the sari. He begins to pleat, shortening the sari. Every pleat takes him closer to Riddhima whose eyes have turned into liquid pools of emotions. sensations she had not known is making itself felt. Every step that Vansh takes towards Riddhima heightens her feelings. She seems hypnotized almost. Riddhima bewitched gaze remains rooted on Vansh as his fingers holding the pleated sari folds inches slowly towards her navel. His fingers grazes her skin and stops. The hitherto closed eyes slowly open. There’s a fumble of fingers as they do their own duet while exchanging the sari pleats. Eyes still riveted on Vansh, with a quick involuntary gulp, Riddhima quickly tucks in the sari. Vansh who handed over the pleats, seems to be ensnared by  Riddhima’s spell as well. He drowns in her wide, dreamy eyes, caught in the web of her flowing her and beautiful, angelic face. Vansh looks at her entranced. A moment in time where both are simply unaware of themselves but are intensely aware of each other!

Overcome, Riddhima slowly lowers her eyes and breaks the spell ! Vansh comes to his senses and the mundane world starts spinning again!

** While the first act was of two stubborn individuals determined to prove each other wrong. This was solely that of a man and a woman who are gradually becoming aware of one another. There is a frank appraisal of one another, a curiosity and a deepening interest. They stand at the precipice but pull back from taking the plunge !

Vansh recovers first from the hypnotic moment. He gently tugs Riddhima towards the mirror to show off his draping skills. Riddhima is suitably impressed! Using this opportunity, Vansh further impresses upon Riddhima the quality of discretion and assures her of finding the culprit. All he seeks in return is her trust, support and guidance. A subdued Riddhima agrees to his proposals. They part as equal partners!


Riddhima has completed the prayers in the puja room. Ishani & Aryan who have an axe to grind begin taunting her on her recent breakdown. Riddhima’s glowing face crumples , crushed she moves from Aryan to Ishani only to meet more mockery and hurtful words. Unshed tears glistening in her eyes, Riddhima stands alone in the crowd when Vansh passes by, one glance encompassing Ishani, Aryan & Riddhima, he understands the issue.

In he walks, leisurely, commanding and dominating the room. A measured glance at the bullies has them scuttling away with their tails tucked. Vansh pauses in front of Riddhima, quickly takes the blessing. Not one words pass through his lips yet the message his loud and clear ‘Mess with my wife at your peril’.

A moment where they finally behave and act like a couple. A husband realizes his wife’s distress. Without lowering her dignity by creating a scene, Vansh quietly asserts Riddhima’s rights on the house by walking up to her & by just standing beside her. After a quick assessment where he satisfies himself of Riddhima’s safety/concerns, Vansh leaves after fulfilinf his duty as husband and as a guardian!

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