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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 149 : Sleeping with the Enemy !

A bullet wound which had sent her to death door probably acted a free spa & rejuvenations treatment because she sprung back full of energy and ready for honeymoon.

Vansh is raring for some close moments with his wifey darling and has planned for some ‘alone’ time with Riddhima. In a rare occurence, no mishaps occur between the hospital and the converted green house apart from a leaking petrol tank.

wattay coincidence, even their car turns cupid and considerately runs out of fuel when they are right in front of their resort. A delighted Riddhima’s cup of happiness gets its approval seal when a xyz stranger obligingly comes to throttle her thus keeping the track record intact.

Nothing however will faze the iron lady, she is determined to be with her husband and be with her husband she will be. While Riddhima is readying herself for a new beginning, her husband is busy tying up loose ends with his other half soulmate, Angre!

** We are finally beginning to enter the dominion of VR, the man who had been carefully hidden behind Vansh Raisinghania.

From the beginning of the day 1, One thing and one thing has been dinned into the heads of the viewer’s. Vansh is the protector of his family and he will go to any extent for their safety. So much so, he even opted to ‘die’ so that his family gets some breathing space as he prepared himself for the upcoming war. 

It began when he became aware that he could not protect his family because the enemy was already entrenched in the family and lived as one among them. He needed to flush that enemy out and at the same time erase the danger in such a way that other’s will think twice before ever planning to ambush Raisinghania’s.

That was the initial phase. He also met and fell head over heels for Riddhima fully aware that she was a spy who had come to ruin him. Her spunk, her spirit, her determination and stubborn attitude won his admiration. At that moment, he decided instead of working for the enemy, she will work for him thus began the process of subverting her into his camp. Vansh showed Riddhima himself to Riddhima always ensuring that he did not reveal himself completely to her. He did not coax her, flatter her but treated her as an equal. The girl who was a blind puppet of another manipulator slowly began to veer towards Vansh, the master manipulator. However, Vansh needed her total submission and complete trust – two factors that were eluding him since her mind was still wrapped in the  lies of Kabir. To break that stranglehold, the truth or the shades of truth has to come direct from Kabir’s mouth, only then will Riddhima break free from her preconceived notions. As Vansh intended, the truth came tumbling out and Riddhima understood the con that was played on her. The image that Riddhima had about Vansh crumbled to ashes leaving the ground fertile for Vansh to take over. 

Vihaan came, his every words and taunts pushing Riddhima firmly towards Vansh. Vihan’s every action nudging her into accepting Vansh without question. Breakthrough moment came when Riddhima entire existence began to revolve around Vansh.Vansh who was looking for unquestioning loyalty, absolute trust got it in Riddhima. Where he was priming her for his camp, he did not neglect to ‘educate’ her on underhand transactions, to plot, to counter a plot and to launch offensive when and if needed. In short, Vansh with the help of Vihaan turned Riddhima into a loyal but formidable weapon.

Now we come to the recent spate of incidents that has been happening. From the onset, Vansh has clearly mentioned that he came back as a doppelganger to seek and flush out his enemies. Enemies that are hidden, enemies who are lethal. For Raisinghania’s to survive, Vansh has to wipe out his rivals and Vansh intends to survive, he has every intention to live his life with Riddhima ..He wants to begin a life anew with Riddhima..

However for a new beginning , the old accounts must be settled, the slate has to be wiped clean. This is where Riddhima will come into play. He has been priming her to go for the kill when it comes to protection of his family, now he is going to push her ruthlessly even mercilessly. This will be her litmus test, does she really trust and believe Vansh over the evidence that will come into light or is her trust and loyalty somewhat akin to what she had with Kabir? 

Vansh who was so far playing defense has begun to go on offensive. His actions and his moves are going to get erratic, unpredictable and might even hurt Riddhima. At the same time, he will not allow any danger to fall on Riddhima. Riddhima might be stunned by Vansh’s sheer cruelty or even turn away from him but when reason asserts, when her inquisitive nature demands explanation, when her curious mind begins to piece together the puzzle that Vansh is throwing at her, she will rally behind him giving all her support.

This is a phase which will test Riddhima’s loyalty for the enemies are going to come at her too, seek to manipulate her the way she was manipulated earlier. Will she succumb to their tricks or will she use it against them? Will she be the asset that Vansh primed her for or will Riddhima turn out to be liability bringing ruin again in Vansh’s life?

Vansh & Riddhima’s love has been put under various tests, their love survived because both were too stubborn to give up on each other. Now another trial awaits them, the biggest of all.. Will they survive this fire? A fire that is going to be unleashed by VR, VR who is going to exploit Vansh Raisinghania’s love for his own purpose. VR who will not hesitate to kill or be killed, if that guarantees the safety of his family!

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