Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 41 : Mr. Shaitan Rai Singhania

The deer who wanted to hunt the lion is hunted down but the deer will not go down meekly. Riddhima partially does accept that she wants to expose Vansh for the criminal he is and bring him under the anvil of justice. She fires her salvo, accusing Vansh of murdering his girl friend and the unknown woman hidden in the mystery woman.

Vansh professes his innocence of said crimes and to Riddhima’s utter shock reveals that the statue is that of his mother and the painting was her last artifact of remembrance. A furious Vansh demands the return of the painting, assuming that Riddhima has hidden it. He taunts on her ‘orphan’ status saying that she will never understand relationships, ties and bonds of family. The Rai Singhania family leave en masse ..

The next important scene happens in front of Ganpati ji. A deeply disappointed Dadi takes Riddhima to task for hurting her grandson. She reveals that the painting was the only thing stopping Vansh from turning into a devil. With painting gone, Dadi is sure that Vansh will cross all limits and all because of Riddhima ! She squarely blames Riddhima of triggering the destruction of her grandson.

Anupriya tells Riddhima to correct the blunder she committed . All of Riddhima’s protestation of innocence regarding the painting is not heeded. Vansh gives Riddhima an hour to root out the painting ..

A beautiful and well woven episode ! A episode that subtly blended the divergent persona’s of Vansh Rai Singhania, that of a vulnerable man longing for affection, of a sensitive young man who paints his mother, the woman whom he loved & respected, of an anguished man whose deeply hidden pain is incapable of coming out in words and can only be felt through a scream that cuts from his soul! A tormented man seeking answers to his abandonment and betrayal & finally, a ruthless but fair man who means business when he gives time and ultimatum to Riddhima!

Riddhima who has chosen to see only his ruthless side is shaken to the core on seeing the unguarded, vulnerable man within. Her justification of her underhanded and sneaky techniques to bring Vansh Rai Singhania to heels does not hold water with Vansh, the son of Uma Rai Singhania. Riddhima realizes it and owns to it. But she does not know what to do next. She is remorseful of her actions but still lacks empathy with Vansh Rai Singhania.

Uss Painting ne Aise rekha kheech rakhi thi, jiske ke waje se Vansh kabhi bhi apne hadh paar karke, SHAITAN nahi bana; woh usse shaitan bann ne se rokdeti thi. …… lekin ab tumhare waje se shayad woh apne saare hadein paar kardega. Tumne mere bache ke andar ke SHAITAN KO JAGADIYA hai , Riddhima !

What beautifully constructed dialogue ! Simply put, Vansh is going to be destroyed in love ! This dialogue neatly dovetails with another one of Vansh’s where he says, ” the relationship between you and me will end only when one of us cease to breathe” 

and another one when he warns Riddhima not to cross the lakshman rekha while drawing a circle of water around her, the mangal sutr he had tied slips down and falls. Vansh holds it in time and ties it around Riddhima’s neck. ..but the mangal sutr does fall !!

YES !! Kabir’s bait has worked or is going to work. Vansh whether he wants or not is going to obsess about Riddhima. His obsession will lead him to cross all restraints and barriers . He will not take life but he will be ready to give up on his life . Riddhima is that bullet that is going to end the life of Vansh, but will she?

There was 2 important things that happened today or 3 if you count yesterdays (episode 40) episode too. 

  1. In the confrontation scenes, be it when Vansh confronts Riddhima in mystery room or when Dadi confronts her in front of Ganpati ji. The whole family stands on one side  while Riddhima stands alone in the opposing side. A subtle indicator that she still is an outsider, she has not become part of Rai Singhania’s. She is Kabir’s mole whose sole concern is getting Vansh arrested so that she can start her ‘happy family’ with Kabir. That notion has to break or atleast get over ridden to the point where Riddhima becomes part of the family. Will She?

2. ‘Tum ANATH ho’  by Vansh & ‘ Do you even have an inkling of pain that Vansh is undergoing?” by Dadi suggests that she will have her family. But to have that family, she must become a Raisinghania by heart and not by deceit. This implies at some future date, she will begin to accept her destiny but she has committed a blunder, a sin of hiding her ‘intentions’, hiding the truth which is going to unleash the monster shackled deep within Vansh. A monster that has been maimed, tortured and gored by the spears of betrayal, by the lances of mistrust. When it rears its head, howling in agony, blinded to the truth by its agony – Vansh is going to go into destructive mode, absolutely ruthless, heedless of any warning, his sole purpose would be to destroy or be destroyed.. Can he be stopped? 

The only thing that was tethering Vansh to human moral compass was the pic of his mother says Dadi , was it rather I believe that it was the memories of his mother (her teachings, words) that influenced Vansh, stopped him from becoming a cruel despot. But the painting is gone, what will tether Vansh to his compassionate side?

Ideally when you are trying to trick a murderer into making a confession, you would choose his weakness to hit at. Ragini, his only love ought to have ranked higher than some mysterious , unknown woman locked away in some dusty room. But what does Riddhima do, instead of choosing to impersonate his girlfriend , whom he obviously loved to death.. Riddhima opts to wear the costume of a woman whose value or importance is not known to her, who turns out to be the most influential person in Vansh’s life -His Mother !

Unknowingly, Riddhima donned the costume of Vansh’s mother, thus heralding she is going to become THE most important person in Vansh’s life. Dadi bemoans the fact that the loss of painting has unleashed the monster within Vansh but little does she realize that Riddhima has taken the place of the painting, Riddhima has become the tether to Vansh’s humanity. Though she does not know it yet, her lack of awareness is certainly going to wreck havoc in everybody’s life but as Anupriya said, “Apne galti sudharo” when Riddhima understands the consequences of her actions, she will become that Lakshman Rekha that saved Vansh and protected Riddhima. 

Will it be too late or in nick of time is the question ?

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