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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 162 : Whorls !

Whorls, when you look at it individually, they are just some squiggly lines but when you look at them as whole, they form a pattern, each fitting into another making the whorl , whole!

The present journey of Riddhima & Vansh presents a whorl.. individual strands not connected  to each other but when looked as a whorl making a perfect picture as a whole.

To say that Vansh is devastated because he found out that Riddhima had a brief fling with Kabir & married Vansh on his say so is utter foolishness. If Riddhima had a past in Kabir, then Vansh had a past in Ragini. No, He is not wrecked by the knowledge that Riddhima was romantically involved with Kabir. What breaks him is her continued prioritization of Kabir over Vansh even after a semblance of relationship started between them. That Riddhima continued to choose Kabir over him every time. That Riddhima chose to trust Kabir over him every time. That she continued to work for Kabir despite claiming to love him. That she asked him to open up to trust but failed to trust him with her secrets. That she asked him to trust her, give a chance to her & when he did set him up to die. It breaks him that he always came second to Kabir in her list. She betrayed him by promising loyalty. She fooled him by making him believe in her love. She destroyed him by shattering his fragile trust. She destroyed his soul, his life, made a mockery of his emotions and played him for a fool. And like a fool led for a slaughter, he followed her blindly, dazzled by the  happiness in her laughter, innocence shining in her eyes.. unable to see the trap that was springing around him until too late. He fell to his death in her love! But he will resurrect to life in her hate!

Riddhima took away everything from him, his name, his status, his worth, his life .. He will serve the same dish to her that was served to him. Vansh will make Riddhima walk through the same hell that he went through, if in the process of destroying her, he is destroyed, so be it !

THAT is one aspect, we are talking about Vansh Raisinghania, a man who guards his emotions like a clam. If we think Vansh is bent upon extracting his pound of flesh just for one reason and one reason only, you are mistaken. No, there’s another valuable lesson being taught to Riddhima in his no nonsense way.

When Riddhima is tutoring Vihaan about Vansh, Riddhima calmly and confidently asserts that ‘Vansh ka dil bada tha, agar maafi mangti toh woh zaroor maaf kardeta’. Riddhima was utterly confident about this fact without realizing the import of what she said.

She did not understand that with that comment, she had just shown a glimpse of how she took Vansh and his love for granted. She had immense belief in Vansh’s capacity for compassion. Riddhima was sure that she would be forgiven the moment she pled guilty and sought for his forgiveness. Not for one second did she pause to think, how Vansh might be affected when he comes to know the truth, the pain her actions would have caused. Riddhima cherished Vansh but took his love for granted. She loved him but did not respect the love that he showered her with. She did not realize the value of love that she was happily basking in. Riddhima must be made aware of it, she must EARN the love that she spoke about so casually. Only when you realize the importance of love would you learn to treasure it, how best to make one realize the pricelessness of it but by withdrawing it completely. Vansh has begun to make aware of her cardinal mistake in taking him & his love for granted. Riddhima now realizes how ‘berukhi’ /lifeless  her life has become with Vansh cutting himself off of her life. The love that she took as her right will no longer be taken so casually. She will cherish and nurture the love the same way she cherishes him.

This phase however is done, Riddhima has understood the significance of love. but what of pain, the pain of betrayal given by the beloved after winning their trust. So far in the journey, Vansh has kept himself aloof from her, withdrawn, distancing himself and not letting his love to even touch her. Riddhima has become restless, she craves his touch, his words of love. She is working to keep the marriage alive. She is working to win him back but to win him back, she has to understand the pain that he went through at her supposed betrayal.

Today the path for that painful lesson has been set. A lesson in betrayal that is going to shatter her asunder. ‘what is important to you, ?’, asked Vansh, trusting him implicitly, Riddhima gave her answer.. not knowing that she was giving him the keys to her destruction. Yes, his pain will demand her destruction. Destruction is what is needed. The destruction of the marriage, of Riddhima, of love that was stained by distrust, secrets & fear. A life that had a perpetual shadow of the past ruling the present. Vansh married a puppet in order to find out the master brain, Riddhima married Vansh because she loved Kabir. It was a marriage of ulterior motives and hidden agenda’s. It has to be destroyed.

But there’s always collateral damage. Vansh who firmly believes that Riddhima betrayed him will not rest until he pays her back every dime in the language she understands. His thirst for vengeance will not be quenched until Riddhima suffers the fires of hell thus breaking her in the process. Her whole existence which revolved around him and his name will explode, leaving her exposed, battered. Her strength & resolve to fight for the marriage taking a severe beating. Would Riddhima hate Vansh for it? May be, but break she will, definitely..

Is it the end of Riddhima & Vansh? Yes & No!! .. The marriage of Riddhima & Vansh is ending, a union of malefic intentions, conspiracies, double games has ended or is about to end. But the union of Riddhima & Vansh is about to happen. The union of hearts, the union of love as it was meant to be.

But for that to happen, Vansh has to fight back.. Until this moment, Riddhima has been toiling for the marriage while Vansh has been going through the motions, bearing the atlas of despair & hurt. But tides will turn when Vansh comes to know that Riddhima NEVER intended to betray him, on the other hand, she was actively trying to get Ragini back to him. The coldness that has gripped his heart will loosen its hold when he gets to know that his wife loved him and only him..Now he will fight to save his marriage and save he will for they, Riddhima & Vansh are destined to be together till eternity and beyond!

But before the gates of Eden opens… We must walk through the ravines of hell!

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