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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 54 : Yeh Malaal Ishq !

Kabir’s henchperson tries to kill Riddhima again but the indestructible Riddhima saves herself in time. Vansh comes to know that all the CCTV footage has been erased. Kabir on his part comes to know that Riddhima managed to get a glimpse of his murderous partners. He decides to get proactive and preempt the ‘detectivegiri’ of Riddhima.

Vansh turns into a caring husband. Both Riddhima and Vansh are confused about each other but are still on the fences about one another. However, Vansh has softened considerably towards Riddhima, much to the chagrin of rest of the family and to the delight of his Dadi.

The night seems never ending for Vansh, who is restless, guilt stricken . But he has not lost complete senses. He keeps tabs on the unraveling of the shooting incident. While he is getting updated on the critical situation,the masked person attacks Riddhima, who fortunately wakes up and fights the person off. The ensuing commotion brings in a alarmed Vansh who finds her on the floor. The physical exertion takes its toll on Riddhima and her health deteriorates. The doctor subtly tells Vansh to prepare for the worst! Dadi, the patron saint of all RiAnsh fans, suggests praying to Lord Ganesh to save Riddhima. The atheist Vansh agrees for this desperate gamble.

** That Vansh would one day kneel before God was a foregone conclusion. I found it interesting that Vansh is well versed in shlokas/prayer chants. It suggests a man who did believe in God and his subsequent words does hint at this. What ‘Chalava’ did Lord Ganesh do that made Vansh to turn his back on God and His existence? Another layer mystery added to this enigmatic, passionate man.

The ‘Ek chutki sindoor ki keemat’ sentiment seems to be overdone in almost all shows and movies, still it manages to hit the mark with viewers. Heeding Dadi’s words, desperate to try anything and everything, Vansh applies ‘Sindoor’ on Riddhima’s maang.

** In a way, ‘Imaandari’ has been the keyword here, When Dadi tells Vansh to pray for Riddhima’s life, to bow his head before God and seek his help to save Riddhima. Vansh does not turn into a new leaf overnight, he retains his anger, his arrogance. He is ‘honest’ in front of God and God does bless ‘honest’ prayers, doesn’t He? 

Oh! How far has the sindoor traveled in RiAnsh’s journey, from being an accessory to Vansh’s plan to find out the spy, from being an indifferent/almost mocking accessory at Teej when Vansh again applied or tried to apply on Riddhima’s forehead, it has finally come to the moment when Vansh honestly, reverentially even applies the Sindoor on Riddhima’s head, giving the ‘Sindoor’ and his relationship the due respect.

What can Riddhima do under such an onslaught of honest prayers and acknowledgement?  Wake up from her sleep! Another way of looking would be, Kabir’s Riddhima died !! Though she may not know it or even understand, by applying the sindoor, Vansh has stamped his soul on her life and on her destiny ! His fate has intertwined with her’s and has become their fate!

On Riddhima’s part, she seems to wake up with a confused and puzzled head. Gone is her fixation of Vansh being a dyed in black monster. She is perplexed by Vansh’s changed demeanor. Her gaze studies him when he hands over a glass of water as does his, darkened by concern and worry. However, neither are unwilling to let go of the suspicion, it shrouds them but the shroud is turning ragged, does not have the same power as it did before. For things have turned and changed for Vansh & Riddhima.

The changed circumstances lead to an unsure Vansh and an uncertain Riddhima. A single night has shaken their world, broken their preconceived notions. From considering each other as mortal enemies, they have progressed to a place where Riddhima and Vansh are looking at one another as individuals. 

Kabir’s hold on Riddhima has begun to weaken. The blinkers that he had made her wear lies shattered. Riddhima for the first time is taking a ‘look’ at Vansh. What she sees befuddles her, she KNOWS that he has committed acts of atrocities and is still committed to bring him under the anvil of justice. Nevertheless, she also realizes that Vansh is NOT as black as Kabir painted him to be, there are splotches of white in the portrait. There is a swirling goodness within him, which intrigues Riddhima. The fear and contempt that was the over ruling factor when talking to and thinking about Vansh has dissipated, she has softened, is giving him the benefit of doubt ..the journey however has just begun…

Vansh who has fought the world, has withstood all the conniving machinations, fought savagely against the enemies of his family, ruthlessly put down rivals finds himself caught off guard. He finds himself vulnerable in front of Riddhima, a sensation that is new to him. Long considered to be a protector, someone expected to take bullets in order to safeguard his family, Vansh had willingly and voluntarily slipped into that role,somehow had been loosing himself in that role. Then comes a girl, a spy for he still has not stopped thinking of her as a spy who puts her own life in peril to save him, her enemy !! Vansh who has seen and has received selfishness and deception throughout his life is flabbergasted. The strings that bound him to humanity, to emotions are gently stirring to life under Riddhima’s influence. In the lonely barren desert of Vansh’s life, Riddhima has come as a fresh showers. The long buried softer emotions are pushing its way to top, its tendrils rushing to bask in the rain, to savor the sweetness of relationship, although Vansh remains blissfully unaware of the changes wrought within him. The changes are not going to be smooth nor is it going to be easy. But the changes are here to stay and to Vansh’s winter has come Riddhima’s spring !

Though Vansh has thawed to Riddhima, he has not lost his wit. His brains are still working. He has already began to see the larger plans and the measures that ought to be taken, will he be able to or will his heart over rule the head?


3 dialogs stood out for me today. One was the chalava dialog as mentioned above.

The other was Vansh telling that, ‘He has saved lives ……………….” ..Whose lives has he saved? is it his family or is there another facet of his that is biding its time?

Riddhima though has given the benefit of doubt to Vansh is still not entirely certain about him. She understands that there is more to the ‘Ragini’ issue and is determined to get to the root of it. Hence, the survival of Vansh is important for her.

Kabir’s silly mistake on Satte is going to cost him in future. As he himself said, Riddhima is one who will not stop digging until she finds the truth. Until now, she was convinced Satte was Ragini’s father and that Vansh had him killed despite Vansh’s strenuous and consistent denial ! Now she knows that Vansh was truthful all along, her penchant for truth is going to lead her to face some harsh reality. Unknowingly, Kabir has sown seeds of his own destruction. The explosion and its aftermath is going to be interesting.

The third dialog was Dadi’s prejudice and misunderstanding can destroy a relationship. Two variables that are coming to attack and obliterate Vansh and Riddhima’s lives. Can they survive and make it or will they succumb and be destroyed? Time will tell !!

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