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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 175 : Trust Deficit !

The night trundles along slowly while the respective Dulha & Dulhan are immersed in their own agenda’s ..while one is shooting & doing William Tell with his best buddy & part time brother in law, Angre… Another is watching shooting stars with a placid face & a racing mind.

Both are determined to succeed in their agenda at any cost but at the same time, the thought of ‘junking’ the relationship or taking it out on the other never occurs to them.

Vansh rushes to speak to the now sober Dadi. Who guiltily reveals that she blurted out the “secret” but not the “SECRET” to Riddhima. Vansh competes with Apple Inc as his thoughts race to formulates, devise, counter any strategies of Riddhima.. *Mental snort* Riddhima & plan? All she does is whack people on the head with a vase, umbrella, book or inject/slip in truth serum & things get done!

Moving on.. Vansh chides Riddhima for playing with Dadi’s health. An unrepentant Riddhima tells Vansh, suffering & pain are given when one is in search of truth… * Say that when someone returns the favor to you* .. Which of course irks Vansh who decrees Riddhima shall not set her dainty foot outside of the house until the wedding day.. He might as well waved a red flag in front of her !!

Obviously as we all know, Riddhima has one golden rule that she never ever changes.. Tell her NOT to do it & that will be the FIRST thing she will be doing..So morning comes with her doing the very thing that Vansh had told her not to do – Go out of the house!!!

Vansh who seems to have developed sixth sense where Riddhima is concerned swoops down on her & carries her towards their room where she is duly imprisoned with cuffs & chain. Their unique & strange love game continues with Vansh feeding her in the name of ‘Love’ & Riddhima accepting the morsel in the name of ‘LOVE’ *

Meanwhile, the only hard worker of this show, Kabir is living up to his well earned reputation. He has rounded up the Juvie guy & is trying to pummel truth out of his bloodied mouth… So far the tomato sauce’d mouth has refused to cough out the truth…

** A well rounded episode that showed us the point of view of both individuals and how they are right in their own places. Each are driven by their own inborn instincts, at the same time neither have any intentions of breaking the relationship or even hitting a ‘Pause’ in the relationship.

Each & every word of Vansh hints at the outcome if Riddhima continues to pursue her search for ‘truth’. His protective streak raises to fore as he warns Riddhima to drop the issue because he knows very well, the truth when it rears its head is not something that she is expecting nor is prepared for. In her pursuit, she is the one who is going to get hurt.

But Riddhima’s obstinacy will not let her rest in peace. In quite a beautiful scene, we see her breaking the red bangle, the glass shards piercing her palm & causing bleeding.. so will her search for truth be, she is going to put everything valuable, everything she treasures in line to find the truth, she is going to wreck her present & her future to raise the specter of past!! 

As the enormity of her actions sink in, Vansh will be there to heal her but at the same time, it is not going to be one where she will be out of pain.. He will make sure she feels the pain, for sometimes pain can be a great teacher but will Riddhima learn from it is another matter.

For Riddhima, a relationship is based on transparency. She does not understand that sometimes an indivdual has lead a life that he/she would prefer to keep buried or prefer to forget as they begin anew. It hurts her that she is kept out of Vansh’s private life which to her indicates lack of trust in her.. Telling her to the contrary is not going to convince her..But at the same time, her hypocrisy stands revealed when she does not trust Vansh enough to let go of the bit she has caught in between her teeth – a fact that Vansh pointed out quite clearly.

Strange that their lives once again begins in front of that window…. Where she once stood & thought she will be free of Raisinghania prison come the morning, where she lied to Vansh with a straight face. She once again stands in front of the same window, beneath the same moon light but this time with no lies or pretense. She no more has any intention of breaking the chain that bind her to him nor does she have any intention of being a bound prisoner. 

Riddhima will fight her way to truth, she will fight her way to Vansh and will not be content to live her life with a man wearing a mask. Her obstinacy will breakthrough every blockades that Vansh puts, her quests will lead her deeper & deeper into the darkness that hides the diamond within, that’s Vansh. She has made her choice.. 

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