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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 49 : Blow Hot , Blow Cold !

The persistence and single minded devotion of Riddhima to find the whereabouts of Ragini ought to be lauded. I mean Sunny has just been murdered and the brave girl goes ‘Bone Hunting’ of Ragini, talk about sincerity and dedication!! *Pffft*

Alas, Her search for Ragini’s remains prove futile when she ends up with pile of bones that belonged to a pet of Raisinghania’s. Dadi puts her out of her misery by revealing the truth about Ragini and asking her to move on. But it is like sprinkling drops of water on a parched desert, Riddhima is stuck on Ragini and killer Vansh.

Things fall in  such a way that a panicked Riddhima is sure of her death. Her fear increases manifold when Vansh instead of dousing those fires rather gleefully builds it. Nevertheless, the fear stricken Riddhima is resolute in getting the evidence for Kabir cuz she had made a promise & promises are meant to be kept, always!

Essentially an episode where things seemed to be moving without actually taking it a step forward. What it offered  was a glimpse into the mindset of Riddhima, the machination of Raisinghania house and a peek into Vansh’s thoughts.

Coming from Riddhima’s perspective – Riddhima is blindly and totally in love with Kabir. She has complete trust in him and his words. So when he says, Vansh is a person who makes a monster look like an angel, she has no reason to question him or his claim. Kabir has painted a picture so dark, that any seemingly innocent actions of Vansh will appear demonic to a petrified Riddhima. And Vansh has not lost an opportunity to frighten the bejuzuz out of her. Blowing hot, blowing cold..he has kept her on the edge, on tenterhooks. 

The prejudiced mind of Riddhima which has already painted Vansh in the blackest of black has no hesitation in ascribing the vilest motives or deeds to him. However, all is not lost yet ! Riddhima who entered the house with her opinions and views all fixed in iron clad armor is forced to interact daily with ‘villains’ . She watches them through the prism of her bias but at the same time, she has a sane voice in Dadi. Through Dadi, She is getting the picture of Vansh & not Vansh Raisinghania. Unfortunately, while her ears are tuned to Dadi’s words, they are not actually listening. 

Nor have recent events done anything to undermine the terrible impressions Riddhima has of Vansh. The wall of mistrust, suspicion, fear, contempt has gained in strength rather than weakening. One may hammer the wall in order to break it but as soon as the first blow is struck, it glues back with double strength of fear and lively distrust.

If Vansh’s actions or words are not allaying Riddhima’s fears nor creating a favorable impression of him. Then, it is not his fault. Dadi calls him the fortress entrusted with the job of securing and protecting his family. Vansh who took over after his father’s death, dispenses his responsibility with utter sincerity and loyalty. He is ruthless because being weak will kill him and his family. His only option is to sniff out potential enemies, weed out the opposition and eliminate the threat before they pose a problem to his family. 

As such Vansh has identified Riddhima as threat. However, he also realizes that she is a pawn and not the mastermind. His obligations as the head of Raisinghania is to ensure the safety of his family and for him to achieve that, he has to find out the enemy.

How does one smoke out the enemy? 

By putting the fear of mortal death in the mind of the pawn, of course ! Vansh has begun the process of smoking out the enemy. He is taking counter measures by slowly nudging Riddhima into thinking that she is going to be murdered any time soon. The objective is to terrorize to such levels that a helpless, frightened Riddhima will be forced into sending SOS to her mentor, leading the mystery person to step out of darkness. For Vansh, Riddhima is the cheese , to be used as the lure to trap the enemy !

Both are looking at each other through the glasses of dislike and distrust. Both are resolute in their goals. Both are intent on bringing the other down by hook or crook. Both are utterly honest to one another about their intentions. Both are unconditionally loyal to their loved one’s. Vansh & Riddhima, so similar yet separated by a chasm, will ever be a bridge drawn over this chasm, bringing them closer, uniting them and forging them as a unit?

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