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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 43 : Shower Mein Mila Shohar (Husband) !

An episode where things took a predictable course instead of delivering a twist or a shocker which had become the norm rather than an exception in the case of Ishq Mein Marjawan 2.

In a way, Riddhima has become an equal to Vansh, due to sheer number of enemies she has picked up in a short duration. Husband and wife can sit together and create a new bestseller on “How to make enemies & influence them?” .

Khair chodo, The ‘bumb,bumb’ game proves just dumb since neither a proper suspense is built up nor a tension maintained. Riddhima finds the coconut, breaks the coconut and kaam khatam. It fizzled out faster than the crackers of Diwali.

But what Riddhima prays for is quite interesting *in Vansh ke awaz* . She does not pray for any punishment for Vansh nor seeking Ganpati Ji’s blessings to bring him to justice, Rather Riddhima prays for the end of injustice, for the establishment of light and right. As far as my knowledge goes, so far, injustice has been committed against Vansh than Vansh personally engaging in any unjustified act.

So what Riddhima seeks is essentially initiating the justice for the victim, in this case Vansh !  Very Interesting *Again in Vansh ki Awaz*

Another interesting aspect was, Riddhima beseeching Ganpati to guide on the correct path and to be always with her and not be led astray. Riddhima prays for strength and not to fall weak ! which pretty much seals what is going to happen next. Riddhima’s quest for truth is not going to be simple nor easy. There will be no road markers or maps informing her of the right direction to take. She will be misled, she will be blindsided but if her prayer for establishment of justice holds true, then she will arrive at her goal, complete her mission successfully!

Next is her constant jaap of ‘kamzori’. Nothing or no one makes Riddhima kamzor or weak than Kabir. Here is a girl deeply in love, who dreams of having a home , of a future with her dream man. What does that dream man do? ask her to enter a den and tie a bell around a lion. A realist girl would know how suicidal that is, A pragmatist would question the sanity of her lover and a woman would be alerted, she would question the commitment and emotions of her future partner, who does not seem to have any qualms in sending his love to a mafia don’s sanctum where chances of her being killed is almost certain than a iffy!  So, Riddhima asks for strength to withstand ‘Kamzori’ !! Interesting !!

There’s a saying in native language, “To a jaundiced eye, everything is yellow” . It applies to Riddhima perfectly, so prejudiced is she, that a presence of some mysterious powder almost convinces her that Vansh was up to no good. Before she can take it any further, in walks Vansh into a washroom, that seems to be the size of a living room.

Vansh assures Riddhima that next time, if ever Riddhima transgresses the boundaries, she will be thrown out irrespective of whether she happens to be Dadi’s favorite Barbie doll of the moment. Riddhima obviously has a one track mind, rather than saving her pretty neck, which Vansh is caressing gently at the moment, she prods him about the powder and provokes him about Ragini.

The fingers tightens around her neck, thus proving Vansh does not need some stupid powder , his long fingers are sufficient to end the shining light in Riddhima’s eyes. A intense and heated debate occurs, of all places – in the washroom and under a running shower *go figure* . Vansh again reiterates that he has nothing to do with Ragini and SHE walked out of the house. Riddhima refuses to believe and rightfully so, wasn’t she prevented from leaving the house? She demands to know how Vansh was oblivious of Ragini’s departure and demands to know her current whereabouts and since Vansh claims to be a god and a Time Lord, Riddhima demands to know where Ragini is presently, her current address etc? *Reasonable demands, me thinks*

A exasperated Vansh wants to know why Riddhima is so fixated on his past and that if he knew better, he would say, Riddhima is acting less like a wife and more like a detective which makes Riddhima speechless.

Vansh whether he knows it or not, has unwittingly hit on the truth! Whether it was deliberate on the part of Vansh , a cat toying with mouse  or something random , we do not know yet !

But of more interesting nature was Vansh’s, Mrs.Riddhima !! No Rai Singhania or Vansh RaiSinghania .. leaving it open for the viewers. So is Riddhima a Raisinghania or Kabir’s wife ?- That is going to utterly crucial on who is going to be the villain or whether Vansh is destined to be a tragic hero!

Another notable point was, Riddhima smells the powder and says this reminds me of the adulterated coconut. Does that imply that the coco bomb was placed by an outsider who came in the guise of construction worker. If Yes, who was it? or is it a double bluff?

Bappa, Hum Viewer’s ko patience dena to withstand Riddhima’s infinite loop on ” Ragini koun,kahan ? mantra” until the khullasa….

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